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Anti-COVID-19 nasal spray 'ready for use in humans'.

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A nasal spray that can provide effective protection against the COVID-19 virus has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham, using materials already cleared for use in humans.

A team in the University’s Healthcare Technologies Institute formulated the spray using compounds already widely approved by regulatory bodies in the UK, Europe and the US. The materials are already widely used in medical devices, medicines and even food products. This means that the normal complex procedures to take a new product to market are greatly simplified, so the spray could be commercially available very quickly.

A pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed) study describes cell culture experiments designed to test the ability of the solution to inhibit infection. They found cell-virus cultures inhibited the infection up to 48 hours after being treated with the solution and when diluted many times. The spray is composed of two polysaccharide polymers. The first, an antiviral agent called carrageenan, is commonly used in foods as a thickening agent, while the second a solution called gellan, was selected for its ability to stick to cells inside the nose.

The gellan, is an important component because it has the ability to be sprayed into fine droplets inside the nasal cavity, where it can cover the surface evenly, and stay at the delivery site, rather than sliding downwards and out of the nose.


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Sounds encouraging.

Very interesting 👌 👍

Gosh wouldn't that be great! So easy too! Bring it on!

Fingers crossed🤞

That's sound really good 👍 Xxx

Even better that Nasal Guard. I would certainly get it.

I would certainly welcome it!

the ingredients sound very similar to the existing nasal sprays that are supposed to protect against colds. I seem to remember these products had to be withdrawn earlier in the year because of the unfounded claims they made. They were subsequently re-packaged and put back on the shelf. I wonder what the difference is.

Wow!! This would be so good whilst waiting for the vaccine. 😍Thank you for sharing.

Things are beginning to sound too good to be true. 🤔

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2greys in reply to Don-1931

Ying and Yang Don. We have endured months and months of nothing but bad news, it is well overdue that the tables were turned for a little while.

Thank you for sharing that. You do find very useful links in your investigation. The preview paper makes very interesting reading and will be good to see peer reviews when they come. It certainly would be another lair of protection that we all need.

Interesting find 2g - sounds promising👍

Sounds promising

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Sounds good🤞

Sounds amazing if it works.

Fingers crossed!

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