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What antidepressants do people take that actuaully work without horrendous side effects

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I have been on sertralin for a long while and they suit me 😊🌈

I also have been on Sertralin for the past 4 years (ever since John was diagnosed with IPF) and find them wonderful. I no longer cry like I used to, still get sad but can cope with it. Carole x

A few years ago I was put on the anti depressant Citalopram. I found it worked well and helped me. However, a year last August I developed itchy skin and pains in my legs. It turned out to be peripheral neuropathy. At the time I didn't realise certain anti depressants can be a side effect o f taking certain medication and cause this condition. After doing some research I found a list of anti depressants which can cause neuropathy and Citalopram was on this list. I weaned myself off them right away and thankfully now have no symptoms. I would advise you to check on line and do your research so that you can be informed. Best wishes.

I took citalopram for a long time...they were fine except for the headaches.

Anti depressants are very individual and what works well for one fails in others. Sadly it is often a case of trial and error to find the one that suits you.

Not on any, I can't remember the names of the 2 I have tried historically, but they just did not suit me, I prefer talking therapies, and self help methods, ie relaxation, exercise, good food, pleasing music, humour, any distraction really, self care, pampers, loads of videos on you tube as a healing mechanism and distraction. Remembering its the thoughts you think about things that depress you, internal dialogue and we do have control over those, to one degree or another. I know a drepressed person may resist this comment, that's ok, take it or leave it, whatever suits your thinking.

madonbrew in reply to Bkin

I agree with some of what you say but sometimes people don’t produce enough seretonin and literally need medication to help the levels the same as a physical problem.

Maricopa in reply to madonbrew

Unfortunately, no one wants to be around me without my being on anti anxiety

madonbrew in reply to Maricopa

Aww bless you Maricopa! Anxiety is an awful thing and I don’t think people always understand how debilitating it can be. Years ago I literally wouldn’t leave my house because of anxiety. I also had clinical depression and I went through therapy for a long time, but to start with my therapist actually refused to see me until I took antidepressants because she said I was too low to even get to therapy, let alone talk& deal with the causes.

Talking therapy really does help but sometimes people need meds too , even just for a period of time.

Gladwyn in reply to Maricopa

I hope that’s not so Maricopa. I hope your teasing. 😀💐

Maricopa in reply to Gladwyn

I am exaggerating a wee bit, lol

Gladwyn in reply to Maricopa

Good 😀. I was concerned about you. No exaggeration this end. xx Take care and look after yourself.

I took prozac for a couple of years at a very traumatic time of our lives. It worked well and weaned myself off them quite easily when things got easier. Personally I'd prefer just an antidepressant. Citolapam is a combined antidepressant and anti-anxiety so a person needs to check what they've been prescribed. Student daughter was px citolapam and really struggled to come off it, her gp wasn't helpful at all so she had to do it herself.

'I take Celexa , aka Citalopram 20 mg. It helps but it doesn’t control all my anxiety. But I can sleep at night and no weight gain.

I have taken Citalopram for quite a few years now at 30mg a day and have found them really helpful , no side effects I can report . Its a very individual thing as to what suits different people as we all have different nervous systems and neurons . It’s the same as if you need a heart pill , it is what suits the person , as we all have different hearts . I find they take the edge off things , and suit me well .

In my 20s I was treated for cyclic depression and was prescribed lots of different antidepressants at different times, most of which caused me side effects which made my depression worse. I was able to stop taking anti-ds at the age of 29 after discovering an adapted form of the 12 step program with group therapy and support, which helped me relearn how to think about things. More recently I learned my depression had been a part of my autistic spectrum disorder, unrecognised for most of my life until I was diagnosed with ASD after an assessment at 63.

My favourite quotation is still the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

5-HTP (natural remedy) helps me as and when needed.

My daughter is on Sertraline and finds it fine.

I would recommend Lustral - been on it for many years! Other Sertraline did not work.

I'm with the 5 htp natural herbal no side effects. Did the job for me when I was first diagnosed with COPD and have used on and off when I'm really getting down. Good luck with what you decide 😊