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To you lovely people!


My friend sent me this and it made me think of all you amazing people here!!! Wanted to share ❤️

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Totelly agree 💕 evryones lovely on here 😊

Oh I dunno about that lol 😂

skischool in reply to JerryMaren

You have a whole load of growing up to do grasshopper.some of us wouldn't get membership if we had to pass the being lovely exam. :) xx

Yatzy in reply to skischool

Take no notice of this grizzly old bear, Charlotte. We’re all genuinely kind friends on this site, we really are. Happy to be friends with you especially ❤️ but also each other.

Thank you, Dee, I really do agree 🌸 You’re so kind to tell us so xx

JerryMaren in reply to skischool

O relly? Ok 🤷‍♀️

skischool in reply to JerryMaren

I meant me you daft bat lol everyone else would get an AA pass :) xx

JerryMaren in reply to skischool

O soz 😂 I’m a bit slow 2day

skischool in reply to JerryMaren

It's chill Saturday after freedom Friday so slow is the byword for the day and make sure you have an easy day and perhaps a bit of sunshine if it's nice down south. :) xx

Yatzy in reply to JerryMaren

No you’re not, pet! You’ve just got stuck in an argument between me and skischool. Take no notice 🙄😉 xx

Yatzy in reply to skischool

Putting us down again, then? 🐻

Love it. And the best part is that the world is awash with them. We meet far, far more of them than the other sort.

We should just tell them. “What, me?” They will say, embarrassed and blushing. “Yes. You.”

Thank you

Kate xxxx

That’s lovely Dee and I completely agree. Such people are great to know and many are on this forum.

Thank you for sharing. Xxx😘💖


That's really beautiful thank you. Have a lovely weekend and take care 😊 Bernadette's and Jack 🐕 xxxx

I know a few like this I'm humbled to say 💙

That's lovely and so true, so many wonderful people here 🐑


I agree lovely people in this group xx

Totally agree 😘

Love it and how true

Thank you for sharing madonbrew! It's a beautiful gesture! Have a great day/weekend 😊👍🏾💐

Yes so true - I meet many people on here and in my life who fit the words-X

There are people on here with such troubles of their own, but still find time and sympathy for others. Bless you all. Love Iris x

Thank you. That was lovely. Have a good weekend! X ❤️

This applies to quite a few on this forum and I am lucky to have a couple in my life, thanks for sharing x


Made my day .

So so true

Yes, I know one or two people like that.

Sweet! Thanks for sharing!

I'm going to keep that to put in a special friends birthday card. Thanks madonbrew.

Bless you RoadRunner!!! It is very lovely isn’t it... that’s why I wanted to put it on here, because there are so many lovely people on here, who probably don’t know what impact they have in our lives!

I think your friend will love it and will make them feel appreciated and encouaraged and smile inside!

Sending you a hug too! 🤗 I saw your message within a post yesterday and just wanted to wrap you up in a hug! It must feel hard when you’d like to talk about your memories with your daughter but she finds it too difficult. They are precious though...the good, the bad, the funny, etc!!!! Keep them close in your heart ❤️

Love Dee x

Your words have made me tearful but lifted my spirits. You couldn't have put things any better if you tried. Thank you so much it really is appreciated.



Your tears are precious too!

Have a good day today!!!

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