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Another upset

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What with my health then losing my husband I ended up putting my cat to sleep yesterday appantly liver problems what on earth have I done to have such a shitty time right now I really have had enough my kittie was slim no reason to have liver problems just stopped eating I hate this friggin world right now I wish it would leave me alone 😭

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So sorry to hear that Itsmeagain1, how awful for you. Sending lots of love and gentle hugs your way. I do feel for you. Xxxx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to sassy59

Thankyou sassy😭


So very sorry to hear that, I know things don't seem like it at the moment but things will gradually get better. We are all here for you anytime you need us. You try and have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack πŸ• xxxx

Thankyou Damon I know she's out of pain but just hate this year

Don't we all!

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Bkin

Aww bless u their lovely and so needed right now

Hold on there. It will get better xxxxx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Jomo46

Doesn't seem so right now I don't need anymore upset I know I did the right thing she was in pain but horrible all the same thankyou for your reply

Jomo46 in reply to Itsmeagain1

I cried nearly nonstop for 3 days when we put our cat down. But then it calmed down. It does get better xxx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Jomo46

Bless u yes I haven't stopped yet their family after all I let my other 3 cats see her I have mum and her down ther daughter and son they staying close to me 2 on back of chair and one on my lap that's comforting

Oh I am so sorry about your husband. And now your lovely cat as well. My last cat was the first one I had to take to be put down and I cried so much at the vets they gave me a towel! For the next 5 days whenever I looked in the mirror all I saw was a cat murderer. Then the lovely messages I got from people saying he had a great life, was loved, and I had done the right thing etc. started taking hold and I felt a bit better. This will happen to you as well. I also believe in Rainbow Bridge.

Yes I had no choice even the vet said I could have this that and spend loads of money but she didn't think the outcome would be good she just stopped eating 2 days still drinking going to the toliet but bloated that quick constipation came to mind not liver she's at peace now

Yes she is. My cat was 17 and just stopped eating and drinking and his little stomach was swollen. He kept crying and when I took him to the vets they found a lump and said it was almost certainly cancer. They said they could check etc but it wasn't fair to him in such distress so I had no choice. I know I did the right thing for him but it sucked.

Oh life is so awful at present and you have had more than your fair share of it . So sorry for you.

Thankyou I hope that's it I want good news from now on poor little mite she was only 9 yrs old

It's awful for everyone isn't it in different kinds of ways.

I'm sorry to hear about your cat.

Liver problems don't discriminate though if you are slim or not.

It's always the way isn't it how these horrible things come in the same blow and that with your kitty must have felt like another smack in the face.

Oh god yes it is but out of pain nothing else I could do 😿

Still it's hard to take losing a pet no matter what creature it is.

I know

I sending you a big hug.

Sometimes life is just shitty.

I had have my 15 year old at put down.during the lockdown. She was such a babe and so spoilt.the vet was wonderful,he took her in ,gave her the injection,then wrapped her in her towel,%paw behind ear as ever - he then then gave her in to my arms to pass over.

You’re having such an unbelievably bad time.please make sure you eat a little it will help your medication work better. XXX

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Oshgosh

Bless u sending hugs back to u I have 4 my mum cat a stray liked it here had a family hugs appreciated and much needed she's no longer in pain take care xx

I’m so sorry to hear about your cat, it may not seem it now but you have absolutely done the right thing.

I do sympathise, and do have an idea of what you are feeling. The day my father died one of my cats got run over and killed and the next day another one had to be put to sleep, three weeks earlier I’d separated from my husband.

I thought my world had come to an end and I think I cried for a month.

It does get better day by day, try and find someone you can talk too, it does help

Love and hugs


Itsmeagain1 in reply to judes

Oh sweetheart that's awful life just gets rotten sometimes sending hugs back to u thankyou for your reply take care

So sorry you have lost your cat especially after everything you have been through already. I had to have my dog Poppy put to sleep in January so I know how you feel but I didn't have to deal with the other things so my heart goes out to you and I hope you have better times ahead xxxx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Biofreak

Bless u seems we all have had that awful decision to make but a right decision sending hugs back xx

They're both looking down from heaven ,him with his little kitty on his knee sending love at this sad time xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Tinker26

Thankyou Hun that's such a nice thought

Life is so very unfair at times. After all your recent troubles and loss I hope that you soon turn a corner to better things xx

It's been a bad time for you recently and losing kittie unexpectedly must have come as a big blow. So sorry, it will get better. 😘x

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Don-1931

Thankyou Don I hope so

Another blow for you, I am so sorry x Just remember that you have done the very best and selfless thing you possibly could for your feline friend. Remember the lovely times and smile :) xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to leo60

ThankyoucI know but just seems one upset after another lately

leo60 in reply to Itsmeagain1

I know, it’s hard 😞 xxx we’re all here for you darling xxx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to leo60

You have all been wonderful thankyou I just don't need any more bad news

Always comes in threes . Hopefully things will start to get better for you . Take care πŸ˜₯

I hope so Hun I really do

I’m sorry to know things are so horrible for you just now. Sending you lots of good wishes and hoping for better days ahead 🌈

Thankyou Hun I hope things improve I've had enough rotten news

I am so sorry that you atr having such a bad time. It must feel like everyone is against you. They aren't, honestly! Stay safe this winter and I hope that the new year brings a better time for you. Thinking of you John

Thankyou yes that's exactly how I feel I hope the new year a better year for all of us

Sending you hugs (((πŸ’“))) and love, you have had to put up with so much at the moment, thinking of you x x xπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Shirleyj

That's so nice of u I'm so fed up with crying my son and friend buried my kittie last night and my husband's funeral soon thankyou all for your support

Sometimes you wonder what on earth you've done to deserve so much crap, don't you? Well, I know I do - it always comes in a bundle - never one thing at a time.

