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Pleurisy and work


Just after some advice.

Had pleurisy before so recognised it. Tried to get into GP before Xmas but no luck, ended up in at walk in and due to COVID sent to A&E.

So after X-ray, ecg and bloods it was deemed I had pleurisy.

Pain is less frequent but it still get that irritated feeling in both lungs and less frequent stabbing pains in bottom of lung. Able to some household tasks and walk dog but really tired.

Crux of question is (and I know I’m the only one that can decide). Should I return to work? I’m mildly asthmatic and work in the community, wear full PPE. Just a bit nervous I guess and still a bit concerned about pain. Any thoughts thank you 🙏🙂

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I can only speak from experience of numerous episodes of pleurisy. From my experience every time I push things I spend longer recovering. I find rest and perhaps a gentle heat to the area the only thing that helps. Normally I would say the decision is yours but with the new covid variant being more contagious I would not like to have pleurisy, mild asthma with covid on top. Personally I would avoid further risk until you are100%.

I agree with badbessie. I have had numerous episodes of pleurisy and it’s a VERY nasty condition. In my case it has taken several months before I have become better.If this started just before Christmas then has only been a few weeks.

If you are still in pain and only doing some household tasks then it doesn’t sound to me that you are well enough to be at work.

There is a world of difference between doing a bit of housework and gentle strolls with the dog and working.

Just my opinion and only you can know.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Short answer from me - No

- your choice of course.

Hi, many years ago I had a friend who was a carer in a Care Home. She was diagnosed with pluerisy, pushed herself to continue working as she didn't want to let the Home down and ended up being off work for a longer period of time than if she had taken sick leave when first diagnosed. If I were you, I would take sick leave until fully recovered.

I agree with the others. No.

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