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i got my free vitamin D pills yesterday, do i really need to take them, i am taking enough pills (70 a week) and inhalers 3 a day ? i really don't want to start taking more.

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If you are in the house all the time, your VIT-D is going to, be low which in turn will contribute to fatigue and some other not too good things.

Yes, keep on taking the tablets they are beneficial and free!!

I am on roughly the same amount of pills as you and even before the government decided vitamin D was a good idea I decided in march 2020 to take them. This was based on various research papers that vitamin could help in preventing severe symptoms of covid. From the various reports I have read on covid the majority of patients had low vitamin D levels. Basically it is a personal decision and as my GP said if it does help that's great but taking them will cause no harm.

There is a Vitamin D spray in either I000 or 3000mg , you simply spray it under the tongue, it's brilliant fir this time of year !

Besides what Badbessie says above, research has showed that Vitamin D levels are low for people with copd. Dont know if this is your diagnosis but it's often low in older people too. Vitamin D works synergisticaly with calcium so its good for your bones too.

I take 3000iu through the winter and 2000iu in the summer.

Ive not come across the spray - that would be absorbed very well. Reminds me if you swallow pills they are best taken with oil or fat, e.g. butter at breakfast, or just something you would be eating anyway.

Catlover432 in reply to O2Trees

The tecommded dose is 800 iu per day. I think if you check out the official advice. Excess Vitamin D is bad for you bones not good

O2Trees in reply to Catlover432

RDAs are known to be on the low side. Ive checked with my consultant - 3000 is fine.

Oh and my dexa scan shows my bone density improving over the last 6 years.

The government has recommended everyone take vitamin D in the winter months even before Covid. Even in Summer as you get older your ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun gets worse. I take 5000iu a day and I'm not old.

Catlover432 in reply to Gsp-

See my reply to 02 trees

Some good replies above, whit. If you don't mind me asking, why apply for them if you are now reluctant to take them

whit in reply to CDPO16

Don' know, it's just when they came through the letter box rattling away ,i thought oh! no. more bloody tablets i suppose if they had been in a box that didn't rattle i would of thought no more about it. psychological?

CDPO16 in reply to whit

I think you should take them. As others have said they will do no harm and they won't rattle once you have swallowed them 😉. Best wishes xx


You need your Vitamin D3, hope they did not send you D2. Added to is Zinc, and Vitamin C.So sorry you feel you have to wait for the Gov't. In the States, we can go to the corner Pharmacy and buy vitamins off the shelf. Or I order from Amazon---a 4 month supply of D3, 5000 IU's is about 15 US dollars---. Buying supplements, is like going out to buy a loaf of bread, in the USA.


CDPO16 in reply to Nalakrats

We can buy them too but our government is offering them free to clinically extremely vulnerable people at present.

Annie31 in reply to Nalakrats

The NHS is free to all at the point of delivery in the UK, regardless as to whether you can afford private medical insurance or not, and has been paid for by the taxpayers since its inception in 1948. It was designed to provide an ongoing service so that no one should be exempt from medical treatment however costly whether you were able to pay taxes or not.

Nalakrats in reply to Annie31

Can you walk in sign your name with a Specialist--in my recent example a Clinic--with no referral, and have an exam, an MRI, and a reading of the scan in 2 hours-- not pay a penny, I think not.

The reason we have so many Canadians coning across our Border, for expert Medical Help, is they cannot wait 6 weeks, in some cases, now I feel sorry for them, as the A-hole PM ---closed the Border--Get caught trying to cross, and it cost the s you 5000 Canadian Dollars. Interesting--the medical Travel Industry is one way Canada to USA, not USA to Canada. UK people will go to Germany and to India, for treatments they will not approve in the UK, though they are used in India, Germany, Austria, and Australia. I am thinking of a half dozen life saving procedures. Yes it is out of Pocket, but beats sitting around waiting to die. And the ones I am thinking of[Procedures] are available right here in the good old USA, and paid for with insurance, and for Medicare Seniors, mostly free. You want to stay home and die, waiting for a Cancer Procedure/or a Heart stint for 6 weeks. I am on a HU cancer site--and we have Canadians, dying waiting for their turn to sip from the medical well of rationed water. You need a Heart stint where I live--the nearest Hospital is 25 Miles away that can do this procedure--they send a Medical Helicopter, pick you up deliver you to the ER--and roll you into surgery--this is how we operate.


