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Update on vaccine


Just a quick update on vaccine in my area, I have just received a booking for 2nd of February. Hope others of you get yours soon

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Pleased to hear you've got a date Katie, my brother whose 83 had his yesterday.....I'm still waiting my summons 😂Hope it goes well . Xxx

katieoxo60 in reply to pegbl

Hope yours comes soon I'll be just glad to get it over with fingers crossed no ill effects.

pegbl in reply to katieoxo60

My brother has had no ill effects and neither has my friend who also had her Jab on Saturday.......so here's hoping you don't.🤞Xxxx

Great news Katie. Hope it all goes well. Xxx

katieoxo60 in reply to sassy59

Thank youx

Good for you. Still waiting.

katieoxo60 in reply to Spacecat1

Best wishes for yours to arrive soon, mine says another message will be sent nearer the date with a second appointment but it will most likely be in 12 weeks.

I’m pleased for you katie. Keeping my hopes up that mine arrives soon.

katieoxo60 in reply to Littlepom

Hope yours comes soon, on mine it said it will send another text nearer the date for the second shot.

Great news x

So pleased you have a date - still waiting here in Essex, my mum in law is 91 and hasn't had hers but hey-ho, I'm just glad we have a vaccine at all. Hugs x

That's fantastic Katie ☺👍👍👍

katieoxo60 in reply to peege

Thanks for suppport

So Happy For you Katie. Brilliant News. Take care. XXX c.

Great news Katie xx

Good news for you on 2nd February katieoxo60. Hopefully coming under the still "Shielding"🛡 group, i was down as number 4 on the list which fingers 🤞 crossed will be the week of 24th February 🤔🤷‍♀️. No need to pester our GP's about it as they are only given up to 48hr notice in my area. Others are saying it's another postcode lottery as to whether the vaccines are distributed. We'll see!! Good luck with yours and I'm sure you'll have no problems with unwanted side effects ...... they are mild, if at all generally and no worse than having the Flu vaccine. 🐿🌈😷💉x

Yes most of those I know who have had the jab had only minor side effects like with the normal flu injection in the winter . Thanks for reply

Glad you have got your date. I am still waiting for my letter, a friend who is at the same GP as me has had his letter he is over 70 but I am still waiting. Xx

katieoxo60 in reply to Patsy164

Hope yours comes soon.

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