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Confused. A Spotted Owl?


A warm one last night and we had the balcony door open and heard a very strange bird call from a tree not ten yards away. I have tried to identify it and can only find one with a similar call, a Spotted Owl, it is a very sweet call. Pretty loud too, from only ten yards away.

The problem is that it is a near-threatened species owl, from the USA.

An escaped pet I wonder, it would have to be a captive bred bird because it appears on the Cites list.

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I’m intrigued. He’s certainly a long way from home. Xxx

Did you try the RSPB site for bird night calls UK 2g? Of course it could be a parrot mimicking something heard on the TV :D

Robin is my favourite:

2greys in reply to Bkin

No ,nothing on there like it. Such a distinctive call, which is why I took notice in the first place. Parrots definitely go to sleep when it is dark. The Spotted Owl call was spot on though, if a little quiet on the recording. If it is back tonight, I will make a point to try and capture the call on my phone, which I never thought to do last night.

Apparently it comes from western usa . wooded areas . So we have had winds coming g from states and s oke being carried over to the extent that it has shown traces of orange here. Sounds very unlikely but it was reported . If that has happened could an owl be carried here too .? W e do get occasional american birds here when the winds i are right. Try and record it as you say but do contact RSPB as bkin suggests. Very interesting.

2greys in reply to Jaybird19

It is possible, one heck of a long way from the west coast USA to here though and owls do not have the long narrow "glider" wings, it would have to do a lot of flapping to stay aloft. It could have escaped from a sanctury, there is one only a few miles away. The Stubbington Ark is a separately registered branch which comes under the umbrella of the RSPCA but not the RSPB. If it is still around tonight and I will record it I will be giving them a ring. It is possible. There is an abundance of rodents around the line of trees and hedgerow to feed on.

Jaybird19 in reply to 2greys

yes it is too far . you cant help but wonder what happened to all those animals in such a large area . There are lots of aviarys around in various places . Chester Cathedral has quite a large bird of prey centre as has a local garden centre . These places do fly their birds as it attracts visitors,

Hope you manage to record it.

Maybe a local aviary or zoo.

This wonderful Bird sound used to wake me up in the mornings, I don't know much about birds so I looked on the net and played all the birds sounds,didn't have much luck soi phoned the local birdwatchers .The chap had me trying to whistle it to him,he was baffled and asked me next time I heard it to try and record it and get back to him.sure enough a couple days later I heard him outside my window and almost gave myself whiplash trying to find my recorder .i need not have rushed he stayed for a wee while long enough to find out it was my alarm clock,never heard it before I am usually up before it .Noooo I didn't phone the guy back.

knitter in reply to Sweetsaphie

That made me laugh.....I had a blackbird in my garden that mimicked the first sounds of my landline , made me react every time .

My friends ring tone on her mobile is a cuckoo .

I like it !

Gladwyn in reply to Sweetsaphie

Hilarious!! Love it. Thanks for the laugh. 😂😂😂


Izb1 in reply to Sweetsaphie

Thats is so funny and made my day laughing, thank you so much for cheering me up x

Unfortunately nothing was heard last night, whether the fact that it rained here shortly after dark I don't know. Another warm evening for today so the balcony door will be open again :(

I love owls and its a long time since I have seen one. My sisters and husband worked on a farm near Brackley and when younger we used to visit and would be lucky to see the owls, it was magical x

2greys in reply to Izb1

On our third visit to the Broads, leaving Coltishall very early in the morning we watched one fly quite low up the river towards and past us, silently, a magnificent sight and minutes later some leverets playing on the river bank. Still vivid in my mind.

I have never been to the Broads, but your stories make me want to see it

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