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Severe Breathing Difficulties following Pleurisy diagnosis.

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Hi all. I originally had problems when breathing deeply with pain occurring on my rear lower back right side where the kidney is. I was prescribed Antibiotics for possible Pleurisy. This cleared up nicely but a week later started to return and I was given a further course of antibiotics. After walking up a steep hill the pain and problem breathing returned and seem to escalate to the point where I struggled to breath more over the course of a 20 minute period until I could only breath in tiny breaths. The pain was severe and I was taken to hospital and checked thoroughly but later discharged with a probable lower respiratory tract infection and told to rest up. The pain in that area persists and awkward movement or deep breaths exasperates the pain. There were no concerns for the usual nastys at the hospital but I was pretty concerned having never had anything like that happen before. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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Does massaging the area between your spine and the kidney where it hurts, help at all?

Not that I can tell. It’s not sensitive to the touch either

That rules out back problems. Hope you manage to get it sorted soon.

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