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99.9% sure it's Covid 19


Hi everyone, I am suddenly extremely ill since last week. Sorry I have not been on here for a while, my iPad is kaput, borrowed one to post this.

I've had temp 39.9, think that's around 103 in old money, horrible hard headaches spreading down the back of my neck and shoulders, feel like I've been hit by a bus. No smell or taste, can't stand light or noise, total exhaustion, cough and tight, gripped lungs, this is not a cold or pneumonia which I've had many times past.

Rang GP Friday but the girl on phone said there are colds going round from the schools opening. Friday night rang 111 they said it sounded like pneumonia and covid and wanted me in hospital but I could not face going to the hospital where my dear husband died not that long ago, stuffy place, he got moved around 5 times in 6 days. Strange, having hallucinations I didn't seem to care if I died.

I can't get a covid test, nor GP who prescribed 1 Doxycycline for a week!! I have lifelong bronchiectasis with half left lung removed, one doxy a day for a week, might as well take smarties, I would feel better I told her but a few days later it will come back again worse than before, I thanked her and she said I think I'll change it to double the dose and time! Why do they still not know, it's in Nice Guidelines for Bronch.

I am also worried for our dear friend cofdrop, I notice she has been missing ages and must be having a very difficult time, her daughter is a wonderful teacher so that's a worry too. Cofdrop has given me so much help, years ago she passed the info for my Lung Flute mucus clearing device, I have used it every day since I received it, for me it breaks up mucus better than any other way, I'm sure it's getting me through this covid like rubbish on my chest, just hope it does not worsen next week like we hear.

Please everyone don't take chances, wear your mask, I have been isolating at my home since Feb, I don't know where I picked this up, children did come round my garden to look for a missing cat, they touched shed handles and keys but I cleaned those after. My daughter comes in occasionally with a mask on?

Dearest Sue, if you read this I am thinking of you, truly hope you and your lovely family have stayed clear of this horrific virus I've picked up.

Ps, they found the beautiful black cat down the road with a man she had taken a liking to, little monkey.

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We have a Sore throat going around our area at the moment. I had it but that has now moved to a gooey chest and I seem to get a lot of lot up about mid day for some reason and I seem to settle down. I know the testing seems a bit of a shambles at the moment but may try and get one done at least you know where you stand?

BE well

Tinker26 in reply to Offcut

Me too ,i had a covid test 3 weeks ago but came back negative it has now been passed to my colleagues even though I stayed off work as I work as a teller in a bank ,sore throat and snotty nose, good luck xx

zube-UK in reply to Tinker26

Hi Tinker, have any of your colleagues had a test while they have symptoms? I'm so pleased that there are now screens and greater awareness of transmission of virus/bacteria and hygene, some protection for you and everyone serving the public, be extra careful Tinker 😷

Tinker26 in reply to zube-UK

Yes and they all came back negative 🙏🙏🙏

zube-UK in reply to Offcut

thanks Offcut, not sure what's worse, sore throat probably, we get used to gooey chest, it's good to settle down though. No tests here for me, too late I think, only works for first 4 days they said. get yourself well too 😷

Oh dear zube, so sorry to hear you’re poorly. Please try and get a home test. You may need to go to hospital so don’t be concerned about dialling 999. This COVID is awful and like you, I hope dear Sue (cofdrop) is ok.

Thinking of you. Xxx😘

zube-UK in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy, I still can't get a test and you only have 4 days from the start of symptoms for it to work apparently, that's up for me now, maybe I could get an antigen test later to tell wether I've had it, I know I've got it, too many corresponding symptoms and I've never felt like this in my life, and I have had many really bad hospitalised infections in the past. I will take your advice though and call 999 at the first sign of it worsening, it comes in heavy waves suddenly.

Yes, hope Sue is faring better, thanks for support sassy Xxx😷

sassy59 in reply to zube-UK

Thinking of you zube. Keep us updated if possible. Take care xxxxx

Fruitbat2 in reply to zube-UK

I hope you feel better soon, thinking of you.

zube-UK in reply to Fruitbat2

thanks for thinking of me Fruitbat2, it's a great name Fruitbat, I've gone off bats a bit though ! I was given a batbox to fix near the eves of house, what about bat droppings, not sure I want it now. 😷

Ring for an ambulance. You need a determination of your ill health. Speed is of the essence

zube-UK in reply to Lol1944

You could well be right Lol1944, it could be meningitis with the headache, neck and pain looking at light and sound, I've had meningitis a few times but this is much worse.