Annie31 in reply to Nalakrats

Fine, what if you are unemployed, homeless, or if your pay is so low you can't afford that magic card? The NHS may not be perfect, most organizations have flaws in the system somewhere, but you are not turned away ever and our cancer care in this country has been known to be exemplary. The NHS has been put under intolerable pressure trying to cope with the pandemic has as medical facilities throughout the world including yours, but in the past we have had people from all over the world come here to make use of our facilities and get it free of charge

Perrythomas in reply to Annie31

People on UK forget we PAY for our NHS system - it’s called National Insurance and it’s not cheap - nothing is free here and it’s compulsory to pay for it

Annie31 in reply to Perrythomas

Umm! You're preaching to the converted here!

We can walk in to our hospital when our GP surgery is closed and be seen and if you need a CT scan and other investigation or even surgery it will happen then. Some people do have medical insurance usually through their employment but it would not allow you to walk into the private hospital and be seen without an appointment as the doctors working there work for the NHS and can only work at the private hospital on their days off.

You have to have an appointment for a MRI because it's a specialist job to operate the scan.

Anyway the NHS is here to help everyone rich and poor, even foreigners. We don't discriminate.

Littlepom in reply to Nalakrats

Many of us in the UK get high dose vit D3 on prescription from our doctor and it is free. These being spoken about are a govt initiative intended to encourage those who do not already take vit D to boost their health by doing so. Supplements can also be bought in pharmacies and on Amazon in the UK. So less of the condescending insults please.

Hidden in reply to Nalakrats

Americans are no longer taxed for not carrying health insurance. Medical debt contributes to a large number of bankruptcies in America. Access to quality primary care is critical but doctors have the right to refuse patients without insurance, or who are able to pay out-of-pocket expenses.I am proud of our NHS

Maricopa in reply to Hidden

Im an American and this is all true. It’s a fact sadly.

Hidden in reply to Maricopa

Hi Maricopa, the big worry would be if our NHS becomes part of the trade deals. I’ve signed many a petition , wrote to my MP along with thousands of others to try keep NHS off the table . Only time will tell I suppose . Have a good night xx

Annie31 in reply to Hidden

I don't think they will sign off any part of the NHS in trade deals, they've gone to great lengths to put that belaboured rubbish by Corbyn and his crowd in the bin. In any case the Tories know, especially after this pandemic if they ever tried anything like that they would never win another election again. As it is I think they've lost the 'borrowed' votes and they know it. As you say time will tell but I think if anything is saved it will be the NHS after this debacle!

Hidden in reply to Annie31

I sincerely hope so Annie 💕💕

Bluenotes in reply to Nalakrats

I get mine from free from the my Gp . But we can buy any supplements, just like you . Our government is trying to look after us . 🤨

peege in reply to Nalakrats

Surprise surprise nalakrats we also have pharmacies here, supermarkets too and even more amazing we use Amazon as do the rest Europe. Oh and Europe has its fare share of racism, obesity and misogyny too. Luckily few guns

I find your reply rather offensive

Littlepom in reply to CDPO16

Not rather - extremely! And following assertions proof of prejudice and lack of knowledge.

Hacienda in reply to CDPO16

Just Ignore him Carole. He may go away.😂😂


Nalakrats in reply to Annie31

How fast can you get a CT scan of your Lungs--I can call this Monday at 8 AM, and have one either Monday Late afternoon, or Tuesday Morning.That is real Capitalism.

