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Been away, & staying away for now!


I’ve been absent for some time. My health has deteriorated a lot & I’m depressed, which isn’t helped by the disharmony caused by those who repeatedly complain about any post which doesn’t suit THEM, instead of “scrolling on by” or, if necessary, reporting & ignoring.

I came back at the weekend, only to find the same thing going on! There are a few members who seem to want to censor others’ posts. In my view, that’s a job for our excellent volunteer moderators.

The shortfalls of NHS management, incompetent handling of the pandemic, inadequacies of the testing system etc - these don’t make a post “political”. These matters affect our lung treatment, now & in the future! Our quality of life and how long those lives are! We NEED to talk about them, & some of us have no-one else or, in my case, choose not to broach such topics with families who worry about us. And inevitably that’ll involve criticism of the government, whichever party it represents, because right now they’re running the show. In my view, that doesn’t make it “political”. These posts are just as relevant & essential to a supportive forum as the humour, chit chat, garden pics, poems etc.

Anyway in the light of all this I’m extending my break for now, but wish you all well. As one of our lovely members, Owen (Plumbob) used to say: “keep sucking it in”

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Well good for you Hanne62, can't say i've read what you are talking about, but know it goes on. I just want to wish you better and i hope you will be back to join us soon. Take care

Hanne62 in reply to Suzie42

That’s so kind Suzie, thank you. Life’s just too short for feuding isn’t it? You take care also, the virus is still out there 😕

Suzie42 in reply to Hanne62

You said it! I'm off for blood tests, flu vaccine, vitb12 injection in the morning, I'm hoping all will be good 🤞Stay safe yourself and best wishes

Hanne62 in reply to Suzie42

Woo, you’re practically getting an MOT there Suzie. “Enjoy” is entirely the wrong word but you know what I mean 😂

Suzie42 in reply to Hanne62


Thinking of you dear friend and hope to see you on the forum again soon. Stay safe.

Love and hugs. Carole xxxx

Hanne62 in reply to sassy59

You too Carole. Luckily we both live in a relatively low-covid area despite being surrounded by students. I sign in to the King’s C-19 app every day & now the nhs one also. Least we can do, despite my reservations on the latter! I think it’s a public duty, tho the nhs won’t learn anything useful from me as I’m staying at home!

sassy59 in reply to Hanne62

I have those apps on my phone too Hanne and am happy to have both. We’re not going out very much either but I may just pop somewhere with our daughter now and again before winter arrives.

You stay safe and well. Xxxxx😘

Well said, Hanne62.

I’m sure things will settle down and get back to some kind of normal. I do hope you will feel able to return soon.

In the meantime, if there is anything you need to get off your chest or talk over, just pop in and post. We are here to support you, whatever the subject.

Hanne62 in reply to Troilus

Much appreciated, Troilus. Yes, things do settle down... then someone criticises someone else & off we go. I see you’re on the AUK website too & I’ve a question for them later so may see you there.

Troilus in reply to Hanne62

I’ll look out for you Hanne. If I can help I will.

Maybe we should insert a 'scrolling' button next door to the like button and then everybody will be happy again. :)

Take care Hanne,always a place for you here and hoping your health improves in the very near future. :)

Ski's and Scruff's xx

Hanne62 in reply to skischool

Haha good idea for those who don’t realise you can scroll/stroll/sail on by. Now that reminds me of dear old Ronald Binge & his beautiful “Sailing By”, such a soothing piece. Maybe I should post it occasionally, but I’m not great at that.

Ps loved your “peace” post too 😉

I agree with you totally, such matters are not political and very important that they be discussed properly, especially when it is already out there, in the public domain, freely accessible and a current subject. Unfortunately the reins of the NHS are in the control of the Health Minister. Such a shame that some would think that discussing health matters by either party would be deemed as being political, any more than say, discussing what Charles Bronson has said could be deemed as being criminal.

I am sorry that your health is declining and that this has upset you to such an extent. I do hope that your health improves considerably and certainly look forward to your return. You should know, that I am always available for you to PM for any help.

Hanne62 in reply to 2greys

I think some people don’t distinguish between the “current affairs” meaning of politics, which affects every aspect of our lives, and party politics, which of course isn’t appropriate. The activities of the Health Minister (WHICHEVER Party he represents) are so relevant to our lung health.