The GP told me to stay at home and take doxycycline for two weeks, ring immediately if it worsens, I sure hope it does not worsen, my temp has dropped this evening to 38.9, just hoping 😷

May be best to ring for an ambulance so you can be assessed by paramedics and get some treatment.

Take care x Anita

Thanks so much Anita, you are right, I will call an ambulance next time, I am still exhausted with flue like symptoms, my GP now thinks it was meningitis but he's not sure.

Take care xx


Thinking of you Zube, please keep us updated on how you are doing. Have a goodnight and stay safe 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

zube-UK in reply to Damon1864

Thanks for thinking of me Bernadette, a good night would be a relief, can't sleep long for the pain. I like the beautiful trees on your profile header, so calming. x 😷

Thanks Anita, surely it's too risky for paramedics to be assessing me in an enclosed ambulance, I know this is covid, my GP said there is no treatment at this stage, just stay home and take the antibiotics for two weeks or ring her if it suddenly worsens, so I'm hoping the symptoms will reduce soon, you take care too and thanks for reply x 😷

CDPO16 in reply to zube-UK

I think that they would assess you in your own home and they would be wearing personal protection.

Oh my goodness you poor soul. Really feel for you and dear Cofdrop, I too am worried about her.

Are you on your own? I sincerely hope you have good friends and loved ones nearby for support getting food in meals cooked.

Thinking of yoh and thank god tge gp finally relented and gave you 2 weeks of doxy, did she give you some steroids as well. You need that Dexamethasone one which really helps those with covid. Im just so sorry you're suffering so much. P xx

peege in reply to peege

ps your gp is following guidelines but really, I do think special respiratory patients need extra medical care.

zube-UK in reply to peege

Hi peege, yes, gp's hey! I agree with you, we do need extra and specialist medical care, I am under the one where you are, they said he is an excellent bronch/cf consultant, and I saw a younger one too, I found both very helpful but even so, they did not recognise my lung clearing kit, they seem proud to hand you over to physio, and lung physio did not recognise some of my kit either.

The hospitals by you are not the one they wanted to take me to on Friday. thanks P, I really appreciate the support you have given me xx

peege in reply to zube-UK

You're more than welcome, we're all in a similar boat after all (though I feel very lucky at the moment that so far my move has paid off - apart from the GP situation 😭)!.

We'll have to have a chinwag when you're feeling stronger

Get to the hospital If things get worse although they do sound bad enough. NHS- they have capacity and staffing numbers to cope right now. I’ve a friend who was in and out of hospital in 10 days- young with no Ill health but covid took it out of her. We need to be extra careful with our respiratory diseases. Sending lots of virtual hugs and strength to help you get through this. Cofdrop let us know you’re ok 💕

zube-UK in reply to BreatheasyBe

Thanks so much BB, those virtual hugs have helped very much, I am still exhausted with flue like symptoms but it's easier each day, just a big thank you for your lovely support 💖

Please take care of yourself... covid or not you do sound proper porly😷🤒

How you feel sounds dreadful. I hope that you have some help from family or friends for sustenance and support. Sending you every good wish that you soon begin to feel better xx

Yikes! Does sound suspicious

Hello Zube. This is worrying, and at the risk of sounding bossy I am going to be blunt. You need to be in hospital even though it's unpleasant. This could turn very quickly and you must be in a place where they can help you quickly.

I am also thinking of Cof and hoping she's okay. Now please call an ambulance and get yourself looked after.

Much love,

Cas xx 🍀

Horrible night, Cas thank you, you are not bossy, I will try and reply to everyone xx

Caspiana in reply to zube-UK

Are you okay? 😔

zube-UK in reply to Caspiana

Thank you so much Cas, I wrote a couple of updates at the end of this post and I want to reply to everyone but my headache, it's awful, and I'm still exhausted, so sorry, I can't find my way round everyone in the right order on my neighbours small iPad.

I agree with you and I would go immediately to a good hospital. I do need to be where I can get help if it turns quickly but I won't get that where they wanted me to go. Thankfully the temp is much lower and I'm able to clear my lungs, it's the awful headache, sinus,ear, throat pain and swallowing, could that be doxycycline? I don't take it often.

My GP is ringing today so I will explain to her, they are so busy, I would not like her job, it's a luxury to be able to talk to a GP at the moment, she will do everything she can to help me get through this. Dear Cas I so appreciate your support, I might have written more below but it's all a blur, what size screen are you reading this on, do you find answering posts clearly? Do take extra care Cas 💖 😷 🎈

Caspiana in reply to zube-UK

Hello dear Zube.

