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How do I join this site


I got on this by accident--and I want to become a member.


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It was easy for me to join. But it is impossible to unjoin.

I would join with a new separate email and login.

Otherwise your prostate cancer feed will become 50/50 between the two forums. Which is very irritating.

CDPO16 in reply to cesces

It's easy to 'unjoin' forum. At the top of the page you will see a blue 'write' box; to the left of that is a box with a tick in it. Simply click on that box and the tick will go. You should then get a header saying that you have left that forum.

Nalakrats in reply to cesces

Doing it for my wife--it is not for me--I am treating he---and I only got half way--so I am looking for more info, that I can extrapolate.


moogle in reply to cesces

Click 'my hub' at the top then choose the group you want. I have asthma, BLF, tinnitus, sleep matters and thyroid uk to choose from and they NEVER get mixed up.

You have one email address and log in for health unlocked.

You can join or unjoin any group once registered with health unlocked.

To leave this group for instance untick the box next to the Write box (above right).

To join a group you will have clicked on +Join box next to the Write box (above right).

Because you're here, you are a member so welcome!

Actually you've been a member since July 2016

I think that you have joined so welcome.

Welcome x

Like many others I would like to welcome you to this site, lots of nice friendly people to chat to. You may have got on here by accident but welcome anyway.🙂

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