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does anybody receive any over night care from social services or on a pre payment card in uk.


I have had numerous social service reports confirming that i require overnight care on occasions but the say they do not pay for it as its too expensive this has been going on in excess of 2 years

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Can you not get help if on benefits. Sure social services source it out and you pay my mother in law had to pay something towards cost. She was on pension credit

many thanks i am terminally ill and became homeless in 2018 and social services became involved they said i need care over night on occasions which is correct but said carer can sleep on sofa which is wrong after 2 years and 11 reports they finally accepted i needed 2 bedrooms to get that care last week they did report no 13 still stating i require overnight care they told me i would get a pre payment card to pay for it and i would have to also contribute which i understand but now they say they do not pay for over night cadre because it is too expensive so i just need a few people to confirm they get it thanks very much

Have a chat with BLF they may be able to help with advice. Or local charities.

ive tried them several times and they say they cant help as they are only a small organisation thank you

Bevvy in reply to philvaughan

Sorry to hear you are in this situation. Totally wrong that expect nighttime carer to sleep on sofa.

Different councils interpret things differently. Some councils would provide nighttime carers and others wouldn’t. However if they originally told you would provide then it is wrong to say now won’t due to cost. Is meant to be on need and not cost!

Suggest you speak to your local councillor. And if no joy then local MP.

philvaughan in reply to Bevvy

I have done all of these things i was moved on the strength of medical and social services reports to a 2 bedroomed house to allow for overnight care no what

I’m a social worker for adults. If you are terminally ill, have you had an NHS continuing healthcare assessment? I’m not feeling great today but I can help if you need anything, just drop me a message and I’ll reply. Take care. 💐

thank you its a very long story i have now had 13 social service reports each one states i require over night care on occasions which was why i have been moved to a two bedroomed house last thursday 2 more social workers arrived they agreed i need care but said they dont pay for overnight care she was going to speak to her complaints dept who have or havent been dealing with me and come back to me with what they propose so i am getting what i think i need to prove other people do get this care paid for by social services i dont know how long i should be expected to wait for an answer thanks again

Age UK can offer good advice, their web site is very good as a start.

thank you have contacted them they sent me a fact sheet which confirms im correct but still do not know how to make ss supply care

Contact your local councillor and MP, worth the fight, or maybe Citizens Advice Bureau in your area has legal help.

I've actually done all of these things i have again messaged my MP my mayor my local councillor the leader of my council are all aware but don't seem to care i have had around 13 social reports all saying i am terminally ill are require overnight care on occasions after 2 years of fighting policy both local and county councils saw there error and rehoused me on 3 Aug. 2020 on the strength of a social report and medical evidence great you would think I'm very happy with my home social eventually turn up on 17 sept 2020 to yet again discuss my care2 social workers turn up 1 with and 1 without a mask they tell me now that although i require care they do not pay for it.

i get approx £70 per week severe disability premium of which I'm currently forced to pay bedroom tax as i live alone and currently get no care that's over £20 per week my rent hasn't been paid in all that time in excess of £1000 so now its just waiting and rotting i suppose sorry for the rant but unfortunately its true thank you. All your support is helping at least me head

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