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Brochiectasis for years with lung drainage. Tonight I tried for 45 minutes but nothing happened. I guess it's trapped in my left lung. Any ideas what I should do? Very worrying. I use a nebuliser and tablets.

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Hav you tried nebulising ?

If you have a flutter or an acapella,you could try using it with the nebuliser. Hope this helps a little bit.

skipwork in reply to Oshgosh

I do use a nebuliser. Thanks for replying.

Oshgosh in reply to skipwork

Sometimes if I’m struggling to get mucus up,I nebulisemore than usual,it usually comes up in the end.

ensure you are drinking plenty of water daily. Some more tips here: bronchiectasis.azurewebsite...

skipwork in reply to Bkin

Many thanks. Kind f you.


Sometimes breathing in steam helps - hot, not boiling water in a container, cover head with towel and breathe in gently and out for ten minutes. It seems to loosen stubborn mucous.

skipwork in reply to Pentreath

Kind of you. Many thanks,

1) Sleeping on the side that has the issue (e.g. the largest spaces - if you've seen your Scans/X- rays) seems to help my mum (oddly). And changing positions.

2) Lots of fluid, (but not excessive)

3) Active Cycle of Breathing little by little over time rather than all at the same time when stuff is particularly stuck, (patience and eventually it comes out)

4) Walking (if you can).

(I assume you already have carbosisteine or such like)

skipwork in reply to Response

So helpful. Thanks. I'll try what you say.

Plenty of good recommendations already, would just like to add one that is similar to the steam breathing suggestion: Nasal rinse with a saline solution.

My bronchiectasis problems are very much linked to how my sinuses are. (I have chronic sinusitis & asthma in addition to bronchiectasis)

I use a sinus rinse bottle at least twice a day to keep my sinuses clear and that is helpful in keeping the ”muck” out of the whole respiratory system and also hydrating.

I use a Neilmed for these nasal rinses but there are other makes and models that will work judt as well.

Hope you find some help from the replies!

skipwork in reply to Rattle

Many thanks. Helpful.

Lizzie34 in reply to Rattle

Thanks for that info. Will do as you suggest.

Ive q severe bronchiectasis and produce lots of mucous.i take 2 carbocysteine xwice day,increase to 3x if struggling.drink plenty.i have salbutamol then hypertronic saline x twice a day.if im struggling and dont feel any better,ill use another salbutamol in neb.i also use flutter device.if u continue to struggle they may give u erdontin as 10 day course to liquify mucous.i also clear mucous 2hrly and after eating.all the best

skipwork in reply to Patk1

Many thanks. Helpful.

Patk1 in reply to skipwork

Sometimes i will also softly bang on centre front then on front,sides and as far back i can reach,on ribcage with hand clenched.if yr not on saline or hypertronic saline nebulisers,do ask yr dr or has an osmotic effect,helping mucous to loosen and expectorate.i use nebulisers,then start my lung clearance.if its not working, ill give it bit more time,b4 trying amounts vary could b not much therex

skipwork in reply to Patk1

Many, many thanks for replying.

Try using a heating pad on the area. It helps to relax the muscles and issue.

Try laying on your stomach and have some one moderately "pound" on your back with their hands cupped. It helps loosen the mucus. I have a percussion vest that does the same thing.

Thanks indeed.

The steam idea sounds good. I noticed one time after a hot bath some mucous came up. I read a book called beating bronchiectasis and it had some good information but not everything sounded right for mè. One book was a scam.

skipwork in reply to deenyweeny

Many thanks from Cliff

Very welcome.

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