Unfortunately I’ve gone downhill a lot in last few months. Slowly slowly I can cope with! No one knows why, & normally I’d be in hospital for tests & a tune-up, but of course that’s not on the cards atm. So, nothing to do except get up every day & hope for the best. The thought of winter is a bit ghastly!

Thanks so much 2greys for that very kind offer to PM you. I may well take you up on it 😉

As always, I can only agree with your comments. However, I am sad to hear you're struggling with your health. Sending very best wishes and hoping you soon feel somewhat improved xx

Hanne62 in reply to frose

I’m flattered, frose, as I certainly always respect your opinion. Aargh life’s just so hard at times, and I know what a struggle it is for you too. Then one feels guilty about complaining! (always someone worse off etc.) That’s what made me think of dear Plumbob. And so many other truly heroic members. Jeez what am I moaning about?! xxx

Totally agree. xx 😘

Hanne62 in reply to Tia4209

Thanks Tia, and 😘 back to you 🤗🙃

Tia4209 in reply to Hanne62

Please don’t leave the forum. I hope you feel better soon xx

Hanne62 in reply to Tia4209

Oh no I’m not leaving, sorry if I didn’t make that clear. Just having an extended break xxx

Hope yr depression soon lessens x

Hanne62 in reply to Patk1

Thanks Pat. I’m usually a positive person but sometimes life throws us too many brickbats at once. I’m on anti-depressants, obviously, thank goodness for them!

Patk1 in reply to Hanne62 does.i hope theyre helping you.brickbats is a new one on me, but a great way of describing the tough times. Be kind to you, and stay safe xxx

Sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly and do hope that you soon find some improvement. I can't say that I miss the rantings about the idiots that are currently running the country, for what little effect it has on any thing, not that I remember much of that happening here. Do keep writing when you feel up to it. 😘

Hanne62 in reply to Don-1931

Thank you Don. It’s not the individuals I’d rail against as much as what they’ve allowed to happen on their watch. It started with transferring very elderly people from hospitals into care homes, without checking if they were infected with covid, & went downhill from there. We need to know what’s going on, and ok we can all read the news for ourselves but I find others’ research often very informative.

Btw I do admire your daily contributions which lift everyone’s spirits. I don’t know how you do it. I wonder that it isn’t a bit onerous at times!

Don-1931 in reply to Hanne62

I don't find it onerous but I daresay some of the members do. 😉x

I'm sorry that you are unwell and feeling so low. I hope that you begin to feel better soon. Thinking of you and wishing you well xx

Hanne62 in reply to CDPO16

Aww that’s kind of you dear. I know we all get overwhelmed at times, too many health problems, & “shielding” doesn’t help. And the days are getting colder, and shorter, eek 😕 xxx

I find it so depressing to keep having politics bombarded in the support forum myself, as I have already made my view known, so no further discussion is required on that.

To echo your own words, you can of course scroll on by those posts as well.

Recover well in your time away and hope you are soon feeling more positive about things in general.

knitter in reply to Bkin

I am having a News fast, and taking a break from Twitter. We live in stressful times.

I was being affected so much, mentally and physically by issues that I couldn’t change, although I tried in my own way.

Getting wound up affects my breathing .

Peace and Calm

Hanne62 in reply to Bkin

Thank you for your good wishes, Bkin. Of course the term “politics” can be a wide one, and adaptable to suit one’s preferred interpretation.

Bkin in reply to Hanne62

and for me the bad mouthing (not helpful or healthy) that goes with it, is the biggest turn off and very depressing more so when it starts appearing in other topics which originally were not political. But I have said all this before so really no point in explaining further.

Hanne62 in reply to Bkin

No one can mould the forum to suit their own image, can they? The ONLY acceptable test should be whether a post contravenes the guidelines (which is why the definition of “politics” matters). “Bad mouthing” is rather subjective. Someone said “no one has the right to not be offended, because lots of things offend lots of people”. Or something like that. I can’t post on here if, along with every other worry in my life, I have to worry about whether my post is a turn off to X or depressing to Y. Hence I am taking a break once I’ve replied to all these kind messages.

