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Mild COPD, Mild Asthma - should I be in next round of vaccinations?

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I have mild COPD and mild asthma, controlled with a brown inhaler and blue one when I exercise/run. Have been trying to speak to my GP surgery to find out if I will be classed as vulnerable (so be in the next round of vaccinations) just can't get through to them, last time I called they said I wasn't severe enough to receive a shielding letter so am now worried I will have to wait even longer for my first jab. I am over 50 so should get it by end of April but that is still 2 months away potentially. Lockdown really starting to get me down now.


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Try emailing your Practice Manager. You can find their emailon the practice website. There has been a re adjustment of how severe asthma has to be for a person to be included in group 6. You also have copd so need clarification on this. My granddaughter is type one diabetic. She has never been shielded but it is obvious from the NHS list of conditions that she is in group 6. My daughter has had to pin her GPs down on this.

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y_not in reply to Littlepom

A friend and his wife attended one of the vaccination centres last week. They share an email address so he was unable to book them both in.They both attended and, as she was there, they vaccinated her.

Might be worth turning up at a vaccination centre either mid morning or mid afternoon - by then a few won't have turned up, and just go in and ask. They can only say no at worst - most likely they will vaccinate you (you'll need your NHS number and NI number.)

Good luck

I have Emphysema and Diabetes and many other problems and not herd anything about it.

But not 100% sure if i really want it to be honest.

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Ali010369 in reply to Johnny1961

why don't you want the vaccine Johnny? such high risk for you not to surely?

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Johnny1961 in reply to Ali010369

I just don't think it's been tested enough, they ruched it because of Covid

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Ali010369 in reply to Johnny1961

the oxford vaccine especially they have been working on it for 15 years now but the pandemic had billions of pounds thrown at it to quicken the research up. The oxford one is the same as you get for your flu jab, just targeted specifically at COVID. gotta be better than dying.

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Johnny1961 in reply to Ali010369

working on it for 15 years ? Covid only started last year

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Ali010369 in reply to Johnny1961

This type of vaccine is the blueprint they use for the flu vaccine very year and they tweak it. They tweaked it specifically for Covid this time instead of generically.

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Nickcv in reply to Johnny1961

Corona viruses have existed for centuries and Covid 19 is simply a particular strain just as is the case with different strains when we have annual flu vaccinations.

just got off phone from GP surgery and I am booked in for this Friday for my COVID jab. :-) Definitely worth calling them to check what priority group you are in as prompts them to at least have a discussion about your position.

They have just announced on the news that England from today is moving to 65 and over and including all those who are clinically vulnerable despite their age.

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Ergendl in reply to hypercat54

Yes, I got a letter from the NHS yesterday to book, and now have my first jab scheduled for next week. :)

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Spoticus in reply to Ergendl

I’m in the over 65 group & had a txt from Surgery Friday & had my jab on Saturday. Astra Zeneca got the chills , bit of a headache & crashed out at 8pm slept for 12 hours & feel fine ..

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