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What you are working with copd?


Copd : what are you working? Searching for ideas as after 3 days in a factory i start having serious breathing problems. Beign in furlough i start singing ( seriously) , now after 3 working days... I prefer to dont spoke with nobody as i don't have power for this

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Sorry don't understand what you are saying. I am aware English isn't your first language so am not criticising you but it might help if you use Bing translator?


Gabicku in reply to hypercat54

Unfortunately Google translate will be worst than my english 😭 . I will try another way writing : During of furlough - factory closed by gouverment ( received 80% from my salary) i was able to start singing- to play a song vocal . In present i just starting work in a factory for (3days in this moment ), and my power of voice (recovered on that period ) i start to losing . What kind / type of work you are doing guys? . Where i am working now are welding , painting, laser welding machinery) . I try some warehouse but air was too wet and i quite in first 20 minutes working - just go to my car and get 2 spray of ventolin

hypercat54 in reply to Gabicku

Ok think I've got it now. You work in a factory doing welding and painting and you find the fumes are affecting your breathing? I don't think your line of work is helpful if you have lung problems as the fumes can only make it worse. I presume you wear a proper industrial mask? Does this help at all?

Are your employers aware of your illness? Are there other jobs there you could do which are healthier? I don't know what country you are in but I assume you have rights there and there is a disability act which might cover you. Do you belong to a union? Is there any official advice you could access to find out your rights?

Hope you manage to find a job that is better for you. Could you work as a packer in a shop, or do farm work?

Gabicku in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for replying. Seem to be a good idea.

obviously the factory fumes are really affecting your lungs. Your employer should supply you and everyone else in the workkplace with a proper filter mask to use.

I can understand that you'd rather not speak to anyone about it, perhaps there are others in the same situation too who might have a word. Is there a Trade Union representative?

Lovely to be able to sing during your furlough! Good luck. P

Gabicku in reply to peege

Hi. I will explain clear as possible ( for my english ) . I asked here on the forum becouse i am out of ideas

I have no ideea what's mean " trade union" but i am not looking to make any complains becouse :

A - i tried working as delivery driver for a pizza company where the smell/ steam of this beign in my car i realized is bad for me - worked there 3 days and i stopped.

B- i tried to work in a warehouse where i quite after 20minutes

C- the actul job is a metal/steel factory - anyway from monday i will be on different positions where is a bit more far away from welding and painting section .

This is the reason why i asked here on the forum what kind of jobs are doing other person with COPD . By the way i think also the long time break from work is a point to consider as today my voice start to be more powerful than first 2 working days , when was very hard for me to say "hello or good morning" . From March i was at home shielded by gouverment - redundant from July .Hope to dont be wrong understand - apologies for my english

peege in reply to Gabicku

Your English is just fine! There aren't many members here who can write all that you have in a foreign language 😉

Good news that youre moving away from the welding on Monday Gabicku

PS I don't have copd but I'm very lucky I've never had to work in an unhealthy environment

Tell your manager that you have lung problems with any fumes that mi ght bother you. Other people do not understand because they do no t notice that there are fumes, i have same problem now retired , but anybody who smokes smells enough to make me cough. When i tell them t hey think i am just fussy . So tell all those you work with as well as your manager

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