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Vitamin D


Hi...along with most other sheilders I feel like i have been living the life of a hermit and can't wait to at least see some sun to get out and enjoy my garden; (which after all the rain resembles the Somme) and to top up my vitamin D levels... which got me thinking, has anyone received the promised vitamin d supplements? I certainly haven't... also not heard a squeak about any promised vaccine either... however post in my area has been seriously disrupted.... so i am not sure ds six of one and half a dozen of the other.

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No not heard about any free vitamin D but I take a supplement every day as not much sun around at this time of year. Still waiting for the vaccine call.

Stay safe ledge. Xxx

ledge in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy i got this strange letter from the government which gave you a website address... entered details as requested...gone i suppose into the vast back hole of dispair and nothingness

I have applied twice but nothing. I don't know anyone who has received them. Nothing mentioned on News either. Bet they haven't got enough supply

ledge in reply to Jehinch

I least i now know that I haven't gone mad by imagining it....😜

SORRELHIPPO in reply to Jehinch

I think I read that after you had applied online, due roll out in Feb. might be wrong.

Yes post in my area has been disrupted as well and No I haven't received the promised Vitamin D either. Not heard anything about vaccine wither. So like you still waiting.

ledge in reply to Snackjack

As my old gran would say.. promises promises then roll her eyes heavenwards

Snackjack in reply to ledge

Yes my gran did that and have to be honest so do I.

No like others I have heard nothing about Vitamin D despite asking for it. Rubbish. 😠

ledge in reply to Bevvy

I actually wish they didnt promise them and told you to buy them and at what dosage... i take multivits...but not sure if thats sufficient enough dosage

Greenfingers20 in reply to ledge

My multivits list Vit D 100% recommended dose. Boots or Tesco same

Maximonkey in reply to ledge

Hi Ledge, the correct dosage is 1400 per day and multivitimins are not comparable with Vit D. We have had our first jabs as our council is being very proactive. It's a postcode lottery I am afraid. I too have asked for the Gov vit D and my latest letter said if I hadn't asked for them already to apply again. Delivery date is February 2021. Take care, Maximonkey

my daughter got them from Amazon. vitamin D3 strength 4000iu - I just take 1 a day

Don-1931 in reply to moogle

I've done that too, but only 1000iu (I didn't want to get sunburnt). 😉

They were supposed to cover the 3 winter months, we are now just over the middle of January, 6 weeks into Winter with another 6 weeks to go and not a peep about it. (Broken) promises, promises. Or if you would rather, Billy Lia* pants on fire.

ledge in reply to 2greys

Sad, isn't i said it would have been better to tell you to buy them at what was the recommended dose as too much is toxic and i suppose not enough is as good as useless.

On my latest shielding email there was a link to register to receive the vit D. I didn't do it because my GP already prescribes for me. I would be interested to know if anyone followed the link, registered and has received it.

ledge in reply to Littlepom

That was the letter and the link... as you can see... not a lot seems to have happened😪

Resistered but delivery info said due Jan, Feb

Hancock and his crowd again just paying lip service, just like Williamson and the laptops!

Do you folks in the UK get and use Amazon for buying on line?


peege in reply to Nalakrats

Yes, we're quite civilised really, like the rest of Europe Amazon is popular especially as we're all in lock down.

Nalakrats in reply to peege

I suggest all those waiting for Vitamin D3--get it from Amazon: Natures Way and Nature Made are popular low cost brands. I recommend for you Brits, that do not get enough sun in a years time, to take 5,000 IU units, or 125 micrograms, daily, even in summer. Those that want to protect against Lung Infections, or ease a Covid issue, to take as much as 10000 IU units, many with Cancers and Covid take 20,000 IU units plus Ionic Zinc. Only Ionic Zinc or Zinc Chelate is appropriate, as to its activity.


