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Getting old. Lol


Well I everyone have my last app at the children's clinic in two weeks. Such a shame as they know me as been with same Dr since becoming ill. But as I will be 18 in few months iam a adult so change of hospitals and Dr. Not a good time to be switching with all that's going on but can't be helped. Mum is worrying as I have always had open access to children's ward and not sure what happens from now on but will soon find out . Does seem bit scarry but can't help getting old lol. Take care everyone.

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It will be different Pokermon but I’m sure you’ll be well looked after. I’m sure you’re writing tongue in cheek about getting old. I do hope so. Xxx😂💜😂


You will be fine, welcome to being an adult lol🤣 have a goodnight and stay safe 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

It will be different,but I’m sure you will approach it with your usual positivity.

You will have your mums support.good. Luck.

Hi Pokermon, it might feel a bit strange for a while getting used to your new doctors and saying bye bye to your current team, but gradually you’ll build up a new rapport and they’ll get to know you etc.

18 hey!!! Definitely old! 😂

If you are old I must be ancient! Good luck with the change and I hope that you get a good specialist at your new hospital x

When I was little, my nearest neighbors were dinosaurs 🦖 🦕

Ok so maybe I’m not quite that old.

I hope you continue to get the same level of care once you’re an adult as you do at the moment

All the best for this new change in your medical care. Hope you fine more great people to support you through the next stage in your life.

Good grief getting old at 18 must make me ancient!

Change can be a bit of a worry but I’m sure you will be fine, look at it as an adventure, you will get used to your new medical team.

When I moved I was worried about a new doctor I had been with my previous Doc for over 20 years, had them well trained.

At my new surgery I saw a couple til I found one I liked, tho to be fair even the one I wasn’t too keen on has been very good recently.

Same with the warfarin clinic they do things very differently up here, got used to it now, the warfarin nurses are great.


Hello pokermon I hope college is going well for you. 🤞for a good transition to the adult health care and your new healthcare team. X Anita

Another big step through life.

Actually new doctors can mean new ideas as well as the old . Just look at that as a benefit . Hope college is going well despite all the current problems.

Good luck


Old!🤣🤣🤣 You do know all us 'oldies' are only pretending to be grown up don't you? We haven't a clue really!

Try 72, Pokermon.....don't let anyone tell you that the Golden Years are golden, because they are not. Enjoy your your life to the fullest....sorry you have to change doctors..I think that's a really weird rule, but I guess it is what it is, huh?

I hope the change of hospital and Dr will be seamless. Stay always your usual positive self and things will work out (as it has for the rest of us youngsters on this forum!)

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