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High vitamin A, E, and D intake linked to fewer respiratory complaints in adults.

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High intakes of vitamins A, E, and D are linked to fewer respiratory illnesses, experts have suggested, as they called for further research into their effect on coronavirus.

A new long-term study involving 6,115 adults starting in 2008 suggests that taking the vitamins either through food or as a supplement may reduce the number of respiratory complaints.

It comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered a review into the use of vitamin D for preventing coronavirus after previously saying it did not appear to have any effect.

Those taking part in the latest study self-reported their vitamin intake and any respiratory issues, rather than them being diagnosed by a doctor.


BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health:


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Good morning to you 2greys and a very interesting post and links regarding certain vitamins . I had already researched any benefits that taking oral vit D could possibly have and have been taking 2x25pg every day. I've not noticed any difference but if it just gives my body a smidgen of help to fight off COVID-19, then that's good enough for me. Hope you and Sharon are doing well. 🐿🌈


I take a high dose of Vitamin A for my asthma. I have found it has many benefits. It can be very toxic and it's good to know what to look out for but, even though my dose is high, blood tests reveal that it is still in the normal range.

These fat soluble vitamins can be stored in body fat, so only take the recommended dose when using supplement versions.

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Izb1 in reply to Ergendl

Thats handy to know Ergendi, thanks x

I too have been taking vitamin D on my daughters advice( she who must be obeyed). I am quite happy to take it although difficult to know how effective it is.

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