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Lacing my old comfy brouge shoes once again


The delight at not only having the inclination but also the energy and bloody mindedness to do this simple task has returned thanks to my daily does of prednisolone ( 10mg) .It has taken two weeks ( nearly) for my body to normalise this dose, my phlegm has disapated to a manageable amount, stress levels are normal (according to my Samsung health app) that horrible uncomfortable inflamed feeling has almost gone to a point i hardly notice it ,ive started sleeping better and showering is no longer a dread and requires almost no planning, ive reduced my nebuliser to twice a day instead of 4 times a day and my o2 stats have increased and my heart rate is back in the low 80s ( its been as low as 74)instead of the mid 90s , not everything is rosey in the garden of course but ill take what respite these steroids are offering .

I hope this finds everyone relaxed happy and breathing easy,

Take care


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Good to know the steroids are helping you somewhat Dave. How lovely to be doing things so many take for granted.

Stay safe and take care xxxxx

soulboy118 in reply to sassy59

Thanks carole , still takes effort to do these things but they are easier x

sassy59 in reply to soulboy118


Wow this is amazing I want some 😂

They are amazing kate , thankfully my insatiable appetite for food has has died down, no snacking now 😋

That’s good - you see I’ve only experienced them for 7 days and so am pleased to stop due to side effects but maybe you get used to them

Large doses ( 30mg) daily can be unsettling , a low dose still leaves you human ( if I ever was) 🙃

That all sounds wonderful 😊

Let's hope it continues


So glad they have worked, my other half used to run for the hills when I was on large doses of the steroids, living with Zebedee with fits of the munchies at 3 in the morning, was not his idea of fun, shame really.


That’s good news. Onwards and upwards x

I can feel your relief & Wellness Dave. Good News, I'm on Preds 10mg forever, I have now Stopped the Munchies by shear will power. Stay Safe & Well Hun. Have a Good weekend. Love. C. XXX

soulboy118 in reply to Hacienda

They have put me on preds for 6mths C. They are a god send , have you noticed any reduced benefits with being on them for so long?

Take care xx

Hacienda in reply to soulboy118

Hi Dave, Only that my Consultant said not to stop them, They must be Expanding the Lung slightly.. When I used to start on the Full Dose, after exascerbations, it was like a magic Wand, & my Breathing was so easy, But when coming Down, reducing, the Lungs seem to Close up. Pity we carn't take the Full Dose all the time. Know your FEV1 (mine is less than 17%) so not much room for improvement. But Exercise especially Breathing exercises , Legs always,(Bike for me) can increase the Lung Capacity. Keep as well as you Can Dave.. C. XXX PS: Remember we are all Different at Different Lung Levels.

soulboy118 in reply to Hacienda

My fev 1s is 19% C , but like you say everyones different , im just enjoying this hiatus, its time to start my fitness regime once again and I'm gonna buy a excercise bike to get my cardio up and improve lung function as best I can, stay well C. Xx

Hacienda in reply to soulboy118

Hi Dave didn't know you are almost as low as me with Lung Volume. Hubby bought my exercise Bike at Argos about £60 Fold up, so easy to store in the Living room as it is used most days. Enjoy your peddling Dave, only do what is comfortable. Xxx C. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️👍👍

soulboy118 in reply to Hacienda

Comfortable is my middle name these days C. ,( it used to be trouble lol ) ,what I'm enjoying at the mo is no extremes of breathlessness, I do get breathlessness obviously but that panic feeling has done a bunk for now thankfully, as to my fever 1s consultant says what lung capacity I have left is working very well , ( silver lining in every cloud if you look hard enough) ,im still looking for an excercise bike, ill have a gander at argos ,thanks C.

Dave xx

Glad things are moving in the right direction. Take care.

soulboy118 in reply to Rayswife

They are now 🙂

What a great post! It's so good to hear of your improvement. Long may it continue! xx Moy

soulboy118 in reply to MoyB

I second that moyb.

My daughters and Granddaughter call my Prednisolone Mam's Happy Pills 🤣..I dont take them often only if I have a chest infection..I am a completely different person whilst taking them, usually a course of 30mg for 2 weeks.It enables me to climb the stairs in one go without having to pause and my walking distance increases immensely..side effects are skin on my hands bruise easily and if taken long term I look like a Gerbel 😤😤 not a good look..Havent taken them for months which I suppose is a good thing as not had a chest infection, but I do miss them. Fantastic you are feeling so much better ,hope it continues..keep safe xxSheila 💕🙌

soulboy118 in reply to garshe

Thanks shiela x

So good to read you are back in your comfy brogues and you are feeling so much better. Its amazing what these little pills can do for you. I finish mine today, have been on them for a week, my sample showed that i didnt have an infection so they stopped the anitbiotics but these have stopped the sob and wheezing. Onwards and upwards x

soulboy118 in reply to Izb1

Onwards and upwards is the only place to go x

That’s good news. Hope you start to feel more yourself again and can now mobilise a bit more to get stronger. Sounds like the happy pills have done their job for you and everything seems much better after decent sleep.Take care. Cx

soulboy118 in reply to Chriskho

They certainly seem to be doing the trick C.x

Sounds like things are looking up. Take care 🐞

May they long continue Nt

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