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Dear Members

This community provides a supportive, informative and friendly community for people affected by a lung condition and for those who want to find out more about their lung health. Members should be respectful and honest, and take part in the spirit of supporting and learning from fellow members. Anyone has a choice to join and a choice to leave the community.

The site is not a place to name and shame, or to post negative feedback on individuals. Bad language and insults will also not be tolerated. There will be a zero tolerance approach to such posts.

Please see link for full forum guidelines

Thank you


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Carol, I have tried to help people and some of their replies made me just give up I told about the vegas Nerve and it was a waste of timeI just give up telling what the latest scientific medical things are. if they want them I send a daily science medical things daily on twitter

Well I’m just gonna say,

I’m wishing you all a wonderful sunshine ☀️ day and hoping that you are all gonna send me a smile 😊 back


Life is hard enough sometimes but a smile is infectious- do you agree 😎🤣💕

Have a good day 😊heyX



Thank you Carol xxxx

Thank you Carol. That's very helpful.

Thanks for that Carol! It was needed!


Thank you Carole , I think after the tone of the weekend your reminder was needed.

Thank You Carol, I agree with the others, this Reminder is Needed after the last few Days of Awful Arguments. Never seen the Like on here before. made me very sad. Have a Good & Safe week everyone. XXX

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madonbrew in reply to Hacienda

Me too! I felt very sad over a forum that I love with some amazing people, to see the arguments.

I’ve never known it either.

Like Hacienda had said, have a good week everyone !

And to any new members, please know it’s actually a really good and friendly forum with some amazing help and support!!!! Please don’t run away yet!

Dee x

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garshe in reply to Hacienda

I have made a decision not to post anymore. My daughters and husband have begged me to leave this forum , but I have quite a few members who I regard as friends, you being one of them. Thank you for your support as I have been a little upset . Keep safe Carolina. Sending cwtches from a now Lockdown Wales xxSheila 💕💕💕💕

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Hacienda in reply to garshe

My Dear Sheila, this forum won't be the same without you. Have a Rest by all means like I have recently, Although I was Poorly, still am.

I understand how your Hubby & Daughters are feeling, Their Wife , Mother, being Quite upset over a Simple Thing, which did not Warrant the Feed back you had. My Heart went out to you Sheila. have a rest then come back, Put this all behind you, You are a Most Treasured Member of this Great Forum. cwtches back at you my Love. XXXX C.

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garshe in reply to Hacienda

I am usually such a strong and Positive Person but this has really upset me . I was not aware how some members see me and think of me as this jealous person an d then criticise my previous posts. I am a girlie person having 2 daughters and a Granddaughter who try to keep me young at heart. This doesnt mean how much I struggle on a daily basis. This Lockdown has caused me to be more breathless as not able to have my little walks. Just because I dont express this on here and usually post about happier events and try to cheer members up , when I put a photo on standing by a beach ,I definitely did not walk Miles along that beach but got out of the car to have a photo with my Granddaughter. And my shopping trips are not a run around but a slow walk stopping every 5mins to regain my oxygen. Never judge a book by its cover comes to mind lol. Hope you are feeling better and will be able to do a little more, that's all we ask. Thinking of you my beautiful friend. I always have the vision of you with those gorgeous legs in the fishnet tights looking like Liza Mineli in Cabaret. Lots of love Sheila xx💕🥰💐

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Hacienda in reply to garshe

Bless you my Darling, I, & I'm sure many of us here do see you as very Young at heart Beautiful Lady, being truthful, and to keep us all on our Toes as a Shining example to Looking Good even with our Lung Conditions.( I never go out without my Lippy on.) I must look for my Spanish Photo of when Dressed as a Senorita dancing on Table Tops. We all here have Memories of our Dare Devil ways. Like my Liza Minelli photo. Stay as you are my Dear Sheila, always be You. Never change for anyone. Lots of cwtches and Amore. XXXX C.

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garshe in reply to Hacienda


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knitter in reply to garshe

Dear garshe, I can understand, this Covid situation has unsettled everyone.

I lived through the polio and TB outbreaks in Cardiff, and even the fright of the smallpox in the Valleys, but this Covid is so upsetting .....emotions are volatile . It’s a distressing time.

I am sorry you are so upset, I love your posts, especially of the Mumbles , and your peaceful garden .

I spent time this morning looking at You tube videos of a farm in Carmarthenshire, my late mother’s birthplace , trying to distract myself from this Covid. Sadly made me feel worse.

Sending a cwtch .

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garshe in reply to knitter

Thank you , I am fine really. Just got a little upset over some replies to my post. Unfortunately where I live Neath we have gone on Lockdown again today. I think we can write 2020 off as nothing achieved. It's funny how when you cant do something you want it even more lol.

I am fortunate as my husband , daughter and Granddaughter live here at my house so not alone. I feel for the ones not near family its devastating for them..Keep safe .sending Welsh cwtches xxSheila 💕🥰😷

in reply to garshe

I know it's always the way isn't it when you can't have something you want it even more I find myself!

We are locked down here in Cardiff as well.

I am fine in myself and have been cooking this afternoon.

Thank you Carol x 🌻🍁😊

Seems to me some are still disregarding this;

"The site is not a place to name and shame, or to post negative feedback on individuals. Bad language and insults will also not be tolerated. There will be a zero tolerance approach to such posts. "

I am of the same mind and in agreement with zero tolerance,

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