Sorry for my late reply, time just runs away from me 😒. I can sympathize totally. When I had that awful CMV virus the headaches were well, the only fitting word would be phenomenal. The only relief was an ice pack placed under the neck. Come to think of it , I hope to goodness your GP gets some blood tests arranged for you. If it is a virus , not only Covid, you'd have to treated with specific medication. I hope by now something has been sorted. 😔

I use my phone or my Kindle to write on the forum. And yes, it can be a strain on the eyes. Please do keep us informed. Thinking of you.

Cas xx 😊👋❤️💐

zube-UK in reply to Caspiana

How can I thank you enough, am I pleased you wrote what you just did here!. . CMV. this could be it, explains my very swollen salivary glands and sores that came up in my mouth as well as those blaster headaches and high temps, muscle pain, stomach and diarrhoea too.

I will ask my GP what she thinks, can I have the test for it. I have felt so ill I'd almost given up on life, people like you are incredibly kind and generous with your time when you have mega difficulties of your own. Thank you Cas 💖

Caspiana in reply to zube-UK

Oh goodness Zube. I'm glad I can help you. 😊 Yes, you can get tested but the results take a few days to culture. Please do mention it to your doctor. I hope you feel better very soon. xx ☕🍇🍓

Good morning,

I hope you will feel better when you read this. It doesn't have to be the Coronavirus, knowing dodgy lungs it could be a chest infection, and now that your temp has gone down also using the doxy, maybe it was an infection and then stress. I am thinking of you, sending healing prayers. God bless, zube....hugs, Bev 🥰🤗🙏🏽❤

(Haven't seen Sue, cofdrop, for a while either😔)

zube-UK in reply to Gingerapple

Thank you for your kind wishes Bev, I'm still exhausted but getting better each day 💗

You poor thing, what a worry. You certainly have all the symptoms of covid. I hope you slept better. Dont hang around if symptoms get worse, call 999 and get sorted you dont have to soldier on , that's what we all paid our money for and you certainly arent a time waster. I cannot believe that people cannot get tests, its disgraceful. I sincerely hope you feel better really soon. Take lots if care xx

zube-UK in reply to Suzie42

Thank you Suzie, your kind wishes helped me through, I'm still exhausted but a little better each day, GP is still not sure what it was, thank you xx

Hi Zube-uk

I'm so sorry to hear how I'll you are, hope you will feel better soon, if it gets worse.please do call 999, keep us updated if at all possible, rest and get well soon, hugs and best wishes sent to you.


zube-UK in reply to Trishe

Thanks Trishe, if that happens to me again I will call 999, I am still exhausted but recovering each day, your kind wishes helped such a lot. 🙂

I would advise hospital too,if you need it. I was in our respiratory ward last May and just felt re-assured that I was being kept an eye on for24 hours! We cant take any chances! Hope you soon recover,keep us posted on your progress.xx

Can't add much to the other comments. Just hoping that whatever your decision, you start to feel better soon.

Sounds like covid to me but be strong,you are gonna be ok.

Dear Zube...you sound like you are really inbetween a rock and a hard place with how unwell you are and your dislike of going into hospital.

Please put aside your fears... for if you have the virus, going into hospital uou eont catch it will you,? AND it can possibly be the difference of recovering quicker and with less damage to your poor old lungs.

The paramedics and the front line staff have enough savvy and ppe to keep themselves safe, do you keep your self safe and do the right thing for yourself.

Please call the ambulance if only for a second opinion... dont be alone on this one xxx

fingers crossed for you that you bounce back. It sounds pretty horrendous. Lots of paracetamol and fluids. It’s such a pity that you couldn’t get a test to know conclusively whether you have contracted covid. Look after yourself

Have been reading through the posts and replys ...noticed your not replying now so am really hoping that your ok ...I've my fingers crossed that your in hospital receiving treatment to make you feel better . Symptoms sound awful, truly hope your getting the help you need and deserve . Take care ..love and best wishes for a speedy recovery xxxxxxx

Hi there it does sound like the symptoms could be COVID. I think if you can get admitted to hospital, it might be better for you as a precaution. Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care x

Hi.. Hope you start to feel a bit better soon. I would be asking for a course of azithromycin with Bronchiectasis & possible Covid as it seems to be effective in the fight against this virus. Also a steroid, forgive the spelling, something like dexamethasone?

I understand your reluctance for hospital, a very daunting proposition, but if you went in they would surely test you & then you could ask to go home.

