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Prednisolone Tendons


Don't know about cipro but prednisolone practically dissolved my right Achilles tendon. Beware of long term steroids for lung problems.

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It’s true. A friend of mine lifted a heavy object. But not so heavy it should have popped his bicep tendon . It did though and now there’s just a knot of a muscle there. Looks kinda odd. He’d been on prednisone for yrs! They didn’t do surgery to repair.

Pete’s been on pred since 1991 with no problems so he’s lucky. Xxxx

ninelives in reply to sassy59

Pred can be a lifesaver -I agree with you have been on it for 16 years -have got osteoporosis but then lots of us do when a little older.

Certainly wouldn't be here without it.

sassy59 in reply to ninelives

Pete has osteoporosis too but, like you, would be without the steroids. Take care xxxx

madonbrew in reply to sassy59

Wow that’s amazing that Pete has no probs with pred! Long may it continue!

A salutary warning. Our health is often a balancing act between effective meds and unwanted side effects.

Beware short term as well. My husband over the course of 2 years had steroid injections into his Achilles tendon. 3 years later, it ruptured!

ninelives in reply to Suzie42

Thank you -hubby was offered those by inexperienced GP-the senior partner in practise refused to do it for the same reason your hubby experienced.

Hope he has recovered.

Suzie42 in reply to ninelives

Yes he is now 4 years post op and no problems. He was given injections by a rheumatologist consultant!!!

Be very weary I am still aching from them six months later they say might take a year I feel exhausted every day

ninelives in reply to Burghy

Bless you hope that you feel better soon

Burghy in reply to ninelives

Thank you I am fighting this one

Prednisone is one of many meds I take every morning and throughout the day and always feel lousy after taking them. I started using prednisone 15 years ago intermittently then daily 5 years ago varying from 10 to 35 mg a day depending on my condition. As yet I am only aware of onset Osteo and tissue skin which of course causes me so many problems being on blood thinners. I have tried many times to reduce the dose but cannot manage without them. Thanks for the warning.

Burghy in reply to hallentine47

I was on 50mg reducing but went off as they were not helping good luck

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