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Could SARS-CoV-2 evolve resistance to COVID-19 vaccines?


Similar to bacteria evolving resistance to antibiotics, viruses can evolve resistance to vaccines, and the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 could undermine the effectiveness of vaccines that are currently under development, according to a paper published Nov. 9 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by David Kennedy and Andrew Read from Penn State. The authors also offer recommendations to vaccine developers for minimizing the likelihood of this outcome.

"A COVID-19 vaccine is urgently needed to save lives and help society return to its pre-pandemic normal," said Kennedy, assistant professor of biology at Penn State. "As we have seen with other diseases, such as pneumonia, the evolution of resistance can quickly render vaccines ineffective. By learning from these previous challenges and by implementing this knowledge during vaccine design, we may be able to maximize the long-term impact of COVID-19 vaccines."

The researchers specifically suggest that the standard blood and nasal-swab samples taken during clinical trials to quantify individuals' responses to vaccination may also be used to assess the likelihood that the vaccines being tested will drive resistance evolution. For example, the team proposes that blood samples can be used to assess the redundancy of immune protection generated by candidate vaccines by measuring the types and amounts of antibodies and T-cells that are present.

PLOS Biology:

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Not all vaccines are equal. Some vaccines may not be efficacious to the older generation. Some might not generate a such a strong T-cell response. Some might not work against mutations.

So do not get overexcited at the news of the first approved vaccine, there is still a long way to go before we know that any of the vaccines are going to be a long term answer to the pandemic.

Patk1 in reply to 2greys

Ditto.also 90% effective renders a HUGE 10% unprotected when theyll think they are protected!!

I just want, actually need, to have some hope so am focusing on the positives. X

2greys in reply to sassy59

I think we all need that hope Sassy, but looking through rose tinted glasses could provide devastating disappointment if it all turns sour.

sassy59 in reply to 2greys

Let’s hope it doesn’t then. I know it’s not the be all and end all but some good news at last. I’m holding onto that for now.

Hacienda in reply to sassy59

I'm also feeling Optimistic Carole. We have to Have Hope, that is how we get By. Have a Lovely day Dear Friend with Pete. Much love. XXX C.

sassy59 in reply to Hacienda

Yes we have to have something to hold onto Carolina. Enjoy your day too dear friend. Lots of love, Carole xxxx😘

There is still we do not know about covid and sadly much speculation. Obviously this paper is by very respected scientists but parts are still speculation as what may happen to the virus and what we must do if various events happen. At present there are a number of different vaccines having trials and awaiting trials. It may very well be the case that differing vaccines may need to be used for various groups within the population but again that is speculative. Until we know fully the vaccine trial results and there are many in trials at the moment there is nothing definite other than could, may, should being spoken by scientists and analysts.

2greys in reply to Badbessie

Yes, still too many unknowns and will still be even after any vaccination program. It would still be prudent for those that are vulnerable to maintain all the precautions, it is not wise to poke providence with a stick.

Badbessie in reply to 2greys

Very wise words and almost exactly what I have told others.

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