Yeah this is rubbish.


sassy59 in reply to Nalakrats

How fast can you leave this great forum sweetie? Pretty quick I hope!

Hellodolly in reply to Nalakrats

I’m reluctant to join in with your baiting, but I can’t help myself.You told us that you paid 1800 dollars for your MRI.

If anyone has that money here they too can walk into a private hospital and get that done.

But the point is that most people don’t have that money lying around, so we all pay into a wonderful public system which caters for everyone and everyone on here loves it most of the time, even with its imperfections. So please don’t come here to annoy us at a time when no one needs more annoyance.

Sent with love and affection !

ked41 in reply to Nalakrats

I think you should get urgent treatment on your mouth , you seem to have a problem cosing it .

Maricopa in reply to Nalakrats

Not everywhere you can’t! I’m not trying to argue the point. However there are plenty of areas that have only mobile ct scan available. They come to our area once a week. And do as many as they can on that one day. Others then must wait one or two more weeks.

Seriously? That's idiotic. U.S.A. has the highest death rate per 100,000 in the whole world. I expect someone has reported this person. Hopefully, I cant be bothered, washing up calls, far more interesting.

I believe that for some reason you are just spoiling for a fight, which is a bit weird.

Nobody would be turned away from any Emergency Room either here or where you are.

I am pleased you have been able to afford medical insurance. I have a friend in the states who used to work in the respiratory field who now runs out of some meds half way through the year. She has to make her own hypertonic.

I also have a friend whose brother works in IT for a medical insurer in the USA with a possible familial problem. He is reluctant as he believes from experience that some unnecessary tests are performed.

I was dx with bronchiectasis following double pneumonia and whooping at the start of the NHS and believe there is no way I would have survived if treatment had relied on insurance.

My sister has a bill pre NHS for a doctor’s bill for 3/6 and it took my Mum 1 year to pay it off at 3d per week with missings.

You glory in your own system as much as you like but there is no call to be so offensive about our health system or rude to those who use it.

Apologies whit - your post has been hijacked by yet another clever dick and know nowt at the end of it.

I would defo take the vit D.


whit in reply to cofdrop-UK

Some yanks are awful i have been to the states a few times and i did not meet any-one like him i am pleased to say.

So I guess you won’t be impressed at all with the UK’s pandemic vaccination program either!

Nalakrats in reply to cofdrop-UK

UK as of Jan. 21st has the highest Death Rate due to Covid in the world calculated deaths per 100,000 people.Yep you are all doing fine--I am in Florida--running around near naked, and everything is open--beach and water, restaurants, gyms--everything was fine today, sunny and 75 degrees/water was great--fishing also---and we have 30,000, 000 million people in Florida--about half the Population of Britain, at this time.


cofdrop-UK in reply to Nalakrats

We really don’t need to visualise you running round near naked - some of us might be eating.

skischool in reply to Nalakrats

Actually at the last census Florida had a population of approx 21.9 million and thats no longer including the 26,253 people who have died of Covid.Nalakrats you can quote statistics all day and make a fool of yourslf or you can just accept we are one planet fighting a dreadfull disease and as such rather than crowing about who is the most successfull in dealing with it or who has the best health system we should all be working together to protect our populations and assisting other less developed nations as and when we can.

Good day to you sir and enjoy your sunshine while you can,it will save you taking vit D supplements.


Nalakrats in reply to skischool

With the snow birds that come every winter, and with those that left NY and Chicago, and California---pushes it past 25 million--I was rounding up---ok. It would be much higher, if Trudeau did not close the Border--where I stay in the winter, half the rooms are empty---they were Canadian reserved.


skischool in reply to Nalakrats

Well if you ever get tired of life on the beach you can always share a round of golf with Donald,he hasn't much to do at the moment and i am sure you will enjoy the company.🙃

Nicosn in reply to Nalakrats

I have been to many countries around the world but I haven't visited the USA, and the reason for this is in case I bump into people like you or your mate Trump... please don't get me wrong, there are many americans that are good honest hard working people who I would love to get to meet, but I suppose they are too busy to stand there shouting their mouths out talking a load of horse****. Think before you speak. You are upsetting lots of people on this site who are here to comfort each other, to get information and reassurance from people in similar situations regardless of where they are from.I rarely write anything on this site but I do like to read the posts to see how people are coping and I like the humour on some of the posts as it puts a smile on my face....please don't say anything on here if you don't have anything intelligent or funny to say.

whit in reply to Nicosn

Well said.

