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Covid Vaccine with Imraldi - safe??


I am likely to be called in in the next couple of weeks or so to be offered the jab for Covid (likely to be the AstraZeneca one). Should I be a xious as I have AS and have been taking biological for over 6 years, firstly Humira, now Imraldi?

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Check with your doctor, or read the documentation about the vaccines - links below.

The other thing to ask yourself. Would you feel ok about missing your chance on having it, with increased risk to covid down the line. In UK we don't get to choose which vaccine will be offered, just what is available at the time we are called.

Links about each vaccine under heading "How safe is the covid 19 vaccine"

Info for UK residence

Bazmack48 in reply to Bkin

Thank you for posting the link. It answers my question posted earlier. You are a star.

Bkin in reply to Bazmack48

Glad the information is of help to you Bazmack48

DaleyWaley in reply to Bkin

Thank you for your reply

Bkin in reply to DaleyWaley

Welcome DW :)

Hi DaleyWaley

The thing I would add here is to make sure the timing between biological and covid vaccine are at least 4 weeks apart, the same goes for the flu vaccine and covid vaccine. I would suggest you get confirmation from your GP.

These are questions being asked by several groups regarding biologicals and immune suppressants concerning the two covid vaccination. I have been told that I might experience a flair up and if in the midst of a flair at the time of vaccination you might feel worse and should contact your GP.

DaleyWaley in reply to gillianTS

Thanks for the reply

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