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It is a shame they cannot find

For COPD a cure

That involves less exercise

Instead of saying more.

Inhalers and those tablets

Would no longer play a part.

Or eating lots of green stuff

That only makes you fart

Fish and chips might do us good

And ice cream after that

Because it's fighting COPD

It wouldn't make us fat.

But what's the point of wishing

It's never going to be.

And if I hadn't got COPD

You would never have met me!

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It’s great knowing you Don👍

What a marvel you are

Rhyming you’re so good at

Quite the shining star. 🌟

I really like to think though

Just between you and me

We’d somehow still be friends

Without pesky COPD.

Thank you Don, made me smile. Xxx🤗😘

Jaybird19 in reply to sassy59

brilliant reply sassy.

sassy59 in reply to Jaybird19

Thank you Jaybird. Xxx😘😀

Good afternoon Mr.D and've given us lucky member's a 🏆 classic!! I loved this rhyme but I've got to draw your attention to something bubbling away, very quietly so that everything seems all sweet and innocent at first glance but upon looking further, I'm afraid ,you have a competitor who obviously has read all your rhymes(up early with the birds so not to ever miss one of your rhymes).Im going to name this person's sassy59 and a clever little lady she is. So watch your back because next thing you know is she'll be rhyming back at you. We could always have a "rhyme-off" between the pair of you😂😂. Well , i can put my wooden spoon away, since it's done enough stiring for today!

(Obviously done in the best possible taste). 🐿🌈x

Your first glance at Sassy59 was the right one SH, she really is "all sweet and innocent" (though I'm not completely sure about the 'innocent') and does not have an atom of competitiveness in her. Like you she responds to all my posts and I find that very supportive. 😊

sassy59 in reply to Don-1931

Aww thank you lovely Don, I’m not competitive at all but you’re right about the “innocent.” Xxx😀😇🥰💖

Yes Mr.D i think sassy59 hides under one of those invisable cloaks and could well be a force to be reckoned with. Well my next mission is to hop, skip and jump and maybe the odd scamper and go and do a spot of surveillance on her. Watch this space!!!!😎🐿🌈x

Dear SH, you made me laugh. Xx😂⭐️❤️💜❤️👍🌈

Oh that's great if i put a smile on your face. I was a little bit worried that you'd not necessarily see the funny side of it . Thanks Sassy59 ......although I'll be on high alert now for pay back, lol 😂😂.



Oh yes I definitely saw the funny side. Take care 😁😀😇🌈

Davegt in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Perhaps we could say they inspire each other to give of their best. They complement each other. There is no rivalry there, just a mutual respect. 😉😉☺☺

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Davegt

Goodmorning Davegt and you've hit the nail on the head my friend. In these times of uncertainty it's vital to put all the headlines aside and try and make time for a little bit of laughter or light entertainment in whichever way suits. I have to admit i do get carried away with some of my replies but never do i want to upset or offend anybody on this fabulous forum. Have a good day and get out just for 30 mins and the sunshine does help somewhat considering Autumn is just around the corner. Thanks for your reply and it's great to have a "conversation" with you......I'm thinking it's our first one? 🐿🌈

Davegt in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Thank you for your kind comments SquirrelsHolt. I agree entirely that sometimes we need to put the headlines to one side. You are absolutely right about getting out in the sunshine. Sadly the past months of shielding have made me a bit of a hermit. When the news says the number of cases are rising I feel concerned about going anywhere. But where I live I can have a walk round the block without getting close to people. Take care🥰🥰

What would our forum be like without you Don? I'm glad I joined Health Unlocked and met you and all those others who lighten my life. Your poems all have an element of true life, a touch of naughtyness yet always full of humour. Best medicine we could have.


youve taken the words from my mouth !

life has definitely looked up since i joined HU


Don love it ,can't breathe with chuckling!

As they say, some good comes from bad. Your rhymes have very often brightened a weary day and some made me laugh for hours after. You are a treasure xx

Don-1931 in reply to CDPO16

What makes my rhymes good is the responses that follow even the bad ones. 😂

CDPO16 in reply to Don-1931

Today's was a cracker xx

Jaybird19 in reply to Don-1931

be honest , Don

you've never had a bad one !

Quite. Another silver lining.

Love and hugs

Kate xxx


Funny but so true Don, but I'm so pleased I have met you

Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

Another excellent one


Well said.

And we are SOOOOOOO glad we met you Don, so keep on rhyming and making us all smile x

Definitely love your rhymes Don!

They’re good for the heart ❤️

And I am so glad to have met you Don 😊

Well Don it’s not a good thing having COPD but you help put a smile on our faces when we are low or unwell. Your clever little ditties I don’t know how you do it. A massive sense of humour it must be. Keep on making us smile 😃

Quite right about the green stuff, Don! Devil's food!!! Love the rhyme and I'm glad to have met you. xx Moy

One of the best so far, Don! Thank you xx

Another light hearted look at health issues Don So lovely to have these rhymes that help us chuckle through the day and read the follow on rhymes and banter xx Thank you all

Thank you. I’m sure not everybody sees it like that, but those that don’t are kind enough to just ignore them and I appreciate that. Being desperately poorly is no laughing matter.

Of course however the rhymes help us Laughter is good medicine It’s nice not to concentrate too much on the downside. X take care. And I don’t mean to offend those in a really poorly place.

Thanks for cheering me up Don-1931, it's not often that i find humour in COPD. Stay safe👍

Well Done

Brilliant Don ! Wishful thinking but good to meet you x

So true.. well saidxx

Very nice Don.

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