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Using Carbocisteine for the 1st time


Hi,I’ve just been giving Carbocisteine to try for the 1st time,Have people found these helpful when going on them,Thanks

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Hi, Homer12,

Carbocisteineis prescribed to thin mucus, making it easier to be expelled from within the lungs. Some people find it does not suit them, as with all medicines there can be some side effects. It works for me, without it my mucus goes into a jelly like substance that is difficult to bring up. I do not normally cough with it either. You can only try it and see.

Yes I have found them helpful, you need to drink plenty of water as well.

I use them on an as required basis. Need 2, 3 times daily with a lung infection and at other times 2, once or twice daily.

They made a big positive difference to me.

They seem to thin the mucus,making it easier to get up.

I don’t need to cough as much as I used to, making life a lot more comfortable .i hope it works for you.

shouty in reply to Oshgosh

Same with me . No need for strenuous coughing to expectorate sputum 😊

I have been using them for at least a year and they are great. No noticeable side effects. Certainly reduced problem I had with too much phlegm being produced. I find now that if I miss a dose I can tell. Also if my chest gets "bad" I notice the phlegm again but easier to clear.

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