COPD123491 in reply to Nalakrats

Boy, you are some hypocrite. I would assume from your posts that you are a Trump supporter (as am I) and yet you choose to spend time in Canada whose hugely liberal laws are everything that Trump detested. By the way, that is some rounding up - from 21 million plus to 30 million. I assume that, before you retired, you were an accountant.

Alberta56 in reply to Nalakrats

Feeling charitable, (it is Sunday after all) I hope this new and nasty variant of the virus does not cross the pond. there will be no room for complacency is it does.

Is already has

sassy59 in reply to Alberta56

It most likely already has sadly Alberta. X

sassy59 in reply to Nalakrats

Oh my eyes! Florida is real bad for covid so do take care

Maricopa in reply to Nalakrats

Well, Washington State where I live is closed up. Florida has dealt with huge numbers of covid cases due to the lax rules. It’s in the news you know.

whaT an absolutely ignorant person you are

Please do take your vitamin D. Sorry your post was hi jacked by Nalakrats.

whit in reply to Geminii

thanks i will

As tomc and Gsp say whit. Besides it's only a vitamin supplement and May well help you with your anxiety.

Whatever these people behaving badly on your post are deficient in, I really hope BLF will help them find a better way to resolve their disposition.

Take Good care stay well and safe.

No thanks, does not deserve a reply

Vitamin D3 is essential for the processing of calcium for healthy bones. It is also good for fibrosis in the body. When I became chronically ill with Organizing pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis 4 years ago, I was prescribed high doses of Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU each day for over one year. I now take 10,000 IU every third day. I am in Australia where there is plenty of sun. Half an hour each day is recommended as the sun is intense here and can cause skin cancer. So, yes please take your Vitamin D3 especially if you live in a cold climate and in Covid lockdown only seeing the outside world a few minutes each day for months on end. Every bit helps to manage our chronic illnesses.

Yes yes yes you need to take them! Even if you spent all day every day outside you wouldn’t be able to make enough vitamin d during the winter.

Yes we do know what Freedom is and we can also order online and get them delivered so we are no different to you.

Codswallop! (which translates as nonsense.) Because recent governments have starved the NHS of funds, that does not make the concept of free healthcare for all invalid. I presume you did not vote for Barack Obama.

10 tablets a day!!!

whit in reply to Martinack59

not all for copd,

Your mad ☹️

Your arrogance knows no bounds. As you are so well catered for why you are even on this forum is beyond me, the help you need will not be found here.

HI Whit, I sympathise with the 'oh no, not another b***** pill' feeling. But as everyone says, they will do you good. I've even bought myself some higher dose vit D pills to supplement the Calceos tablets I am prescribed for my bones, purely because of what wise people on this forum have posted. Good luck. I hope you can close your eyes, think of England and swallow the things. 😮🙄😣🙂

whit in reply to Alberta56

thanks ,i will

Wrong- you think “European Socialism “ is something else. It means caring for all , stop listening to your MSM crappy - We are social Democrats- - See Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland , Denmark to see how it works. It looks after people, not cash

I believe vit D not only boosts immunity it has anti inflammatory properties . I attribute taking it, and zinc, to an improvement in my health.

Not mad no just sorry for the USA. My good friend in Illinois is fortunate to be able to afford your medical care with insurance etc. but I pity those who can’t.

Have a nice day.

hypercat54 in reply to sassy59

Yes |I have heard that around 57 million of Americans have no health care at all. I have also heard of many whose life savings are wiped out by the costs and end up on the streets living in tent city or in their cars. Such freedom! Not.

