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I had coronavirus mid October and subsequently had issues with my asthma - tight chest, breathlessness, a weird ruttle / flutter when I breathe. I've had my medication changed to 1 x fostair 100 in the morning and montelukast in the evening to clear the cough/mucus. My peak flow is still around 350 - 370. 370 is the odd day at best. I still feel as if my chest isn't clear when I breathe and one side of my throat is dry...I just wondered if you could offer any advice or when I could expect to see my peak flow coming up and the ruttle in my chest clear. Thanks

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Hi, If your chest isn’t clear I’m wondering if you’ve maybe got a chest infection that might need antibiotics to clear. Have you asked your GP? I’m not sure how covid and asthma compare breathing wise, but if your usual peak flow is higher then maybe your asthma isn’t well controlled at the moment and you need extra or different meds to help.

I’d ring your GP tomorrow and have a chat and see what they advise!

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Check with your doctor whether you're still experiencing long covid.

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