Bkin in reply to Hanne62

feel better soon Hanne - aggro discussions do not enhance health, but rest and relaxing and time away from such things surely will. Best wishes

Hello Hanne62, I'm sorry to hear your health has declined. I hope you will feel a lot better in the future and just want to wish you well. take good care.🌻

Hanne62 in reply to Hollyjt

You are kind, Holly. I’ve spent the summer at home, but it’s ok sitting in my garden with lovely views. Now it’s too cold & I’m not really mobile, I’ll be stuck indoors, which I’ve always hated. Grrr. I’m probably just having a major sulk at the prospect of cold days and dark evenings. You take care too.

Lovely to see you again Hanne. I have missed you and wondered how you were. Sorry to hear your health isn't so good though. You look after yourself you hear. 🧡🧡 xxx

Hanne62 in reply to hypercat54

I’m trying Bev! but so far not very successfully. Still sucking it in tho (that saying of Owen’s says it all & has never left me.) I hope you’re ok in your little corner of the south-west. It’s going to be a tough winter. The only bright spot might be if Christmas is cancelled. I feel a dose of bah humbug coming on already & it’s only September hehe 🎅🏻

skischool in reply to Hanne62

I'll second the christmas humbug,i cancelled it when Cecilia passed onto the astral plain and i don't even water the artificial one now,as for cards i have become the Greta of Manchester and have not only saved the planet but the entire universe by now. :) x

hypercat54 in reply to Hanne62

Bah humbug 😁😁 xx

Sorry to hear you’re struggling so much Hanne62. Sending you positive vibes and just wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree with your wise words and miss seeing you around. Please take care of yourself x

Hanne62 in reply to crashdoll

I know you’re struggling too darling, and thanks for your kind message. At least we both have a brilliant hospital behind us but it’s very difficult to know what to do at present. Just got to keep going until there’s a vaccine, & try to find pleasures in the little things xxx

Hanna62 your posts have been missed. Sorry to hear your health has taken a tumble and hope you are on the up soon. I too have wondered about not joining in any more but..... I’ve realised it’s just an odd post now and again where I fear someone is taking their frustration out on here and I have the choice to ignore it as mainly everyone is friendly and very supportive . I’m afraid this Covid for one is causing some Mental health issues including depression in some people who aren’t getting the support . So I choose to ignore the complainers and carry on communicating with my fellow lung buddies as I feel genuine support and empathy. I hope you will reconsider and stay with us aif you feel well enough,it’s going to be a long winter and I hope we can keep each other’s spirits up? Take care of you. Cx😘

Tia4209 in reply to Chriskho

You have to stay Chrskho please don’t go.

Chriskho in reply to Tia4209


Bkin in reply to Chriskho

Definitely do need to help keep each others spirits up.

Hanne62 in reply to Chriskho

Very wise, Chrishko, & thank you for your kind comments. I think I was unlucky in returning to the forum on a weekend when one or two seemed to be in “attack” mode. Ugh. I suppose we should pity such people really. You’re right, it’s going to be a long winter, I can’t afford to crack up just yet hehe. You take care too xxx

Chriskho in reply to Hanne62

😂Hope that your health starts to improve soon. Take Care Cx😘

Hi Hanne - everything you say is right. I hope things calm down as it is upsetting.

It's so good to see you post again though Im so sorry to hear you're unwell and with a rapid slide downhill. I hope you get lots of recuperative rest and begin to feel better. This has been such a hard time in so many different ways. Your not being able to access the hospital services is just one of them. Stay safe and take good care.

Im crossing fingers for an improvement asap. Sending love, :) :) xxx

Hanne62 in reply to O2Trees

Actually O2 I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately & how very ill you were a few years ago, I was really frightened for your life & I know others were too. Yet little by little & with a lot of hard work you clawed your way back. So, if you can do it...

I think it’s off-putting to have this criticism of others’ posts. It’s convenient to condemn healthy discussion of matters which directly affect our lives & our health as “political”. Thank goodness the moderators are so sensible or before long the self-appointed censors would just be railing at each other 😂

You take care too, and Rita xxx

O2Trees in reply to Hanne62

... then you can too Hanne :) :)

Yes, it did look like I might have been a goner back then. Interesting to remember that people were concerned (for childhood historical reasons I never expect that concern!). So when we go through frightening times it's important to remember things can turn around.

It really is good to hear back from you. And you know I think everything is political - even this forum existing is 'political' from my point of view! We have a voice and that is political. Hopefully that one has been laid to rest - at least for a while. I'm a news junkie too and boy, is it depressing right now. And with Trump about to win the election one way or the other by bulking up the Supreme Court so that they can validate him even if he loses ... well. Im frightened for democracy not just in our country but in the world.