Really hope you feel better soon! 💕

Hi Zube

So sorry to hear you are so unwell and to hear about the death of your husband. First of all the Receptionist should not be giving advice over the phone, she is not a doctor! Secondly my hubby and I had Doxycycline which was useless and we had to have stronger antibiotics. Think they use this as a cheaper alternative!

Also I used to work in Respiratory Dept as medical secretary and just retired slightly early due to COVID-19. I therefore realise how serious your condition is and your doctor should be taking it more seriously. Perhaps you could ask for a stronger antibiotic.

I also agree with other you would be better in hospital. I dont know which area you are in but hopefully somewhere where COVID-19 is not too bad so that there will not as yet be too many COVID-19 patients in there. I hope you are feeling better this morning, but as others say here if worse, please call an ambulance.

Do take care and stay safe!


Sorry to hear you feel so ill, maybe you ought to have gone to hospital rather than wait to see if it gets worse . If the virus is suspected they come in with special suits like space suits to examine you. My freind had that but she did not have the virus. However having lost your husband recently your resistance to infection may be a bit low, and it could be Pnuemonia of a different type. Its your health and you must decide but please don't leave it if your getting worse , it will only make your existing illness worse . Follow your gut instinct you know something is not right, hope you have reconsidered since posting originallly. My thoughts are with you take care.

zube-UK in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks Katie for your steady reassuring thoughts, you are right of course about hospital, and I would go immediately to a good one, I am still reluctant to go to the place they want to take me. The headache, pain and hi temp are all less than they were so I'll see how it goes, I'm still in bed, strangely lungs are not so stiff, different symptoms in sinus with bleeding. As you mentioned, I'm sure my resistance is low, I will take longer to recover. You take care also and don't forget your mask x😷

katieoxo60 in reply to zube-UK

Hows things going? hope you are begining to feel a little better, but apparently this virus is a bit unpredictable so any change seek help x

zube-UK in reply to katieoxo60

thanks again katie, (your oxo bit is fun) I have done an update at the end of the post bit of a struggle with the headache to think and write, and I really want to reply to everyone, will slowly. 🙂

katieoxo60 in reply to zube-UK

As you can see we are all with you, my oxo is because I used to be a cook in my working days. Don't rush to answer all if you are not too well we all understand. x

I hope u feel better soon. Virtual hugs to u😘

zube-UK in reply to MauraQuinn

Oou some huggs, thank you so much MauraQuinn 😘

Oh, dear zube sorry to hear that you’ re poorly. You should try and get a home test. And also ask your consultant to get an antibiotic through nebuliser it’s better than Doxy for bronchiectasis. I used neb colomycin and azytromic 3 times a week for my bronchiestasis. Take care and be safe! I’m thinking of you❤️

zube-UK in reply to Sandra100

Thanks for your replays Sandra, they are very much appreciated. My new consultant did say he could give abs through nebuliser, I bought a parry neb a long time ago, its direct into the lung which makes sense. My GP and I keep trying on line to get a test, there are none here, I could be taken 2hrs away to a slot in Worcester drive through but it's not fair to travel in a car with someone else, the windows open all the way, they may catch this and I can just about get downstairs! Sounds like you know will know what it feels like.

Sandra did you have any allergic reactions to the colomycin or azith and are you still talking it now? You take extra care are also, 😷

Sandra100 in reply to zube-UK

Hi again Zube. No, I haven’t any allergy at colomycin but for azithromycin I take omeprazole two hours before because ten years ago when I had azithromycin for the first time I had stomach pain.

Get well soon zube, everybody has given good advice, please make sure you follow it. I too hope cof is ok. Take good care x

I have only just picked this up. I hope by now you are on the correct medication and feeling better Zube.

Hope that you feel better soon, take the purest vitamin c & d & zinc that you can afford x

I’m sorry but I really feel that you should be in hospital. I realise that it’s the last place you want to be, but they have a better chance of helping you the earlier they catch it.

zube-UK in reply to Chocksaway

Thanks Chocks, Welcome to this lovely forum, I see you are new, it's a bit painful to write Chocksaway - I love chocolates!. yes, I know.

I agree, and I would go immediately to a good hospital, may have to soon, I've asked my GP which of the nearby ones she would advise, she was very uncommital, insisting home is best for now. I definately need accurate treatment but these days that is a luxury, the nurses, doctors and consultants are doing the best they can to help us but they are so stretched.

Chocksaway in reply to zube-UK

I like chocks as a name!

I think everyone is just worried about you, please ring for an ambulance if you get worried yourself, but I do hope that you won’t need to.

