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clinically extremely vulnerable

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Hi, I'm clinically extremely vulnerable and shielding, unfortunately my property is in the middle of an offer to be purchased at this crazy time, the buyer has arranged for a conveyancer next week, I'm a bit worried and concerned about having anyone in as I live on my own and feel safer knowing that I'm free from the dreaded virus at home........ my question is, do I invite them in or ask them to wait until Feb 21st?

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I rather think you may lose a prospective sale if you do that. They do say that the housing market is very bouyant at the moment. Can you not go to another part of the house or even the garden whilst the conveyancer does his job, or even follow him at a safe distance. I suppose it depends on how much you wish to sell at this time. If you are extremely vulnerable and shielding wouldn't this have been a problem to you at any time, not just now?

Also we have no way at the moment of knowing that this lockdown is going to end in February. I have to say if I was the buyer and this was put to me I would say no deal, sorry!

You shouldn’t really be indoors when having a survey done or anyone visiting regarding the sale of your home. Can you be outside somewhere or in a shed/garage?

You don’t want to lose any buyer but do take care. People should understand you’re shielding but ensure they touch nothing unnecessarily and wear a mask. Also have windows open to let air in for a while.

Hope all goes well. Xxxxx

I went and sat in my car with the heater on and my kindle it felt more safe for me. Good luck with your house sale

I know how you feel! I am on the vulnerable shielding list and have carers 3 times a week. I also have district nurses etc coming in. However , I have sanitizer near my front door and both they and I wear masks. They also keep out of the room I am in ( they stand at the door). It would be more of a stress if you miss sales?

I agree with the comments above. Make sure you have windows and doors open. Wear a mask. The surveyor should have a mask and have them sanitise hands. Go somewhere away from the surveyor xx Take care

Did you mean a conveyancer or a surveyor? I believe the conveyancer is the person who deals with all the paperwork side of things at the solicitors and if that is the case I'm not sure why your buyer would send one to you.

However, if you mean surveyor (which I think is more likely) it would hold up the sale if you don't let them in. They should come in wearing a mask and you could also ask for gloves and shoe protectors if it would make you feel safer (make sure they know this before they come). My son is an estate agent and I know that he carries PPE with him in his boot so that he can visit houses safely. Also, he asks people to leave the house when possible (eg wait in the garden) or if that is not possible, to at least be in another room while he measures up and takes details. I'm sure a surveyor would take the same sort of precautions - but you could phone them to check. Ask what they would need access to so that you can leave areas open for them where possible. If it's only an external survey, there shouldn't be any problem but if they need to come in (which they probably will) the easier you make it for them to do their job, the quicker they will be in and out. Any conversations can take place on the phone if necessary while you are in one room and they are in another. I've no doubt they will carry a mobile. And, of course, you can wear a mask or visor to protect yourself further.

Have the anti-bac wipes ready to wipe off door handles etc after they've gone if you think they will have touched them and have the windows open while they are there and for a while afterwards, if you can stand the cold. Maybe put some extra layers on so you can do this.

I hope you feel able to go ahead with the visit so that your house sale can go ahead. I'm guessing you must have good reason to be selling it at this difficult time and there's no guarantee that things will change any time soon - vaccine or no vaccine!

All the best, whatever you decide to do.

xx Moy

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Ragrug in reply to MoyB

I agree with all the above I am in the same position..I like the idea of sitting in s warm car with a book...everyone is as safe as can be....

Thank you the-db for that question, I was selling mine during the first lockdown , it fell through then It had to be with drawn later due to my knee operation. Now I am able to begin again but wondered how I go about it now a national lockdown as been announced and virus figures are zooming up!! OF course workmen have been coming in my house , carers , hospital and council staff all this time, I have mask, steriliser and wipes by front door and most entrants follow the rules. Its upto you in respect of distancing. I am a registered sheilder myself with other disabilities. Hope this post advice helps you as it is all sound advice.

If its any help I had an engineer in on Wednesday to fix my oven - been oven-less since April.

I have Dettol anti-viral spray and wipes which I used before for his safety and then copiously after his visit on door knobs etc for mine. I made him take his shoes off! He wore a mask as did I (& a coat) and windows were open.

If were you I'd call the conveyancing company to ask what precautions their person will take. Hopefully it'll be mask, dispsable gloves and shoe covers at the very least.

You don't want to lose your sale. Best still, do you have somewhere you could go for the duration and someone else in your home whilst surveyor is there? It could be just a small building society valuation survey for users mortgage co., they're pretty rudimentary. These days they have laser measuring thingies so don't have to haul your furniture around.

Another thing you could do is just anti-viral the minimum of rooms for your use for 2 weeks to give any cold/virus germs elsewhere to due off.

Good luck, Peege x

wow, thank you all, mind's made up, sorry I meant surveyor and not conveyancer opps

Remember that the surveyor will probably be more afraid of you than you will be of him and will be well protected. I reckon the risk factor will be very low. 😉


If you have them in, remind them beforehand that you are shielding and ask them to take the precaution of wearing a mask while they are in the house, taking their shoes off before entering and wiping their hands with sanitizer as they enter. If you could provide a place for their shoes and have the sanitizer on hand that should help. They are probably only looking rather than opening things. However you may want to provide gloves for them if it would put your mind at rest.

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Tugun in reply to Tugun


Just saw you meant surveyor. The surveyor hopefully would understand and you could negotiate with them the best way to keep you safe.

would you believe it, the surveyor ended up having to go for a covid test, he's waiting for results, fingers crossed it's negative

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