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Admitted to hospital 4 days ago sats again dropped to seventys pulse 20s .Now in coronary care suspected Heart attack and unstable Emphysema awaiting angiography which im not looking forward to all in all not keen on this year sorry but bit fed up best wishes Sue x

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Oh Sue 😔 I am so very sorry to learn of your plight. How distressing for you. Luckily , you are now in hospital and I truly hope receiving the best care available. It will get better, please hang in there and write us an update when possible. Much love to you.

Cas xx 💐♥️

That all sounds miserable ☹️

I hope they get you sorted out so that when you get home

You can feel better for the rest of this mad year 🤞🤗

Hope things pick up soon for you

Take care.

Dear Sue, Sorry to hear this, You are in the Best Hands. I have had a few Angiograms, Not nice, but has to be Done. Let them Look after you , Please Rest as much as you can Hun. Sending virtual Gentle Hugs. Much Love. C. XXX

I'm really sorry to know this. No wonder you're fed up. Hopefully you'll start to get the care you need to get you feeling better so you can get home soon. I don't know if you can have visitors where you are, it seems everywhere has different rules, but we are all with you in spirit too. 💐

Really sorry to hear this, but as others have said at least you’re in the best place.

We’re nearing the end of this year (almost), so hears hoping that next year is better xx

So sorry about this. What a miserable business. Thank you for letting us know. You are in the best place.

Angiography should be fine. Not to be feared, and it is important to know what’s going on.

Let us know how things go.


Kate xxx

Sorry to hear you’re in hospital Sue. They will be giving you the best of care I’m sure and hoping all will be well. Thinking of you. Xxx

Sad to hear your not feeling in the best of health at the moment and your feeling fed up..

I hope they get you sorted on the road to recovery and home

Take care 💛🧡💚

That sounds a pretty tough time!

Really hope the investigation goes well and you start to feel better soon! 💐

Hi there soul-123 and we're all very grateful that you let us know you are in hospital, getting prodded and poked and everything seems so awful. HOWEVER, members are all agreed you're in the best possible place and will get the medical attention you need to get you back home. With all the COVID-19 lockdowns, its hard to keep track of what one can and can't do and each time i listen to the news, i get more confused. So make use of your time away from hearing 24/7 run downs on the new rules and reg's, dependent on your location. Sorry. I've waffled on- I'm sure i have a Degree in Waffling !!! 😀😀. You rest up, be a model patient and get well soon ok? 🐿🌈x

Sorry to hear this, Sue. I hope that you don't have to wait too long for the angiography and that they soon get to the bottom of your problems. Wishing you well xx

Please don't worry about the angiogram, have a sedative if offered, not so bad as going to the dentist if you get me. Hope you get well soon.

Sorry to hear this Sue, let the medical profession work their magic for you, rest easy, be strong and wishing you a good recovery.

So sorry to hear how unwell you are. Sending best wishes and hope you will get better soon xx

Love to you, Sue, sounds like a tough struggle you’re having 😍 Hoping you begin to feel much better soon , and the angiogram gives the medics the info they need to help you xx

Hi Sue, do not worry about having an Angiogram it is very similar to having a CT scan. You are given an injection of a dye so the blood vessels around your heart show up on the X-Ray. You lay on the table arms above your head, and the X-Ray machine lowers just above your chest and will slowly rotate to one side then back above and then round to the other side. Nothing to worry about. No jet engine sounds like with a CT scan.

With a CT scan you are inside a doughnut with the machine spinning around you, fast, inside the circular tube as the table travels through it.

Bkin in reply to 2greys

You must of had a different Angiogram to me. For me not as simple as the CT scan at all.

Sounds like you are having a rough time. Hopefully the angiography will be done soon and over with. Try to relax and let the nurses look after you. Stress realy is the enemy. We are always hear to let off steam to. Hope you are fixed and home soon


Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well Due, but at least you are in the best place. You try and get plenty of rest and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

I hope you feel better soon and your tests and treatment go smoothly. I felt sorry for myself after my accident but sadly I could have been in a lot worst situation. Take care I hope you get good news soon following your test.

Oh my dear, you are having a rough time. Please let us know how you get on. Thinking of you and hope all goes well.


You’re entitled to be fed up.

I hope things start to get better for you.xx

Hope your tests reveal something less serious and that you are soon on the road to recovery Sue so sending best wishes from me and Scruff's x

Wishing you all the best! You’ll be home soon . 😀💐

Best wishes for a good outcome. It’s grim being powerless and in someone else’s hands. You just have to trust that they are expert, experienced hands you are in and that all will be well in the end.

Hope things improve rapidly for you. Best wishes.

So very sorry to hear that , sending you much love and gentle hugs xx❤️

Hello Sue. Sounds awful what you're going through but as folk have said, you are in the best place to be treated & hopefully will feel better soon. Sending love & positivity. Linda 🤗

Fingers crossed for you. I hope your procedure goes well and you bounce back

((((Hugs)))). Hope things start to improve for you soon.

Sending you very best wishes, I hope you’ll be back home soon in better health

Best wishes. xx

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Sue, hope your angiogram goes well and they treat you quickly. Take good care and keep us updated. Love and hugs x

So sorry to hear of your issues and will pray for your recovery.

Oh Sue what a time you are going through. Hopefully the hospital care is getting you through it slowly and surely. Sending (((hugs))) xAnita

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ,hope that you feel better soon.

Big virtual hugs.

As everyone agrees, you are in the best place and need to go through the tests to get to the root cause of your problems. Hopefully that will be soon and you'll get the treatment you need and be able to go home soon. Try stay positive during this difficult time. Hugs x

So sorry to hear this, your in the best place now, let them look after you. Hope you start feeling better soon x x x💐💐💐

I hope you get well soon.yr in the best place,for now.try to just relax and go with the flow.itll do u good having meals made for u,bed made etc.not a holiday u would choose!!do keep us posted xxx

Best love and hugs Sue 💙💚 xx

Wish you a speedy recovery take care all best wishes .


Sorry to hear this Sue.Hope your angiogram goes well ,your in my prayers.

Hope it all turns out well for you in the end. Yes, 2020 has been a year to end all years and I think we shall all be glad when it's over. Good luck to you, best wishes from Joan x

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