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Hi everyone...I have been diagnosed as having ACO (Asthma COPD Overlap) back in October 2019. I'm looking for advice on filling out my Pip form... Did one last year and had the telephone assessment at the start of the first lockdown but was refused and I didn't appeal. I'm about to reclaim it again as everyone I speak to says I should be getting it and just wondering did I fill out the form incorrectly so I'm just looking for advice from people with the same condition. Thanks in advance.

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Hi its not straight forward but you must think how you are at your worst. Always answer questions of things you struggle to do with a no not yes but as yes is all they read. You can get help from blf helpline and or cab. Good luck

I agree it's best to seek expert advice when filling in this form. There are 2 tips I can pass on though.

First have all your paperwork to hand. They say will get what they need but often don't.

Second one of the criteria is not that you can do something but that you can in a timely and safe manner. If for example they ask if you can shower and you can but it takes you ages and an hour to recover afterwards make sure you tell them that.

If you look online you will find example forms you can complete which will show you a positive result. Oh and remember it's not about what illness you have but how it affects you. Good luck.

The best advice is to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureaux who have experts who will give practical help with PIP claims. Even to the extent of providing someone to attend a hearing with you if you have to attend an appeal hearing. It's a pity that you didn't do that last time and appealed against their decision, most appeals are successful in borderline cases. You need to prove two things, first that you are unable to do things for yourself, secondly why you can't do them. Evidence of your ailments is not enough.

You really need assistance to complete the forms. If difficult to contact CAB in these troubled times. Look them up online and they have excellent guides to assist you. Also look up an organisation called work and benefits. To get their guides you need to subscribe. Around £20 per year. Again excellent help and information.Remember you do not have to have a person with you if you are struggling to do things. Otherwise single people would never get the benefit! For example I struggle to shower and would benefit from assistance but live alone. I wrote about how/what I struggle with.

Answer each question on the form in as much detail as possible. i,e., if you have difficulty getting washed tell them how you do the task, how long it takes you etc. Picture your worst day and how that affects your daily living and use that to fill in the form. Go into as much detail as you can and use the section at the back of the form to add additional information when you can't fit it all in the space provided in each section.

As has been said, it isn't your health condition that counts, it is how it affects you day to day. Good luck x

Check out Citizen's Advice Pages: citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

If after assessment (get a copy of the assessment report) if you are not awarded ask for a reconsideration on grounds.... etc - all; information is on the CAB pages.

Good luck with it all. Keep in mind its not how many health issues you have its how they affect you on a day to day basis.


Hello Mikey

I have been on PIP for 4 years. Had my first claim rejected following on from face 2 face interview. I pointed out that my lungs are not visible therefore how would they know what I deal with non a day to day basis.

What they are looking at is how your illness affects you on a day to day basis. Always write your worst days etc. Look at the meds you take do you have any side effects that add to your problems. If so photocopy that medication and highlight it. Eg.one of my meds makes me forgetful so I included this as evidence. Also things like water tablets how they have an effect on you if applicable.

Remember be honest and if they reject it first time Appeal I did and won. The one thing I have learnt communicating with DWP they are not doctors and have no idea about certain illnesses be clear include information from LF and doctors.

I have had to appeal my first application won that. Then 2 years down the line they took the mobility allowance off me. So I appealed. They said my illness had got better inntruth that won't happen until I die. So I took them to tribunal it took 10 months did not go up Infront of a judge they awarded me high rates on both.

Good luck if you want anymore help please get in touch

MELNEL in reply to Hidden

That's a good idea to mention side effects from medication. Yes I often think the same if the DWP, they not doctors but always thinking there are so clever! I also been declined to get a blue badge. The questions are unbelievable. This was also in 2019, but will see if I get it with pip. But thanks for the things you mentioned. Stay safe 😃🎶💃

Hi there, I have severe eosinophilic asthma and only 25% volume left in my lung and have been refused In 2019 I also will try it again, just waiting on the DS1500 form from my consultant. Here in Scotland it's not easy to get PIP and the questions are not easy to answer but been told to answer feeling the worse in all counts. I believe some citizens advice bureau offer help with filling in the forms but don't know if there doing it over the phone, just give them a call if you have one you can use, or those council hubs. Best of luck, let me know how you get on. Stay safe and warm. 😃🍀😃🍀

