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Types of Bronchiectasis

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Had an appointment with Bronchiectasis physio in Friday I'm still not quite sure if anything was achieved actually

The Physio told me I have a different kind of bronc when I asked in what way she said what I believe was oh it's tract then changed the subject I tried to revisit but never managed an answer

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This article from Australian site, explains the 3 types:


Hope this of help.

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normannippy in reply to Bkin

A very clear explanation I think.

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1947Mags in reply to Bkin

Thank you so much for this, I have bronchiectasis and COPD. I have never managed to get much of an explanation from the medics. Take care. Mags

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Brenda56 in reply to Bkin

Thank you xx

I was told I have traction bronchiectasis.🤷‍♀️

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Littlepom in reply to Chriskho

If you print off the information you will see that traction bronchiectasis is different to the three major types. It can be seen on HRCT scans but often has no clinical symptoms. It is more often seen in patients with interstitial lung disease.I think that you should ask your consultant’s secretary for the letter naming which type you have, rather than rely on a physio’s word. She is probably correct but hasn’t explained anything properly.you need your consultant to do this.

I have two of the three main types and they are named in every letter from my consultant to my GP.

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Brenda56 in reply to Littlepom

Thanks littlepom

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Bkin in reply to Chriskho

from Bronchiectasis News Today - Traction Bronchiectasis: (article dated 2016)


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Brenda56 in reply to Bkin

Thank you

Did she not teach u how to expectorate mucous

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Brenda56 in reply to Patk1

No I have to go on a 6 week course to do that 😱

I am thinking perhaps contact the BLF helpline Brenda, see what they can advise.


scroll down for telephone and email contact

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