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Independent SAGE. 16.10.20. Live stream at 1:30 pm today. Available as usual on the same link after, as a recording.


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Morning! Just seen you can press an alarm button to remind you it's starting. I will be. 🐿🌈.

Thank you 2greys for pointing out this excellent weekly update, I have been following for the past month or two and can’t recommend enough!

2greys in reply to Kate0307

Yes it is excellent, and deserves so much more publicity, so everyone could watch it, including those in government who SHOULD be watching it and implementing their recommendations. Their own SAGE is hidden behind a veil of secrecy, the government say they are following the science but nobody can check and see that they are actually following scientific advice and the reasoning behind it. We only have their word that they are, frankly, I just don't believe that they are.

Kate0307 in reply to 2greys

Agree 100%