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Ongoing lung issues after Pleurectomy; pain, bubbling, fatigue 17 year old..Help!


Hi all,

I am looking for some advice please. My son (17yrs) has had spontaneous pneumothorax on both lungs and has had a pleurectomy with bullae removed by VATS on left lung and pleurodesis by VATS on Right lung. Right lung was last year and left year before (there was a staple leak 10 days after that surgery however seemed to resolve). His right lung is fine however for the last few months he has experienced pain in shoulder bubbling under arm pit and pain in other areas of left lung along with shortness of breath and severe fatigue (all on L side R is great!)..

So all on left where he had the pleurectomy 2 years ago..

He has had x-ray and CT scan arranged by chest clinic and both have come back normal (according to consultant nothing lung tissue probs or anything else either)..he wont accept that there is nothing wrong and is very sure there is something not right. He hasn't actually been examined as yet and chest clinic just discharged him.

Anyway I have pushed them to examine him but he says it will be more than 3 weeks so we are just in limbo waiting now..

Have rung GP this morn and they are calling back as I want him to have an exam..

My question is really can anything be underlying eg pleurisy/air leak etc that could only be picked up dynamically ie when chest is moving?

The consultant says that it also wouldn't be possible to have further surgery to Left, I'm not sure this is right as I have heard of people having to have repeat surgeries??

And has anyone else had this experience after chest surgery??

Sorry for the waffle, hope someone can help! Emily xxxx

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Hi ~Emily

So sorry to hear about your son's situation, it must be so distressing for you.

I can't really offer any advice but I am sure if you phone the nurses on the BLF helpline, they will be able to advise you.

I would say that your son's consultant is advising what can or cannot be done to help your son's situation, treating him as an individual patient. I daresay what can be done for your son may not be the same for another child, teenager or adult.

I do hope your son will be showing an improvement real soon. Do phone BLF helpline for further advice and support (contact information provided from the link above)

My very best wishes to you and your son.

emilyg in reply to Bkin

Thankyou Bkin..yes I know, my only worry is that no one has actually examined him (covid restrictions etc)...going to push GP to have a listen to his chest at least.!

Ill speak to the BLF nurses..thankyou for the advice :) xxx

Bkin in reply to emilyg

Good Luck Emily, hope your son can be examined soonest. The helpline may be able to advise on what other questions to ask as well. x x

Poor lad. agree with bkin. BLf help line no . is 03000 030555 uk office hours.

emilyg in reply to peege

Thankyou, yes waiting for call back from BLF nurse:)

Ive not had any lung surgery.however,strange tho it soinds i get shoulder pain with infections of lungs

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