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Flu vaccine


Hello everyone. Not strictly lung problem but I am feeling really unwell in and off since flu jab. It is like I am sickening for a cold or flu but it doesn’t come to anything apart from wanting to lie down and sleep. Any thoughts please.

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How long ago did you have the vaccine?

Well you could be coming down with something. I would do what your body wants you to do, rest and drink plenty of fluids. It could even be the flu although its a bit early in the year for that ( the flu jab takes two weeks for the protection to kick in).

I do hope its just a simple bug . P

I think some people have this reaction to the vaccine Daisy. But if it persists you should call your doctor just in case. I just had my flu jab and I had no reaction. But having said that I felt like you do, when I had last year's. Every year it's a bit different, so just because you were okay last year it doesn't mean it won't give you a bit of a reaction this year. Do take care. xx 🌿

P.S. The nurse gave me a list of side effects to look out for, I remember two were getting rashes and feeling like one has a cold.

Daisy it takes some time for the flue vaccine to become effective,i think it,s somewhere in the region of two weeks so maybe your immune system is just adjusting its self and in the process of doing so is making you feel a little bit out of sorts?hopefully within a few days you will feel ok again. :)

Hi Daisy, I had my flu jab last week and have been sleeping more than usual. I'm just going with it and see how it goes, at least for the first 2 weeks. Keep safe my lovely xxx

I had that last year and this year it has been slightly less . I have found I slowly react to it being in my system and it has to gradually assimilate with me , work through me . I fully understand the flu feeling and the fatigue . For me it lasts up to three weeks after the dose , as it does it’s job . I am ultra sensitive too , so that does explain a lot of it . I think others whose bodies are not so sensitive , don’t really notice anything .

Hello it happened to me two years ago and I vowed not to have the jab again but was advised to have it again. I don’t know why but this time apart from a bruise no ill effects

Best wishes Stan

Thank you so much for all replies. How very helpful it would have been if my nurse had been as forthcoming as Caspiana’s nurse and mentioned possible side effects! I have always had a sore arm in previous years but that is one I haven’t had this year. Replying to a Bkin, I had the vaccine just under two weeks ago. Thank you again. Such a comfort. Stay safe. 🍀🌝

The pharmacist said having the flu jab can make you more susceptible to getting a cold. That's all I know....

Yep the same as you. Feeling better after 6 days now

I think it’s important that people understand what happens when you get ill and how vaccines help. A lot of people think their symptoms are caused by the virus, but they are actually caused by the immune system. Consequently, it’s quite likely that you will get side effects from the vaccine because the immune system is responding to the virus proteins, even though the virus is inactivated (it can’t infect cells).

Last year, the vaccine for the over-65s included an adjuvant, which stimulates the immune system; consequently, I felt under weather for about 5 days. However, that was a lot better than the real thing which I got 4 years ago, when I had the jab without the adjuvant. So, although this formulation is more likely to give you side effects, it may be more effective in staving off the real thing.

Daisy2408 in reply to Superzob

Gosh Superzob. So much information. I feel better already! Thank you😀

I had my flu jab 3 weeks ago, and the persistent cough I have had since Nov 19 has now cleared up. I have had numerous blood/ sputum tests for bacterial infection, all clear and I had recently written to my consultant for advice. I can only think the jab gave my immune system a kick.

Daisy2408 in reply to Biker88

Good news Biker. Hope you continue feeling better.

I had the same symptoms, but they disappeared after a couple of days. No temperature though. GeoffU

I be realy glad when I have had my flu vaccine I go this Thursday and my husband has one to because of me but guess what I can’t have one at my docs till the end of November so we going to Asda this week thank you Asda been a bit worrying because we normally Have one September told them at our surgery that I was high risk but no luck never mind I hope all you out there had yours 🐾🐾

Hacienda in reply to Suesal46

Morning Hun, Had mine last week at Home . couldn't go to GP (Shielding) so Nurse came to me, my Hubby has one because of me, had his 2 weeks before. I didn't have any after affects at all. I feel secure for having it. Good Luck. Best wishes. C. XXX

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