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Not sure if this worrisome or not


Hello, I e recently been hit with a lot of sudden strange issues in the last 7 months that I e never experienced before and besides a little fatty liber nothing is coming up in testing. I’m worried because for a little while I e had mild neck pain that feels like a throbbing pulsing vein and it’s been mild and intermittent. As of the last few days it’s been very persistent and late yesterday traveled to my chest which now I feel a light sharp pain when breathing or moving that has now started on the same area but on my back as well as chest. Last week my dr said my oxygen saturation and blood pressure was a bit low so referred me to a pulmonologist but I don’t see them until the end of the year. My breathing feels light and sometimes feels like I’m out of breath for no reason while talking to someone or laying down. I don’t feel heavy ness or insane pressure but I’m worried about possible pulmonary embolism or something like that. Am I being over dramatic or should I possibly visit an urgent care rather then wait a couple months?

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Hi I certainly would visit urgent care it will put your mind at ease. You know your own body you so please get it checked out. Have a good day and take care, let us know how you get on🙂 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

I would agree with Bernadette and Jack. Always better to be safe than sorry!

If unsure but are worried after hours you can also try the 111 service or complete online form for further advice.

take good care

I think getting breathless when talking and laying down is common with lung problems. I suffer from both and had to stop presenting conference calls when I was at work, and I have to sleep semi sitting up.

Please get yourself checked out. It will put your mind at rest. Stress can cause all sorts of problems and we have all been under stress this past year?

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