Anyway maybe this will be criticised or removed. If there are objections then I will remove it because although I dont agree, I dont want to make anyone's life harder and life is hard enough right now.

You take care and feel better. Love from us both xxx

I’m so sorry your health is detioriaed

I know what you mean.

I don’t read everything on the forum,but then again,i dont watch much news,just read what I need to on the net.

Hanne62 in reply to Oshgosh

I’m a bit of a news nerd, think that’s part of the problem with the depression. I like to keep informed but atm it’s unrelieved gloom. Watching Newsnight doesn’t help me sleep. Atm it’s partly to see just when a government minister will deign to turn up & be interviewed. It’s been MONTHS now. Every night they say “we invited a member of the Government onto the programme but no one was available.” Apparently it’s no. 10 policy, Newsnight is on their blacklist! Bit like Trump & CNN! It’d be hilarious if their sense of unaccountability wasn’t so worrying. Or is that too political 😂

Angelagone in reply to Hanne62

I'm a bit the same but have made the decision to step back, because it's so frustrating. I couldn't believe I waited all day for Boris to address the nation and blink and you missed it. Ten minutes was all we warranted.

Totally agree with everything you say Hanne62 (you too 2Greys) and you put it so much more eloquently than I did so thank you for sparing the energy to post when you're feeling rubbish. Totally get too why you'd want to take a break, I certainly thought about chucking in the towel this weekend. Losing the plot I think!

Miss you loads dear H and hope to see you back in the not too distant future with your lightening wit, common sense and wicked sense of humour. Just concentrate on you. I'm so sorry you're laid low but sending love and a big gentle hug your way 💐💐💐💐💐 P

Hanne62 in reply to peege

Yes, hurrah for 2greys such a valuable member. Untiring in his research & certainly contributes a lot more than the “post police”. And how anyone could think it’s ok to criticise our sassy59. Good grief, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Hehe I’m not sure I’m all or indeed any of those things, but it’s very lovely of you to say so xxx

peege in reply to Hanne62


I’m very sorry to know your health has deteriorated. I hope things can improve in the not too distant future when we’ll look forward to seeing you here again 💐

Well everyone’s been so kind, I’m very nearly 😶 Actually today was a better day so the fat lady’s not warming up yet 😂 I often think of you out in the wilds with your sheep 🐑 🐑 🐑 There’s a flock I can see & hear from my little decked area. You’re one intrepid lady.

well we can still have a moan about the weather here is my contribution

Raining again

What shall I do

Garage roofs leaking

Things wet through

I'll fix it tomorrow

The forecast is fine

Then to my sorrow

The sun didn't shine

Then theres the washing

How to get dry

Tumble driers expensive

The bills make me cry

Clothes on the radiators

Forgetting of course

Inside the cupboard

There is a clothes horse

Thinking out loud

Summers here soon

Ther may be a drought

Have to water the garden

No doubt

With the hose that I bought

But where did I put it

I know of course

In the cupboard

With the clothes horse

Stan 3rd January 2013

Hanne62 in reply to 2ndtenor

Haha that’s brilliant Stan, definitely cheered me up. Must admit I always use the tumble drier, hate damp stuff hanging about. Another idea is just not to wash our clothes quite as often. I think people these days are a bit obsessed with washing but I’m a bit old fashioned

2ndtenor in reply to Hanne62

Hello There pleased you liked it most of my poems are a little silly but i find if you are not feeling so good if you write down what you are thinking and make light of it sometimes this helps.

My garage roof was leaking at the time from a botched job by a "builder" but soon sorted

.Best wishes Stan

Sorry to hear your feeling well, hope you start to pick up soon. Sending you love and hugs (((💓))) xxx take care xx🌹🌺🌸🌷🍀

Gladwyn in reply to Shirleyj

Lol you missed out the ‘not ‘ Shirley. 🤣🤣😂

Shirleyj in reply to Gladwyn

Just realised 🙄😂😂x

Gladwyn in reply to Shirleyj

😀. I hope you didn’t mind my saying so .... I wasn’t being critical. ? 🌸

Shirleyj in reply to Gladwyn

Of course not 😘😘xx

Hanne62 in reply to Shirleyj

Thanks Shirley, so kind of you 💕 I’m grateful for, and impressed by, all the little flowers. I love an icon so must investigate further ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sorry to hear you are not well Hanne62. I agree with you when logging in at the weekend I wondered what had happened and when as I log in most days. I notice too that members are constantly changing, there are not many of past members left. The current virus situation is a threat to most of us and does involve rule making by our leaders for the benefit/ safety of the majority.Hope you start to get better soon & look forward to your return. I am due to go into hospital in two days, so like yourself will be taking a break from posting & answering. Keep as well as can be ,stay safe and maybe we will talk again soon via the forum. xx