Hoping today has been a little easier for you from a fellow Bronchie x

Thankyou everyone so much, it's 3 am Wednesday I think? Still sweats and terrible muscle, head pain but a slight improvement, also a lot of bleeding from my sinus I agree with you all, I should have gone to a good hospital, after seeing what happened to my dear husband, it frightens me, I'm not going there.My GP says stay at home and take the doxy?? At least the doxy is beginning to help, my temp has not spiked to 39.9 for some hours, that could change suddenly I know. I feel I could eat something now, going to try and get downstairs, my wonderful only daughter has left something in the kitchen, she lives next door but three, she's wonderful, all my neighbours are too even though none of them really understand lungs like all of you here, I'm so grateful for your suggestions and support, please all avoid this virus.

Sandra100 in reply to zube-UK

I'm glad you wrote because I've been thinking about you since yesterday. I hope you could have eaten something. I know what you're going through. I sincerely hope you recover as soon as possible. Keep us posted if you can from time to time. You are in my thoughts❤️ Take care and be strong!

Poor tube, you really have suffered. It is at times such as this that considerable pain can be reduced by a hospital visit. I am recovering now but after my breathing on exertion worsened from Thursday night onwards I awoke 4am Sunday morning gasping for breath. 999call and paramedics decided need hospital. Diagnosed pneumonia, pumped iv antibiotics and steroids over 40 hours and home again with oral meds. Very quick and very efficient. With lung problems it is important to reduce any sort of exacerbation quickly to reduce longer term tissue damage. Now 76 after 16 years copd, determined to die with it, not from it.

Keep safe

zube-UK in reply to Lol1944

Hi Lol1944, tube is great but I'm zube and maybe best to avoid lube 😳 this must be the equivalent of hard of hearing on the net!

Wish I had gone to hospital straight away now, still not so good, will update next week.

Well done coping with copd and pneumonia at 76, I'm sure you have a long way to go yet - I met Harry Patch age 111 when I lived in Somerset, he lived through great difficulties, still lived a very long life.

I would definitely order a covid test online, it's really easy...and they arrive really quickly, the art to doing them yourself is to ensure that you place the swabs far enough back in your throat and nose, you'll know if you're doing it right if it's unpleasant, it's worth doing though.

Hi Bunny, it is easy, I've been filling it in every day but when I get to the final page it says - Sorry, there are no tests available in your area, so annoying, l would like to know for sure if I do have it, the best indication I could find was a hospital covid doctor listing 14 signs you've got covid, I ticked them all ! Maybe my GP can get an antigen test for me now. thanks Bunny 🙂

Does it give the option for a home test?

Yes but only up to 3pm on day 4 of having symptoms, I sure have got those! Then no test after day 5.

After that you need an antigen test, only usually available to healthcare workers but gps can order for you if they decide it is necessary, and we can buy one. I will ask my GP when she rings tomorrow.

Bunny you must be in a different area to me, or you caught a lucky slot for a test earlier, bunnies are a lucky symbol 🐇🐇🐇

Ok, it was a couple of months ago I did a home test, was sent really quickly etc. Obviously things will have changed due to demand perhaps.

Sorry to hear you’re so sick. Just an aside. I started taking NAC supplements suggested by my integrative health doctor. Really helped with loosening mucous in lungs

zube-UK in reply to LDN124

Hi LDN124, good to hear from someone who has tried NAC, I have been wondering if nebuliser inhaled NAC would help loosen the gunge, what supplement form do you use? Is NAC better than inhaled hypertonic saline?

Thanks for your interesting reply, love the longhorn, last time I saw one like that was Glastonbury, when I lived in Somerset. 🐂

Update - Thursday am, real bad headaches still but less frequent. Dreadful sinus bleeding and rubbish, left earache and sore throat, swallowing is tricky. Temp lower, never normal. Lungs surprisingly clear in parts but less, amazing!. Less painful on deeper breaths, less coughing. I never want to feel like this again, thinking of those poor souls without homes, or countries ..

I'm not sure where it's going though, can covid get worse after week or so, round about where I am now. I know.. don't give in to fear! Wish I could have a test, still none available, the w.gov says it will be temporarily unavailable from midnight 25th Sept.

Thank you everyone, your support, and suggestions are so very helpful, our lung forum here on hu is exceptional, I'm grateful. 💖 🎈

Do take care and I hope you get the help you need. new on here and I agree what everyone has said. Much love

Hi zube-UK. Worried about you. Im so hoping some improvement for you and that you're still on the Doxy. 😘😘😘 P

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