I have just got pip...lower rate mobility for severe asthma. My asthma nurse wrote me a letter to say how my asthma affected me & how I have to stop every however many metres to catch my breath. She wrote that I am always sob despite being on 8 asthma meds and that the majority of the time I can’t speak full sentences because of being sob. Thankfully I was really wheezy the day of my assessment so they could hear it for themselves. Like the others say, it’s definitely how it affects you and also send dr/nurses/asthma plan/consultants reports etc and keep referring back to them to back up what you’re saying.

...saying that, they also wrote a whole heap of twaddle that wasn’t true in regards to the daily living bit, so do appeal if you need to! It took 5 months from the day I rang for the form to hear the result!

Thank you all for the advice... I will contact cab for help, unfortunately I have no one medically that can back me up as just after my diagnosis covid kicked off and I have pretty much been left to it... So the only person that sees what's happening is my partner... 🙁

madonbrew in reply to Mikeyb955

Get your partner to write a letter too...to tel them how they see it affects you...any help they give you etc!

She did the last time and will again... without a doubt... 🙂

Hi, don't know if this is helpful but it took me ages to fill my form in, I read the question then wrote down notes of things to include before deciding what to put on the forms. I used LOTS of notes on the actual form and sent them with it. Also I found it tiring so I did between one and three questions a day, don't try to do it all at once. I was lucky and so relieved when I finally go it but it takes time. Will be keeping everything crossed for you x

I meant to say keep a copy of your application too if you can for future reference.


Have a look at this to see if it helps, it’s about how you are affected in your ability to complete the tasks in each Q. Highlight what your worst day is like for performing the tasks, or lack of ability. Don’t hold back. It’s like a reverse interview, it’s all about the negatives. Again it’s the same for the interview. Good luck

Frued in reply to Frued

Just use the sight as a guidance/information you don’t have to submit anything

Ergendl in reply to Frued

Benefits and Work has great advice about applying for benefits. Well worth a look, especially if you find it difficult to get help from other agencies during these restricted times.

And include all your consultants letters they really help ,I have pulmonary fibrosis , and the assessor was really impressed with my hospital letters , so send everything

Good luck. Follow the advice people here have given you and DONT GIVE UP. They, DWP, are quite fond of rejecting first claims. (My autistic daughter eventually got £1000 back payment when they decided her claim was valid. ) It helps to have a 'professional' on board to help fill in the forms- my daughter had a Mencap lady; the CAB are good if you can contact them. We all hate to admit we can't do things very easily, so minimize the effects of our illnesses. That means we tend to give the wrong answers. Remember you are entitled to PIP and go for it!

Some excellent advice here. My husband gets PIP and a consultant told us the same. Focus on how a bad day affects your every day living, focus on how you feel (keep it simple) what help you need, (could just be a chair to sit on) and ALWAYS keep a copy if your answers. (If you need to reapply you can change the use of language slightly in your favour) if you have to go for an assessment we were observed getting in and out of the car, wheelchair use etc. Good luck

Hello there, it is not easy to get PIP for ASthma/COPD unless its severe or you have other illness . I get DLA based on Asthma / COPD but also have multi joint arthritis , visual impairment to the left , hand tremor , and passed illness that could return. I would suggest you place large emphasis on the things you cannot do and how things make your health worse, if you have other health issues go for the multi effect of the illnesses/disabilities on each other making the all over effect on you more severe, if that makes sense. Always stress any emotional effects too. Its not just a simple yes no questionaire replies of can you do it or not. Example I can cross the road, however my speed is impaired , plus visual impairment and being slowed by my lung condition, so if a car comes up suddenly I am at risk of accident , which causes emotional stress. Hope that gives you some ideas and do seek help to fill in the form from people who know what words to put in. Better luck this time and go to appeal if necessary as different people interpret the rules in different ways.

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