Lfcpremier in reply to Nalakrats

Thanks! You sound very knowledgeable re the amount of Vit D. I remember Dr John Campbell saying something similar. It's very hard to take a toxic level:many dont take enough.

Nalakrats in reply to Lfcpremier

Yes I am learned on the subject. With Cancer Patients---we usually will start at 5,000 IU units , and work up to 30,000 units. The D3 will actually take up space on the membrane of the cancer cell. For Bronchiectasis we use 20,000 units, working up from 5,000 units also. My Background is Naturopathy. There are no dose concerns. Only Consultants and Doctors, who take 2 classes in Nutrition, in their schooling, can create issues, with a patient without any knowledge.


Jaybird19 in reply to Nalakrats

I had a parcel from Amazon . Trouble is it wasnt mine . My address but not my name . Phoned Amazon next day and they wouldn't believe that I didn't have an account with them. Couldnt return to collect it if no account number so told me to keep it or give it away . No idea what it contained, I advertised for the name on local site and the owner turned up. She lived 10 numbers away I was convinced she was genuine but still think it contained more than she said? Was glad to get rid of it. It was bothering me wondering what it contained .!

Hi l have recieved my vit D tablets from Scottish government and am very grateful as like yourself l an shielding.

teenieleek in reply to Delamere

Me too but I’d prefer the vaccine which they seem incapable of organising up here. Group four now put back to March, I’m very upset about this.

My sister received hers about a month ago, it is a low dose, cant remember the figure. I have been taking d3 for a long time and buy mine from Amazon 1000mg per day. I dont take these in the summer months as I am outside in the garden x

I take my own Vit. D. Not heard re the vaccine . Really annoyed as so many in their 30"s posting on social media they have had the vaccination. These also have no underlying health problems..I am phoning health board today as havent received letter so dont know how long before I get vaccinated. I have shielded since last March whilst these saying have received vaccine are out every day xx.Sheila. 🙉🙈

Bevvy in reply to garshe

Yes I know of people in 30’s and younger receiving their jabs BUT these are front line workers. Who,as,part of their job go into people’s homes, work in care homes or in hospitals.I too am shielding and yes am jealous that friends have had jab but don’t envy their jobs in current times!

Just announced today that CEV people to start getting invitations to attend for inoculations. Woo hoo!!

garshe in reply to Bevvy

I agree with front line workers but the ones I am talking about are my daughters friends. One is a fitness instructor out every day doing 17,000 steps and lifting weights 4am No health issues.

Bevvy in reply to garshe

I don’t understand how they are getting their jabs then? Govt and newspapers insist no queue jumping. Even if person has health issues they have to wait.... I am CEV but waiting because only 52yrs although hope to hear very soon.

garshe in reply to Bevvy

Well I am 76 with severe COPD. So count myself as very vulnerable. Also have my daughter and Granddaughter who is 12yrs old living here. My Respiratory team are looking into it as have said I should have had it by now. Sheila.

Jaybird19 in reply to garshe

I had the letter today and phone and internet were both off most of day. Then surgery phoned late afternoon to offer appointment . No transport to get there so had been told earlier surgery would arrange that . not so at all. Just another idea from somebody who didn't know . Why do people say these things when they do not know!

My post is usually left in quarantine for 2 days but I could see it was about covid so I got all geared up and opened it. Then had to go and get cleaned up without touching anything more. What a palaver.

1 am 83 and have bronchiectasis I am told .

Applied for Vit.D and not received yet, but as others say we scarcely get any post in our street.No vaccine call yet either...very annoying as virtually all my acquaintances in my age group in this city have already had it! And none of them are CEV. There's no transparency, and our GP practice has nothing on its website except to say don't ring us about the vaccine. They answered an email query with a stock answer...don't call us we will call you. No further information.

Ledge lm in the same position l tried for vitamin D with no results but lm going to try again ,l paid in to the NHS for over 50 years a few tablets will not brake it take care. Rodders 1941

After a letter from government I applied online and received my vit D 6 days later.

