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Help ,,,,, Azithromycin/ INSOMNIA is there a connection


I have been on this tablet 3 days a week for about 10months + no problem , but I’ve got terrible insomnia ,and if I’ve lucky I get 2 hours sleep a night , has anyone else had this problem ,if so I’d love to know what to do ,

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Hello Nanny, all I can say is that Pete also takes azithromycin three times a week but doesn’t have insomnia. Are there other drugs you take that could be causing it? Steroids do in many.

I hope you get to have a good nights sleep soon.

Take care xxxxx

Nanny1086 in reply to sassy59

Hi Sassy , I’m pleased to hear that Pete has no long term side effects , and I know what steroids do to me sleep wise ,,,,well lack of it ,,,I avoid taking them as much as possible and the Azithromycin is working well ,,, but I’m just not getting any sleep ,,,at all some nights I’m still awake at 5am ,,,

I do take my BP MEDICATION at night ,,,, because I also take Montelukast in a morning ,because it gives me hallucinations if I take that at night ,,,and I take my Azithromycin in a morning,,,,What with 3 inhalers and thyroid medication need a suitcase for itall ,😂 take care Sassy and best wishes to Pete , 🎈 ,

sassy59 in reply to Nanny1086

It’s a lot to think about Nanny and I hope you find a solution to your lack of sleep very soon. Xxx

Hello Nanny, I took azithromycin for five years until it stopped working. I have always had a bad sleeping pattern and the azith made no difference one way or the other. I very much doubt that it is the azith. There can be so many things which affect our sleep so maybe start a process of looking at everything that is going on. The state of the condition that you are taking it for, the situation which we are living through, other medications which you are taking. etc. A little detective work may lead you to better sleep. I hope so.

Nanny1086 in reply to Littlepom

Hi littlepom ,,, I To have a sleep problems most of my life ,,which in lock down seemed to get worse ,,,but I always mananged some sleep,,, I’m not a day time napper so I get really tired ,,, I had a couple of sleeping pills from GP,,, to try to get in a better sleep pattern ,,, but no ,,, I slept on the fist night ,,,but then back to not sleeping ,,, he only gave me 8 ,and won’t give me any more , I think I’ll take your advise and have a look all my medication, 🤞thanks for the advise little Pom ,

Littlepom in reply to Nanny1086

Yes insomnia is a horrible thing and sometimes there is no knowing why. I have an otherwise healthy friend who has had it for years and years. She gas had sleeping tablets, various sleep programmes etc but still is awake most of the night. I do hope that you eventually get back to your pattern

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