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Covid and taxis


I don't know where to go to get guidance. My son is.buried 40 miles from me and Saturday would be his birthday. Am I allowed to get a taxi for the journey. His grave is in the same county where I live. My son also wants to go with me, he is in my Support bubble. Can anyone help of point me in the right direction to get help. Thanks in advance

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Gosh thats a toughie. I do sympathise however, I believe it wouldn't be allowed. We're only encouraged to exercise locally so you'd risk being stopped and fined. It's so sad and I hate saying 😥.....its not essential like a hospital appointment. If I were you I'd wait until it's safer and lock down has eased. So sorry ❤

They do say five miles for exercise only and very sadly I don't think the powers-at-be would consider this an essential journey as cruel as that sounds. You could try to ring your local police station or a local government office to find out what the guidance is on this sort of visit.

My sympathy to you but I think you may have to have a memoriam for him at home this year. My very best wishes to you.

Hi panda22, I’m afraid I must agree with peege. Under the present guidelines you would not be allowed to travel 40 miles away. I’m tempted to say go but that would be wrong of me. I’m so sorry for the awful predicament you find yourself in.

You could try contacting your MP or even local council perhaps but they should say the same thing.

I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday and hope you can visit your late sons graveside soon. Xxxx💖

Thank you for all your advice and sympathy. Looks like I won't be seeing him but he will be in my thoughts x

CDPO16 in reply to panda22

You will see him in your mind's eye and he will always be in your heart xx

panda22 in reply to CDPO16

Lovely words thank you x

Annie31 in reply to panda22

Exactly! As I'm sure he's always in your thoughts anyway!

peege in reply to panda22

You will be in our thoughts too panda22, such a sad situation for you to be in. I find making a beautiful little space for my family's lost loved one with a posy & lighting a candle for him helps. It sounds morbid perhaps but it warms this non-believer's heart

panda22 in reply to peege

Yes I will light a candle for him x

You’re in a really sad situation,but I don’t think you are supposed to do that.It as my mums birthday recently,the first since she died.

The grave is only3 miles away and we were only in Tier 3.

We couldn’t go to the grave side as it was steep and icy.

We just looked over te wall,we could see the grave,but it was too slippy.

I could hear myMom in my mind mind telling me-not to go to the grave side.she would have been so cross.

We think about her everyday,things she used to do and say.

You won’t forget him,you could light a candle.when my friends husband died I sent her a little teddy teddy.on the card I put every time you look at this some one is thinking of you.

You could put the flowers you would have taken where you can see them easily. Take care of yourself.

Hope you can mark the day from your home until it is safe to travel in the future. No doubt he is in your heart and thoughts every day, always. Best wishes to you.

I am araid the answer will be no . It is very hard.and taxis are dangerous for you too as taxi drivers have a high incidence of infection.

I would have normally gone to my sons grave today on his birthday but it’s a 40 minute drive so I’ve had his candle burning all day.

The England government website states the following:

Communal worship and life events

You can leave home to attend or visit a place of worship for communal worship, to attend a funeral or event related to a death, to visit a burial ground or a remembrance garden, or to attend a wedding ceremony. You should follow the guidance on the safe use of places of worship and must not mingle with anyone outside of your household or support bubble. Weddings, funerals and religious, belief-based or commemorative events linked to someone’s death are all subject to limits on the numbers that can attend.

Information from the following link:

The Welsh government say something similar and Scotland, but I would keep checking in case of any changes:

My mother has just had to use a taxi, who waited for her, when she went to have her covid vaccination and was very impressed with the measures the taxi had in place, after all it is the persons business, she was advised all surfaces were cleaned after each passenger, much like the GP surgeries I have been too, the main Hospital I attended on Saturday had sanitizer and paper towels for patient's to clean seats prior to sitting, needless to say I stood until called for my appointment... anyway I digress. My mother as usual wore disposable gloves, face mask and wore glasses and as soon as she arrived home washed all her clothes.

I would contact the cemetery in question and ask if they are allowing people to visit to pay their respects and I would contact your local taxi companies and ask what measures they have in place and if they are able to undertake the 40 mile journey. I might even contact your council to fully confirm they are happy for you to do this.

Take care. My thoughts are with you x

panda22 in reply to gillianTS

Thank you for this information

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