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PS one last challenge


Well gang one last challenge was waiting for me. As l need oxygen 24/7 hospital transport was finally arranged. Long story short after 5 min ĺ said to drivers assistant this oxygen isn't coming through. He fiddled with tank when l finally got a look at it it was empty on red ! By this time breathing was hard asked them to take me back to hospital was told home was closer it wasn't !! Could not argue as needed puff to keep aware. Managed to text hubby telling him to meet ambulance with my oxygen tank when it arrived. I n house stats now 69 trying not to panic put machine on called dr who was making noises about re admitting me if l could not bring stats up too 88 at least. Managed a respectable 91 thankgoodness for home oxygen. Lesson learnt never trust anyone else with your oxygen supply ! So safe are home and a big thankyou to everyone for all the support you have given me.This is my home sweet home

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So pleased you’re home now Delamere even if the journey was somewhat stressful! Thank goodness for your home oxygen supply.

Stay safe and take care. Xxx💜💜👍

Possibly email the ambulance company, drawing their attention to this serious failure. No one could have checked the oxygen.I’m glad I you got home and that your O2 levels have come up , Take care x

Hello Delamere, Your post illustrates what a very difficult experience you have hadrecently but I'm so glad everything was OK at the end. It does show how important it is to ensure things we depend on like oxygen are always available when needed. Its the same with our medication. I always try to have an extra prescription so that I never run out.Happily you will now be home again with hubby in attendance I expect. Take care and keep well.

Chrys x

Unbelievable! A catalogue of disasters. Surely someone should be held accountable and they wonder why people don't want to go into hospital at the best of times! I'm so glad you are home and you were able to sort yourself out, emphasis on yourself! Very best wishes to you.

So sorry you had to go through that. Glad you are at home safe and sound. So scary for you.

So Glad Your Home with The precious Oxygen Working now for you. You could Write a Book Hun, it would be a Best Seller. Just Relax now , put your feet up, Take in your Quality Air, Hubby with you, Have some Chocolate. Now Breathe. Much Love from a 24/7 Oxy Friend. XXxxx C. PS, Mine was just 88 this Morning.

Delamere in reply to Hacienda

Thankyou so much. Being a 24/7 does have it's challenges. Hope you get an improvement on your 88 x

Oh what a palava Delamere! Thank god your home and safe. Gives no confidence Re being looked after does it!

I'm so relieved that you are home and safe. Lesson is 'never trust anybody but yourself'. I hope that you can rest now and breath easier.xx

Oh my goodness what a nightmare you've had Delamere. Please look after yourself and enjoy your own bed tonight 😘

So glad that you are now safe and home.

So glad to hear you are safely home.

Glad you are home safe and sound, look after yourself.

Cyanosis may not develop until oxygen saturation reaches about 67%.

What a wonderful sight to welcome you home, a real winter wonderland. I’m sorry to know you had such an arduous route to get there though. Hopefully you’ll be able to recover from the whole ordeal at home now. 🌈

Thankyou .lt was a wonderful sight l am very lucky. Feel 10 times better already. It is with the help of you guys l have come through this x

Oh Delamere...that’s terrible! Thank goodness you are home safely now! Rest up and take time to recover properly! 🤗 Dee

Very scary for you Delamere, I’m so glad your home and safe now. 💕💕

That is terrible . Was it a usual driver or are they getting help from ones who dont realise.?

Delamere in reply to Jaybird19

It was patient transport permant drivers. I think part of the problem was they didn't want to take me as l live in a rural area and certainly didn't realise how important oxygen is to someone who is on it 24/7 well they do now !!

Always best to take your own cylinder or poc when admitted to hospital,that way you know you have a safe supply for the journey home says skis enviously enoying the view of your palatial estate and thinking even an able bodied person would need oxygen to reach the boundarys of its splendour.🙃😸Recover well and enjoy the view.

Delamere in reply to skischool

Thankyou .l am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Would normally take oxygen every where as l need it 24/7 and have spare tanks in both cars. Unfortunately because it was a bit of touch and go l wasn't my usual vocal self so ambulance men automatically put me on their oxygen Have given hubby strict instructions that if it ever happens again he is to make sure l have one of my tanks with me.Thankyou again for your kind words of support x

How awful for you it sounds like a disaster from start to finish but at least you are better and at home. Now you can relax.

Oh my gosh- they really have got messing Delaware about down to a fine art. Thank goodness you are home, where sanity reigns. Hope you can now relax and have a bit of enjoyment in your life. Hope your pot plants will survive the wintry

Delamere in reply to Alberta56

Thankyou. Oh yes my plants will survive they are like me very hardy ! Thankyou for all your support during this trying time

Alberta56 in reply to Delamere

Glad your plants are toughies. I've tended to fall for softies in the past and found they could not stand up to Essex weather.

Good that you're back home and your oxygen levels came back up (bet there was no way you wanted to go back in to hospital). Take care, relax and enjoy all your home comforts. All best wishes.

You couldn't make it up, could you! So glad you're safely back home now. Wishing you all the best.

I am so glad that you are home and can now recover. What a shambles you have survived. Rest well and gather strength.

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