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Need advise on 35 an very ill an have no clue wot to do or were to go for help or even how


Hello I have no clue wot to do I have been house bound for the last 4 years just come out of a relationship of 8 an a half years my partner was a full time worker I haven't been able to work for years now but was on a joint claim an told to do nothing as didn't need to even low id love to work as was previously working on big building sites can't even walk the stairs now but I'm now on my own an scared to hell of wot to do I've seen page after page of older people getting a middle finger from the dwp how would someone my age 35 with copd get help but if I can't walk anywhere or work in any job wot the hell am I meant to do at my age I should be healthy in still awaiting the respiratory team to give an appointment bewn waiting 6months now wot with covid no chance to get in I don't know wot to apply for it even how feel like jumping off a bridge but my daughter HELP plz anybody I've had collapsed lungs an been in an out of hospital many times

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I'm afraid I'm not going to be a lot of help to you with the situation you find yourself in but rest assured there are many members on here who are more versed in giving good advice and know the steps to take, so hang on in there! They will be along!

In the meantime, I do sympathize with you and the only thing I can think of is to keep pushing for the medical help you obviously seem to need. As far as I can tell it is going to be hard to get practical help without the medical side to back you up. My best wishes to you and good luck!

Hi sorry to hear about your situation.The first thing to do is ring BLF on 03000 030 555. They have a nurse there and also a benefits advisor. They work office hours Monday to Friday.

The second thing is to ring your doctors for an appointment and ask for a sick note.

Third is to put a claim in for benefits. The benefits advisor will tell you how to do this.

Also have a look at the gov site on

Good luck.

Hello, that doesn’t sound good. Obviously you need help. What does your GP have to say? Are you on any benefits? How and when were you diagnosed with COPD? Sorry for all the questions but clearly you’re struggling.

My husband was diagnosed with COPD at 58. He’s 69 now and generally copes well but is often breathless. He has sarcoidosis and heart disease too.

I hope others will come along soon with helpful advice for you. Take care x

Hi Hidden please contact the BLF as hypercat54 wrote. Also contact Dwp and hopefully they will assess you for PIP and ESA and if you require further help there is Universal Credit. I don’t know much about the UC but have gone through both PIP and new style ESA contribution support group. Don’t be put off by the laborious form filling and the undignified questions. It’s sole destroying writing about your worse days but essential to be awarded the correct rates of benefits. Take copies of everything along the way. And always seek support from someone such as a welfare officers to help you fill them in to ensure you are submitting the best evidence to rightfully claim these benefits.

Oh they have gone - that's gratitude after we took the time and trouble to respond. Maybe they didn't like our replies.....

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How do you know he's gone Bev?

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Coz his name is showing as hidden. Either he has deleted his account or just left the site.

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Oh I see, I thought hidden was something to do with privacy settings!! Thanks!

Trying to be positive. My priority order would be. As mentioned below ring the BLF helpline. Ring your GP surgery they will have your history and should be able to organise or ask them to organise a health visitor. Ring Citizen Advice Hdlp line. It may be more difficult now bug ghfy can do home visits to ensure you do not loose any benefits.Wish you well. You must take action it will not happen on it's own.

You need to claim universal credit (UV)and the incapability to work element of universal credit as well. You need to get a fit not from your GP. You also need to claim Personal Independance Payment (PIP). You can claim UV online and PIP you need to phone up for. Details are on the internet. If you have difficulty with the internet or in completing forms or speaking to people you need to contact Citizens Advice Beaureu (CAB) to get their help. You may need to visit CAB and wait for a long while to see someone, but it will be worth it. You can get your local CABphone nu.ber or details from the internet, directory enquiries or your doctors surgery should be able to give you their number. You also sound like you are suicidal - in this case phone an emergency number and get help. Also,when you speak to your doctors surgery inform them of your mental health state. You need to speak to someone immediately. You can even go to Accident and Emergency. Hope this helps.

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