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Scammers beware they are it already


Phone rings

Me ... hello

Caller ...good morning this is ayesha from the test and trace centre appears you have been in contact with somone who has tested positive with covid ...

Me ... oh my goodness whose that please

Caller ...we cant reveal that information but we need to advise you that you need to be tested and we can send that out in the post all we need is you address date of birth and a credit card number ...

Me card number why do you need that

Caller...oh we send you the test at a charge of £45 so when your ready

Me the NHS are free and give the tests free so I'm not giving you any information regarding credit cards....

Caller ...but we need to emphasize this with you it's for your safety credit card details please

Me .... F##k off

Please don't respond to these scams by phone its disgusting and there are people who will respond to this and pay 😣

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Thanks for the warning as I’ve not heard of that one. That’s really awful. Glad you weren’t caught out Bb8. Take care xxxx😘👍💜

Blackbird8 in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carol its disgusting they will try anything to get money disgusting humans 😣💜

Thanks for the heads up Blackbird they are so crafty targeting anyone who could be tricked or panicked into revealing private details. Terrible

Blackbird8 in reply to Patsy164

Welcome its vile how they appear and so many will believe this 🙄

That is terrible there are worried and vunerable people out there who may not have internet etc. So probably think its true and pass details on . Some horrible people out there preying on the vunerable

Blackbird8 in reply to Spacecat1

Makes me so angry at the prospect of it

Thanks for the warning BB. I do get some stupid scammer calls, "Car Accident recently"." Paypal"." Washing Machine I've never Had", this one is continuous. "Talk Talk", A Real Pain, Now sorted with a Threat to Offcom. They are out there Just Like the Nasty VIRUS. I have in the past Answered in Spanish, But, Machines don't Know the Difference. Take Care. xxx C.

Blackbird8 in reply to Hacienda

Oh its ridiculous the way things like this are about anything for a quick buck and dont care how they do it vile scum 😣

music in reply to Hacienda

i have had talktalk and pay pal has well asking for card details sent by email


I just hang up on the scammers myself as when things appear too good to be true then they usually are.

Yes totally but this was a totally different scam from the same old same old

Well done and thanks for sharing with us

Blackbird8 in reply to Suzie42

Welcome Suzie enjoy your Sunday 💜

Seriously, do they think we are stupid? But you're right, some people will be scared and taken in and that is truly disgusting. There should be a regular item on the news, warning people this is going on. Thanks for the post BB xx

Blackbird8 in reply to O2Trees

Its disgusting and the nature of the beast nowadays to target and scam those that are easy to prey on turns my stomach 😣

Thanks Carol, As things are so uncertain and strange I probably would have had to think on my feet if I had received a call like that. Fortunately I will be aware of such phone calls now. Its a good time for fraudsters to pounce. Thanks again.


Yes stay safe 💜

Thanks for the warning! Scammers should be so ashamed of themselves. How do they feel when their elderly grans tell them they’ve been scammed I wonder..... especially with the same ruse. Scum!

Blackbird8 in reply to Gladwyn

Exactly just just disgusting x

One rang my mother claiming that her internet had a serious virus. Lol she kept them on the phone for an hour until it dawned on them that she has no internet.

Blackbird8 in reply to Badbessie


Gladwyn in reply to Badbessie

Brilliant!! 😂😂😂😂

Hope you reported this BB.

Also if you are with BT;

Blackbird8 in reply to Bkin

All reported and dealt with 😇

Bkin in reply to Blackbird8

Good job BB :)

They will have fun with me, last time I went out, to have "contact" with anyone was June 2018. Last call I had, a few days ago, company asking to speak to my husband (name different as did not change my name). Snarled at the woman to "shut up", told her, to get data updated, the person was my husband, and he died in 2013. There was a satisfying silence before the call got cut.

Oh my that's not good really is it 💜

I used to get upset, now I just get pissed off.

I have a whistle for calls such as this and just blow when I realise who they are didn't do that today as the person had a really good phone voice I told her where to get off though I'm not slow in coming forward when it's a low life ❤

Izb1 in reply to Blackbird8

Ha! where did you get the whistle from ? I have been looking for ages and thanks for the update, its amazing how low these people can get x

Blackbird8 in reply to Izb1

Ebay pack of two for a fiver I use one for the dogs and the other at the phone ..proper old mouth whistles 😂

Izb1 in reply to Blackbird8

Thank you BB, will take a look now x

Oh my gosh that’s terrible. Thanks for letting us know about it ☹️

Its disgusting isn't it boils my blood hate things like this 💜

Thanks for the warning. Not had that one yet.