Dedalus in reply to katieoxo60

Hope all goes well for your hospital procedure katie. All best wishes x

Hanne62 in reply to katieoxo60

I’ve noticed that too, about some of our longer standing members. Still here but not posting very often. People often need breaks but it does make you wonder 🤔

I hope your hospital stay goes well & all the best for a full & fast recovery. Take care of you xxx

I hope you soon feel better! I look forward to seeing you back on here before too long. xx Moy

Hanne62 in reply to MoyB

Hi Moy and thanks so much for your kind wishes. I hope you’re getting along ok. It’s not easy is it but what else can we do? I just watched an episode of All Creatures Great & Small - an hour of pure escapism, & some rather tasty guys in the main rôles 😋 😋

MoyB in reply to Hanne62

Ah, that was a brilliant programme! As for the tasty guys - well we can all dream, can't we? It's a shame they're all so much older now! (But then, so am I!) Enjoy your break and come back to us when you're ready. xx Moy

Hanne62 in reply to MoyB

Oh Moy, there’s a new series on channel 5, with Sam West in the role of Sigfried. I wouldn’t kick him outta bed that’s for sure, but not sure how he’d feel hehe. It’s very cosy viewing. Totally unrealistic but who cares

MoyB in reply to Hanne62

Oooooooh! I might watch out for that then! I thought you were talking about the original series. I saw one of the original actors on TV the other night and thought, 'He hasn't worn too badly,' but I wouldn't have gone overboard for him. But now I know there's a new vet on the block - well - that's different! Lol! Enjoy. xx Moy

Angelagone in reply to Hanne62

Siegfried is mine. 😄

The voice of reason - oh how you have been missed.

I am so sorry you are so poorly sweetheart and that it has been affecting you for some time now, made much worse by the covid situation and all that that entails. I think of you so often but I don’t always want to bother you as I feel, rightly or wrongly, that you are similar to me in that I go into myself when unwell.

Agree too unless it’s a party political broadcast then politics affects all our lives every day and it would be wrong to ignore that, as long as the discussions are within the guidelines. One man’s meat is another man’s poison and it is down to the lovely hard working moderators to decide what is unacceptable.

I recall a member a long time ago now writing a post about lung stuff and ending it with something along the lines of Roll on Brexit. I remember seeing your reply and then I wrote mine. When I looked again yours had gone and within minutes mine had too. The Brexit ones stayed up (a bit weird). Anyway having had a slapped wrist from our wonderful late Mrs. M I guess we are both fully paid up members of the slapped wrist brigade.

I have been taking a break too - need to conserve a bit of energy.

I totally understand your decision and I hope your health improves enough in the near future to participate again and your knowledge of bronchiectasis is second to none and your comments are so wise.

Hope you feel better soon sweetheart and you and M stay well.

Love and Hugs


Hanne62 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Aww thanks for your kind words, cof. Yes, like you I tend to keep to myself when things are difficult. And when people are unpleasant here, I just haven’t the energy to post. I’m sorry you’re feeling pants too. It’s so hard to see a way through this covid, in addition to all our other problems. I’m having trouble getting a flu jab too. Appointment at local chemist cancelled, & surgery says I’m a priority, but they’re “awaiting supplies”. Just watched BJ’s latest performance. God help us is all I can say. Take care cof, I know the virus is spreading faster up (or down?!) your way 😘😘😘

Great post Hanne - shame you need to stay away for a while, but totally understandable. I wish you all the very best with both your health and depression (which, unfortunately, is very prevalent, as one normally follows the other, like night follows day). Stay safe and hope to see you back soon. Hugs x

Hanne62 in reply to Dedalus

Thanks Dedalus. Thought I’d just explain why I wasn’t around as a few lovely people had been in touch to ask. You’re right, it’s the classic downward spiral. I’m lucky in that I have a lot of support, but I don’t like to worry the family so prefer to keep my own counsel.

