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Chest X-ray Bronchiectasis.


Hello Just received phone call from GP to say there is a shadow on my lung I have bronchiectasis and asthma .Just finished second home IVs for pseudo . And showing signs of infection again. Had pain on left side for a few weeks. Wondering if anyone had had this shadow with bronchiectasis. Thanking You

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You probably have an infection, but don't worry so much with bronchitis you often have shadow on your lung when having an infection, it's not good if they mentioned an abnormal shadow on your lung. Just give your GP a call and ask you like to speak about it that you feeling scared. But if it would be bad they would like to speak with you about it. Keep warm and safe 🙂 🍀🍀🍀

Hollyjt in reply to MELNEL

Thank you they said they wanted a repeat. Keep safe too. Holly 😀 x

MELNEL in reply to Hollyjt

Glad it keeps you smiling a bit more again 😃💃🎶💃😁

It is so scary to hear you have an abnormal node or shadow on the lungs, the consultant then said oh your not a smoker should be okay probably just the bronchiectasis, and the fact we x-ray more. Told they would re-x-ray in 3 mths and see. Longest 3 mths ever the new x-ray did not show the shadow they said it was probably the infection they were treating me for when I had the first x-ray. The node was smaller and they decided it was probably just like swollen glands in the neck when you have a cold. I wanted to strangle the consultant and his whole team for putting me through all that worry and anxiety, but I regret only saying thank you. Call the GP and tell them your concerns. Its so hard not to think the worst big hugs xxx

Hollyjt in reply to Angel-Girl

It's is,scary thank you for your reply. I'm pleased it worked out well for you take care. Holly 😊xx

Maybe you need a scan to be sure it's your bronch not clearing the recent infection properly. I had a shadow for months when I had pneumonia and pleurisy. Take care. Maybe speak to your GP. XX

Thank you for your reply home IVs not working hospitals wanted chest ex-ray. It's come back with shadow on my lung. Waiting for sputem sample to come back. It's this new to me continuing pain I've had it for weeks. Hospital said they will have to try a new treatment. Holly xx

Hi HollyjtWorrying time for you, but perhaps you should ask your GP to arrange a (c)HRCT chest scan which is the gold standard for bronchiectasis diagnosis. In these covid times this may take a longer time than normal to arrange.

All the best to you with your chest health and I hope your problems get better.

Thank you for your reply yes I've had diagnosis for bronchiectasis with (c )HTCT scan a long time ago and under the care with a bronchiectasis consultant. But this is a new to me pain that I have and consultant wanted a chest X-Ray I have a lot of chest infection with pseudo and they are wondering if this is causing it.The Ivs that I'm having are not working.Thank you for your good wishes.Take care Holly 😊X

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