I feel for you at such a time of loss and despair and hope that things soon settle down so you can have a more peaceful time and be able to gradually come to terms with everything that's been going on.

At a time when I was really, really low, a friend gave me a lovely blank note book and I decided to use it to write down all the 'silver linings' I could find each day eg ' I'm ill and can't go out, but that means I'm at home and saw goldfinches perch on the feeder for the first time ever.'

I recorded lots of small things like that and gradually my mood started to lift. It really was the best thing I found for keeping me sane! Then, when I could get out again, I started to get a postcard from wherever I could get one and stick that in, or just stick in a leaflet of interest. Now, I just keep a normal daily diary but sometimes look back on that journal and am amazed at the positive things I managed to find at a really bad time.

I don't know if it would work for you, but it really helped me to get out of a depression . Perhaps it might help you to do something similar.

Meanwhile, be kind to yourself. Remember that you really did the kindest thing for your cat and although you will miss her, you know she won't be in pain and suffering anymore.

Life can surely only get better for you now!

Sending you virtual hugs. xx Moy

Itsmeagain1 in reply to MoyB

Aww that's such a good thing to do I'll try thinking of something positive and maybe doing a diary right now I'm just plain miserable I will start picking myself up after the funeral just can't do it yet it just seems loss after loss

MoyB in reply to Itsmeagain1

Yes, your husband's funeral must happen before you can start moving forward and grief affects us all in different ways. There is no right or wrong way of getting through it. You must do what feels right for you. Xx Moy

Itsmeagain1 in reply to MoyB

Thankyou I know. and our son has been doing most of it bless him that's been hard but yes I have loads of happy memories to look back on

MoyB in reply to Itsmeagain1

So glad you have your son's support. Why not write down some of those happy memories? Xx Moy

Itsmeagain1 in reply to MoyB

That's a nice idea thankyou πŸ€—

So sorry your cat has had to be put to sleep. Its understandable you're very distraught. Sending hugs and love x

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Dedalus

Thankyou just one thing after another lately hoping the tests I had at the Brompton give me some good news still waiting !!!!

I hope you will get good news from the Brompton; you certainly deserve it (()) xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Dedalus

Bless u so far I've lost my hubby lost my kittie my breathing is terrible since I stopped smoking and my back is killing me god I hope the Brompton gives me a relief from struggling to breathe someone doesn't like me that's for sure I've had my 3 plus 1 so enough

I am so very sorry to hear about your dear little cat. You have had more than your share to deal with in such a short space of time and my heart goes out to you.

With love


Thankyou cofdrop let's hope that's it

Oh, how awful for you, to lose that comforting little friend at such a time. ((((Hugs)))).

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Ergendl

Bless u thankyou don't need anymore upset I really don't poor daisy I didn't expect that outcome 😿

Ergendl in reply to Itsmeagain1



3 lovely hug emojis thankyou

Sorry to hear that Itsmeagain, you do seem to be going through it at the moment. Sending love and best wishes πŸ€—πŸ’•

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Patsy164

Bless u yes it's been difficult that's for sure still have funeral to do I know he was dying but still a shock life is so unfair not just for my family but lots of famiies dealing with grief my heart goes out to everyone with the loss of a loved one xx

I do think even when you know it is still a shock and with Covid and people not be able to be there when they die it is so dredful. It is a sad time for everyone who has lost someone xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Patsy164

That must be dreadful my husband had different cancers to find out which one the coroner was involved that was hard to bear I hope to say goodbye next week at the funeral home but not to be able to must be heartbreaking I'm having to go through inquest next year

That must have been awful Itsmeagain and as you say at least you can say goodbye next week. It is still hard though and the inquest too. Keep yourself safe and look after yourself you need strenght for the funeral.

Much love xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Patsy164

Thankyou Hun I'm dreading the funeral to be honest still can't believe his gone reality will hit next week

Patsy164 in reply to Itsmeagain1

Hope all goes well xx

Itsmeagain1 in reply to Patsy164

Bless u thankyou


A big hug for you Itsmeagain! I’m really sorry to hear of your losses! It’s a lot to deal with & your heart must be hurting so much. Just a big hug & keep your special memories close to your heart!

❀️Dee x

Thankyou it's been a rotten time all round my health losing my hubby and my little kittie hope that's it don't want anymore bad news awaiting results from the Brompton for myself as well pity I stopped smoking I could really do with one

Really hope your appointment at the Brompton is ok!

Keeping everything crossed will let u know if I get good news

2020 is one hell of a year , but keep looking forwards and things will get better πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’›

It certainly has been for a lot of people awful year I do hope 2021 a damm sight better

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