Don't see a lot of sun in Scotland especially during the winter.🙂

Hi I haven't received Vitamin D either tho I did reply to the letter we got. I am using a Vitamin D spray sent by my God daughter. I have had my first jab. Second one on 31 Match.

The free vitamin D if you applied for it should be delivered late January is what I read, so soon. Re vaccines our MP was local news last week saying our area Drs haven't signed up to give vaccines so I'm thinking may be a couple of months time if I'm lucky. He is trying g to put pressure on them. No one in my area has been vaccinated yet. What about duty of care.

Bevvy in reply to Suzie42

That’s disgusting and am amazed at this. Thought nhs was setting up clinics in all areas for Covid vaccines.....

Suzie42 in reply to Bevvy

BBCSouth East news covered the story last week, but unless NHS rekax their criteria for vaccinations this situation will not change. Red tape as usual, shame on all of them.

Suzie42 in reply to Bevvy

Relax i meant

Got free vit d well before Xmas. I'm in Scotland. Local practice still doing over 80s .

Going back a few years ago when my asthma was terribly uncontrolled a blood test showed my Vit D, B12 and folate was low. Was very likely contributing to my symptoms. I was given injections of B12 but no additional supplements and told i should take Vit D all year round. Theyre not really expensive and i buy in the supermarket.My son on the otherhand has an illness that can cause him to become defficient in any fat soluable vitamins and he was given a high dose vit d to correct a defficiency on top of regular daily vit A,D and E

I didn't sign up for vitamin D as I already take cod liver oil capsules.(Yuk.🤢) My Mom has had both her vaccinations and many local surgeries are going to start groups 3 and 4 this week. 🤞🤞🤞

Always been a fan of cod liver oil. Buy my capsules in the supermarket and find they also help against the dreaded arthritis. Remember taking teaspoon of cod liver oil as a kid and gave it to my two when they were little too.

I started taking it, finally, for arthritis. I too remember being given malt and cod liver oil by my nan. 🙂

I live in Scotland and my Dad and I received a bottle each. We were taking it anyway and in my opinion the government’s recommendations on IUs a day is out of date. We take 2000 ius a day. My Dad is 94yrs and I am 57yrs. I started about 18months ago and my nails started growing properly for the first time in years!

According to the Daily Mail the letters for the over 70s and vulnerable start going out today, so fingers crossed.

joyce74 in reply to Angelagone

My husband and I had our vaccinations yesterday he’s 80 me 79 . Me in a local park at 1.14 and hubby in the Manchester City stadium at 2.15. Both places were very organised with lots of people seeing everything ran smoothly. My husband went in with his walking frame and came out in a wheelchair for which he was grateful. Well done NHS. Hope my daily emails start arriving again soon.

Get in touch with your dr to jog there memory x

I've applied for it twice up until now ,not heard anything. So decided to buy my own from Amazon. I was on Desunin Vit D3 on prescription until the GP decided I should buy them myself because they are reasonably cheap. OK no probs as I do know they do me a lot of good.

Sorry but I don’t appreciate being”told off” by you.You don’t know my personal circumstances.

I responded to a query from another person to say I hadn’t received something I was offered.

Tempo57 in reply to Bevvy

Dear Bevvy,

I sincerely apologize if you took my script the wrong way. It was not at all intended to be taken in the manner in which you took it. Perhaps I should have worded it

differently so that they could not have been interpreted that way.

Please accept my apologies.

Best wishes T57

Bevvy in reply to Tempo57


I think your reply to bevvy somewhat misses the point on my original posting. As the extremely clinically vulnerable were offered this vitamin d tablets. We as a helpful adjunct . They were and can be prescribed by respiratory consultants .

Tempo57 in reply to ledge

Dear Ledge,

I agree and I must admit when the government promises something (in fact when anyone promises something), they should indeed honor their promise.

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