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A cup of coffee might help with getting up mucus.


I have bronchiectasis with asthma. There are times when I can't seem to get the mucus up, even after coughing a lot. It's like it's stuck at the top of my lungs.

I read that having a cup of coffee (or anything with caffeine) will help open the airways. I have tried it and most of the time, it works. If you aren't use to having caffeine, it may make you shaky for an hour or two, but it does help bring up the mucus.

Try it and see what you think, Beth

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Hot lemon and ginger ( twinnings) tea works great for releasing that hard to get up phlegm , plus its great for easing a sore throat .

Beth1949 in reply to soulboy118

I'll have to try that. Thanks, Beth

We all know about breathing tecniques, carbocysteine, acapella devices and nebulised saline but whatever makes it more pleasant and also helps can only be good. Enjoy! X

I have a cup of coffee in the morning but I would recommend not drinking too much as it can dehydrate you, making the mucus harder to cough up.

Hi, have you tried saline through your nebuliser. Take ventolin first to open up the tubes, then the saline and after I use my Aerobika. I to have Asthma and Bronchitis. Hope this helps.

Beth1949 in reply to Egpa

I use prescribed Albuterol in my nebulizer. Thanks for the info, Beth

Any hot drink i think has the same effect

Hi Beth,

I did used to find having a cup of coffee directly before gym activity helped. I don't do gym any more and mostly only do coffee when I got out to meet friends, but alas not meeting friends these days either, what with covid etc.

I do tend to drink lots though, the good ol British cuppa, ginger tea, water and a drop o shiraz :)

I do use carbocisteine, ACB technique and drinking plenty of water to help clear up any mucus (I have both emphysema and bronchiectasis)

Happy day to you.

Hard to decide. I have given up caffeine but have bronchiectasis. Might give it a try.

I used to find coffee good when my asthma was bad. Now I've got bronchi as well and my physio tells me I should stick to decaff, or better still water. Sad.

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