Very welcome 💜

How low can these people go. Disgusting. Thanks for warning.

Blackbird8 in reply to Lemon7

I know its terrible 😣

Thanks bb Not heard of that one x

Neither did I till yesterday disgusting humans 😣

Absolutely disgusting, how many of us will fall for it, if I get one I'll say, thankyou I'll ring 119 right away.

Blackbird8 in reply to Trishe

Its reported already 😊

And it won't be a mere £45 they take grrrr people will definitely be taken in because there are so many anxious people out there, people who just don't understand how we have to mistrust nowadays instead of trusting that we're being told the truth or know that It's big business selling people details on. Its very sad.

I rarely get scam calls, only the "I gather you've been involved in an accident". I wonder if its because I've opted to keep my details private on the electoral register . The normal electoral register is open to any tom dick or harry

Blackbird8 in reply to peege

I totally agree Peege its endless and relentless 😣

I haven't had this call ... yet, but I have had 2 saying they from the HRMC and that I owe taxes and need to pay immediately or would get arrested shortly as there were 2 arrest warrants out on me and I need to press 1 to talk to an officer at that point I hung u. these calls came a week apart and both times around 5pm. I have contacted HRMC and they are aware of the scam and asked if I could send them the phone number and date/time, which I did and got a reply back.

This was a number withheld its disgusting and poor ppl out there that will panic over this 💜

I received my tv licence letter informing me of different ways of paying. I opted for telephone which was automated. All fine until after entering bank sort code was asked to enter my 6 number bank account but mine has 8 numbers. After automated did not understand a voice came in asking if i am having problems and when i say yes i am told oh they are having problems with system and tells me i will be transferred to someone who could help me. Then another voice comes in asking for my card details and by then i was getting concerned. Probably above board but why if they know there is a system problem do they still allow people to ring. I refused to give details and the phone got slammed down,

Blackbird8 in reply to winfar

I hate voice call automated services they drive me nuts they way they repeat and say ..oh did I hear you correct and repeat the numbers 😂😂

Davegt in reply to Blackbird8

Also some of the music on these automated systems is dreadful, distorted and not calming. Once every minute or so the music interrupted by an automated message telling you how busy they are and "your call is important to us."After a few more minutes "I am sorry we are unable to take your call at the moment please try later" then the line goes dead. Agh!

Blackbird8 in reply to Davegt

And at that point phone is fired through nearest window 😂😂

I love what you told them to do! I’ve had a couple of scams lately that are so believable. I had to check with my bank on one of them because they said I was paying a regular amount monthly which I didn’t think I did.;

I had another last week that was a very English well spoken man. He said they were with the police and wanted to put in a security system. It would mean that if anyone tried to get in the police would be notified and come at once. He sounded very believable but I’ve already got the system anyway and I wouldn’t entertain any old caller on the phone doing anything for me if I don’t know them. So that’s another one to beware of.

Blackbird8 in reply to Mavary

Yes daily occurrence these scammers disgusting humans 😣

Don’t ever do anything on the phone. That is my motto and if you get any letters you think are scam phone the company. You can’t trust anyone.

I love your reply 😂😂

Blackbird8 in reply to Meme50


Here's how we (my wife and I) handle calls. (We're in the US) We have caller ID. If we don't recognize the name that pops up we don't answer. We feel if they are legitimate they can leave a message and we will get back to them. In over 90% of cases they leave no message. This is because it is usually a sales pitch to try to get us to buy something or other.

Thanks for posting. Had to leave my number today when I brought two takeout lattes at an outside order point and drank outside off the premises. Glad to be forewarned. 👍

Blackbird8 in reply to rachelmi

Yes just be careful 💜💜

Excellent response. They are scum trying to take advantage. I would say exactly the same. Very useful to make everyone aware.

Blackbird8 in reply to Davegt

I think its disgusting who knows how much they will make from vunerable people vile creatures 😖

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