Annie31 in reply to hypercat54

And why are some people with covid dying at home there, rather than go to hospital - because they know they won't get the long, intensive care they need with no insurance and that came from an American network news broadcaster!

Well, that was all very enlightening. Thank you... you've reminded me to take my Vit D3.

Sorry for laughing but your remarks are so funny .😁😁😁

But I have to ask this question .........why do you and your fellow countrymen think you know what is best for every other country in the world. Including this one.

Let's look at it ,. What can you offer More unemployment ,more obese families ,more drug addicts ,. More crime , more debt.......more guns .

more poverty, Covid on the increase ..... to list a few .......

On the plus side you have wide roads , oranges , cactus, alligator s and sunshine in parts and you got rid of the Donald .......

I would say ,although not perfect our Country is the much better bet.

So why not go play somewhere else ,

Try the Aussies ,. See what they think of your comments .......

Before you turn rude and offensive I have travelled from coast to coast and seen the sort of squalor some folk live in ..

That's nothing to be proud of.


Ps....don't waste your time with a reply , I won't look as I have lots more important things to do.

sassy59 in reply to Buzzytruk

Beautifully put Jo. Succinct and to the point. Xxx😘

Buzzytruk in reply to sassy59

Thankyou , don't think my reply will be appreciated ..Why come into these pages to behave in this way . I just don't understand the mentally of the man.

Maybe he will try the Aussies pages....🤞

Stay good

Jo 😊

sassy59 in reply to Buzzytruk

Very odd person. You stay safe too. Xxx😃

in your dreams.

They say in general most people in Northern Europe lack vitamin D and should take supplements as part of their daily diet.I got mine and will definitely be partaking.

Stay safe..

Sorry about feeding the troll -Please take the vitamin D and zinc, both have which have been shown to prevent worsening of COVID if you get it. I take a sublingual one which is much easier to absorb.

He will Relish getting every ones Back up, So Best to Ignore him.

Stay with the Original Post " Vitamin D" , I have taken them twice a day for the last 7 years, after returning from living in a Hot climate with Sun (28 years), my Bones took offence at the Sun not being around anymore & The COPD Diagnosis. So for me it's a No Brainer. Take the Vit D, & other Vitamins if desired.( I Do). Stay Safe, Stay Well, Look after Yourself. Have a Lovely Sunday. XXX C.


Please take it , it's only one more tiny pill a day , and you can take it at any time .🤗

Such a shame that idiots like Nalakrats feels they can take everything over - at least Trump has now gone so the US is probably a much safer place.

Maricopa in reply to Sgt_Pepper

Things are much calmer here in the States already! Such a relief!

Sgt_Pepper in reply to Maricopa

I'm glad for you! It seems hard to believe that one man can have caused so much upheaval. I have a cousin in New Orleans and she echoes your feelings!

Admin! Can we impeach this guy? 😂😂😂

Annie31 in reply to leo60

They're all at the beach along with him!😣

leo60 in reply to Annie31

Imagine admitting to knowing him!!xx

Annie31 in reply to leo60

If its true, explains a lot! 😲

leo60 in reply to Annie31

Look at his post for cofdrop! xx

Annie31 in reply to leo60

He did that late last night! Deliberately trying to provoke! His ego is about the same size as the big D

leo60 in reply to Annie31

😱 xx

I know, yet another pill! Makes you feel like a rattle, but it will help 😘 xx

Going back to your question I think it depends on how much fresh air you get. I asked my consultant whether I should take the free vitamin D and she included this in my blood tests but said at the time that she didn’t think I would as I go out for a walk most days. The blood test showed my vitamin D levels are very high even in the winter. I have a small amount included in my daily calcium pill. However I’m not sure it your condition means you may be deficient.

whit in reply to Mooka

Don't get out much at all, can't take cold weather, i will take the vitamin.