You stay safe too. These are such weird times xxx

Dedalus in reply to Hanne62

I can totally empathise Hanne, as I do exactly the same. These are weird times, and after so many months of shielding I've begun to struggle. We must carry on fighting though. Just take great care of your precious self Hanne and hope to have you back in the not too distant future. Big hugs xxx

At last! The voice of reason.

Thanks for your support maggie 😉

Hi Hannee62

Howre u feeling today x

Hanne62 in reply to Patk1

Thank you so much for asking Pat. I felt better yesterday but not so good today. The forecast is horrendous and I do like to sit outside. Being indoors, wheezing away & watching the rain, does my head in! Sleep is very elusive too (moan moan.) But still have lots to be thankful for 👍

I hope you’re doing ok x

Patk1 in reply to Hanne62

Oh,no.its soo hard.i do understand,depressions a hard & bumpy like u,love to see the sun, hear the birds but rained all day here too (( . Have u a consultant for chest? If so,if yr continuing to decline,do ring them.ive had year similar to u,infective exacerbations,? Longhaul covid,& altho much better,havent recovered to pre march level.i rang ventilation nurse,and consultant himself,rang me.v worthwhile - i hope yr able to do the must be tough 4u,not sleeping.i do hope u can get yr feet up,and relax. Hope u have a better day tomoz,and that the sun pokes thro xx

Hope your rapid decline stops very soon, and you start to have some improvements again. All the best.

Hanne62 in reply to Ergendl

Thanks Ergendl. I lost a fair amount of lung function last winter & since shielding things have got worse. Now it’s winter again, eek. Doing everything I can think of to stop the slide think 🤔 I’m sure it’s affecting all of us in similar ways. You take care xxx

Sorry to hear your health isn’t too good. Missed your posts so please come on whenever you can. 🤞for improvement xx Anita

Aww thanks Anita, that means a lot. I hope to start contributing positively again soon. We must stick together. You take care xxx

I'd somehow missed your post, been a bit absent myself recently for not dissimilar reasons. My own feeling is you can't separate every day life from politics. How can you when everything is governed by those in charge ? Not the same as Politics with a big p. Not put this very well, but I know what I mean! I do hope your health soon improves and you find yourself in a better place. Your cool, calm voice is very much missed. All my love and good wishes. ⚘

Hanne62 in reply to Angelagone

Obvious isn’t it Angela? The cynic in me thinks labelling posts with the “p” word can be a disingenuous attempt to censor the forum 🤔

I hope you’re ok and thank you for your kind words. The weather forecast is dreadful so a period of hibernation may be in order, hopefully when I wake up the Oxford vaccine will be available. As I can’t even get a flu jab I may be p****** in the wind 🤨 xxx

Ps you can have Siegfried but only when I’ve finished with him 😉

Patk1 in reply to Hanne62

Oh no!! If cant get flu jab at drs,might be worth ringing a chemist nr to u,see if have any.stay safe Hanne xxx

So sorry to hear you are not feeling very well Hanne and hope things get better soon for you. I am sure things will die down a little now and hopefully we can get back to normal. Please do take good care and come back soon, I like your posts and will miss your name popping up x

Hanne62 in reply to Izb1

That’s what I like to hear, a bit of optimism! I’m good at it usually but the stats are not good for covid & so many people seem to be ignoring the restrictions. How I long for a smidge of normality, and especially hugs from my family and friends. I’m quite touchy feely & I do worry that keeping our distance & mask wearing may become the norm 😕

Anyway thank you for your lovely message, take care & keep up the positivity xxx

Izb1 in reply to Hanne62

Massive hugs sent your way so you dont forget 😁😁😁 x

I hope things get better for you soon Hanne. It doesn’t help with what we are having to deal with right now. Have a break and when you feel better you may feel like having a look on hear again. Look after yourself. Xx

Hanne62 in reply to Patsy164

That’s the plan, Patsy, to have a break and then bounce back. I’m no good to anyone when I’m in this negative mood. I hope you can keep your own spirits up; these are tough times for so many. Take care xxx

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. Like 02trees I believe most of life is political and should be discussed. I agree that labelling a post as political is an easy (lazy?) way to then justify its removal. I hope to see you back soon. I’ve been a member here for a long time and I enjoy seeing the “old” names pop up.

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