If your healthcare system is so brilliant why is it rated 34th in the world. Your healthcare system is only good if you have money. I will not go on about the high death rates in children or many other failings. There are failings in the NHS but at least we treat people without cost.

Yes, and what about all thos people who are less fortunate than you and are unable to buy food never mind shelling out those preposterous sums that you are paying. While the NHS does have it's faults - and what system doesn't - it is probably the best in the world. I await to see how you will fare under the leadership of those two cretins, Biden and Harris. They intend to tax the rich and I fervently hope that you are one of those who now have to foot the bill for MediCare.

Good luck and good riddance!!!


Only 70 a week, I am unfortunately (because of several health issues)on 18 every day + Vit D = 19 now so that makes 133 a week but as long as they keep me going I am OK with that. As Vitamin D is beneficial as we get older and have spent the last year shielding well what is one more per day.

Unless you have a longer week 7x19 is 133, bad enough I agree. I take 28 a day and that is 196! Hope you don’t have a problem taking them xx

Apologies dyslexic fingers 133 is correct and NO I do not have a problem taking them, thank you for your concern. I wasn't boasting only trying to say to take whatever is needed for your health.

Me too, and definitely commiserating not boasting. Just grateful that they mostly are effective. All the best.

We in the UK have the freedom not to die if we don't have money for health costs. This is a much bigger 'freedom' than you have in your country. Your freedom is an illusion.

There is a reason why all the first world countries have a universal health system except the USA. Ask yourself why. We can't all be wrong.

Data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that adult prevalence of obesity in the US is 36 percent. Arkansas tops the interstate poll at 35.9 percent, whereas Colorado weighs in at 21.3 percent. Southern and Mid-West states have the higher rates with 23 out of the top 25 situated there.

Florida became the third state in the country to hit 1 million Covid cases when it passed the staggering mark in early December.

In doing so the country’s third biggest state, with a population of 21.9 million, joined Texas and California as the worst affected states in the US.

And Florida had by 27 December seen an estimated 1.26 million cases and suffered 21,134 deaths during the pandemic.

You need to check your facts before mouthing off!!!

Get outof that one you moron and PLEASE stay in Florida where they send all the oldies to retire, you obviously being one of them.


Yes their lives are saved in an emergency. But what about the meds they need to continue their recovery? I have seen many Americans online who can't afford their meds and some who even need oxygen but can't afford it. They are at their wits end and know they will die too soon without free access to the meds they need.

Annie31 in reply to hypercat54

Absolutely! Some cannot even afford their inhalers or epi-pens! He doesn't take into account chronic illnesses at all😞

Your health system is run for profit by multi national companies. It is not putting customers first but money. I don't call that putting the patient first.

Maricopa in reply to hypercat54

Absolutely. It is a business to make money period!

Love it skis :) x

Hi Whit

Please don't worry. I take 17 pills every day plus inhalers and have been doing so for several years - all prescribed by my GP (this is not intended to be boasting). The only other pill I take is Vitamin D, bought cheaply from Tesco.

Together with the above I have just started my Rescue Pack for an exacerbation which means another 12 pills per day for 5 days. No harm done.

Take the vitamin and take care.


sassy59 in reply to COPD123491

Feel better soon Kevin xx

COPD123491 in reply to sassy59

Many thanks sassy.


whit in reply to COPD123491

I'm lucky , in hospital twice early last year, but since then haven't had to take the rescue pack

I hope you recover quickly xx

Many thanks Carnival. Stay safe.

out of interest how much medical insurance do you pay

Nalakrats in reply to royvax

168 Dollars a mon>Hospitals, Doctors Visits, Long term stay in a Nursing/Care facility to recover from major surgery. Drugs are separate--that plan is 25 dollars per month + a co-pay that is about depending on the drug 90-95% paid by the Insurance, after a 145 dollar initial discounted deductible, of 145 dollars a year. For a Particular drug[Clonazapam]---.used for sleep---I get every 30 days. In December last year I paid 1 dollar. This January I paid 13 dollars--->12 of those dollars went towards the deductible. Since by my count I I take 7 drugs---I use up the 145 dollars sometime by March 1st--and my Drugs cost no more than one meal out in a restaurant. If you get into serious category 4/5 drugs---and some of my bloggers on another site take a very expensive cancer drug ---Zytiga---Retail 12,000 dollars a month---I can get it for 400 Dollars a month, now that is a lot, but 3.5% of the retail price---and from here we have drug charities we make application too---that will cover most of the 400 dollars. Can get a little complicated---but not really--as our Docs. have lists of the charities and the forms to fill out, or you can fill them out online. We also are allowed to buy drugs from Canada and India---where we sometimes can get a drug that is lower in price than the discounted Insurance price.

I had major surgery about 6 years ago, with Hospitalization, and care for 10 days, and a slew of Pain Killers, plus they provided my regular drugs daily, as you cannot bring your drug bottles from home. I saw the hospital billing to the insurance company/Medicare, as I am over 65 years old. The billing was for over 160, 000 dollars---my cost was Zero.


Maricopa in reply to Nalakrats

Once an American is 65 and eligible for Medicare the govt insurance the things it won’t cover force a person to purchase an additional supplement policy. To get a decent supplemental and pay for Medicare part B is easily $300 a month. Then their are hospital and convalescent home limits. If you get seriously ill and wrack up high medical costs the states are kind enough to place a lien on your property to recover their costs. No country is a perfect system. There are always some flaws!!

Please refrain from posting these unneccessary comments, this is a help site, it does not need people getting angry . I find your attitude totally uncalled for, I have reported you. I really do not want to see arguments on here, this is not the forum for that.

as opposed to american adults 10% severly obese 42% obese 30% overweight the phrase people in glass houses springs to mind

You've been watching too many westerns🤣🤣🤣why are you boasting about having 300 million guns...oh hang on....I know are too scared of each other....what a way to live! That's nothing to boast about...Did you know that in some places and countries, people leave their cars unlocked, their front doors unlocked, and actually greet you in the street....not everwhere is like the states, I enjoy watching american films because everything is over the top and I find them very entertaining ( and predictable)....but those are films- you don't need to live your life like the films...maybe change your name to John Wayne?🤣🤣🤣

Only 70 Whit 🤣! I just totted up mine, 129 per week including 2 tiny vitamin D3. Most of mine are very small so can chuck em all back at once.Glad you're taking your free D3 (in my opinion its not nearly enough but that's personal choice). Take care P

Maricopa in reply to peege


What about the 40 million who can’t afford insurance. The NHS may not be perfect but it covers everyone regardless of status or income. With my very complex medical history I would not be alive without the NHS. I am glad that you are happy with your healthcare, but you have no right to criticise our ways. My husband and I have just had our completely free Covid-19 vaccine.

Nalakrats, you are spot on so don't listen to these "hate USA" people. I lived 40 years overseas as an American under third world healthcare systems and now back home and get good health care. Yes, I have insurance coverage and can chose the doctors I want and get treatment within a week or two, sometimes a little longer. Any illegals coming across our border gets treated free that's why they immigrate to the US. Citizens in the US are NOT starving, if we were there wouldn't be 60-70% overweight. Is American the best at everything, HELL NO. In fact puleeze take our current socialist president and his band of fools.

GDanker in reply to Gatun

Obesity is caused by eating starchy, fattening foods with little or no nutritional value. Yes, better than not starving but most certainly not optimal either, is it? People with those kind of diets are also those with the poorest health and the most likely to overburden the healthcare system. Nothing to brag about there.

I live in the USA and not everyone gets treat as rapidly as you were fortunate to get. Insurance in the states is extremely high cost unless you are at the poverty level. The middle class are being killed by healthcare and insurance costs and you are aware of this.

Not always true. People are in fact turned away when they don’t have insurance. The er usually takes them and puts on a quick fix and boots them out the door. They don’t get continuing ongoing care always! Many of our American hospitals are going bankrupt. Covid has had a huge impact on care as well. The healthcare system is overloaded.

The Trump is gone. Doubtful he’ll be back. The riot at the Capital he incited sadly has ruined many lives. Those norms without deep pockets will now have felony criminal records while the Donald just may escape any repercussions.

Wow , slightly moved away from Vit D , sad that this crap has come into it. There was me thinking we are all here to help each other in our time of need!

Kakariki in reply to Sevenstar1

Yes me too I'm shocked to be honest in the two years I've been on this site I've never seen this before normally it's an extreamly helpful and caring group

I can only say thank heavens I live in the UK - I lived in the states for some eight years on and off and I would certainly be dead today if I were still there and had very little money to pay for cancer treatment which of course is provided here free by the NHS - of course I could also have been shot in some school gun massacre although I think they were few and far between when I checked a school out when I was first there in 1959 - I was not particularly impressed - the kids were 18 - I was 14 and was better educated than the rest of the 18 year olds in that class - I was also there in 1964 to 1972 - of course they did still have the Klu Klux Klan who were extremely active at that time (as in 59) and I believe still are - still no country is perfect . . . . oh and don't get me started on their tornadoes and earthquakes . . . . even while I was there I realised it was no country to grow old in . . . . .

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Agreed, majji. I'm in the states and had to drop down to poverty level to get health insurance for COPD and then Bladder Cancer. I would love to spend my final years in the UK, but don't know how to go about it. There's an amazing guitar luthier/musician named Galeazzo Fudua in Italy who has broken down Beatle songs further than anyone I've ever known. I would love to study with him!

Two weeks ago I read a book written by a general practicing MD in the states who recommends 50,000 IU's Vitamin D daily. He states those who follow this in his practice he does not see them much because they do not get sick. Seems that there may be some toxicity in such a dosage. Additionally I seem to recall that Vitamin D is more than a vitamin.

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Do you have that MD's name, lewicki?

lewicki in reply to Sharp5Flat13

Dr. Justin Somerville The Optimal dose

I wish I was on that many ;) I take 23 a day plus inhalers

As someone else noted, your reply is extremely offensive. You know nothing about the healthcare systems outside of the USA but are yet ready to attack them. You want to turn what is a health forum into a political debate. You have been thoroughly brainwashed by undoubtedly the likes of FOX NEWS. America is hardly to be held up as a shining example when it comes to the pandemic, or indeed, healthcare in general where so many do without. I live in the States and I know that the glowing picture that you would paint of healthcare in America is complete rubbish, plain and simple.

I would definitely speak to the GP regarding the Vitamin D, Whit. B vitamins are water soluble so you can't really overdose, but D and E are fat soluble so you can build up too much. They have me on about 12 pills per day and with that Calcium, to combat the osteoporosis caused by the catabolic steroids (Trelegy).

An Emergency Room is just that, it is there for emergencies! They do minimally what is necessary until you can follow up with your doctor. If you are at death's door, they might keep you for a few days but then you are on your own. They might even provide you with the name of a doctor to see. However, if you don't have medical insurance, they are not going to treat you for free. That should be obvious to you so why you even bring this up, is ridiculous. It is not a substitute for the regular, long term treatment from a physician that so many sick people need.

In answer to your question ,you need to know how much ,in terms of iu's ,you need to take in order for it to be beneficial. Be assured it is VITAL that your Vit.D levels are high ,particularly during the winter months.The best place for advice on this subject is without question Dr John Campbells channel on YouTube.As a priority , make the time to watch his interview with Mr David Davis MP.

I take cod liver oil (yuk) which contains vitamin D. If I didn't I would definitely take vitamin D, either bought or from the government. As I am post surgery on top of lung issues my walks are only very short. Plus, I hate the cold so I am so wrapped up no daylight can touch me to make vit D. 😂 A reverse vampire.😂

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