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Thank you for the birthday wishes

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Thank you to Yatzy (aka Caspiana's Secretary) and for everyone sending me birthday wishes. After months of shielding finally released 1st August only to be put back into local lockdown in Preston on the 8th!! So even visitors in my garden are not allowed so its back to face timing my family tonight. But I have had plenty of "passing visitors" at the end of drive so I have been truly spoilt,

Once again thank you all very much. i really appreciated it.

Mollie xxx

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Hope your enjoying your “lockdown” day and glad you’re being spoilt. I have a friend in Preston who’s had a ride out to Blackpool with her husband. She loves the sea.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Xxx💕💕

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Mollie01 in reply to sassy59

Haha we had a ride out to Cleveleys for the sea air but it was so busy and hot so came home.

You’re very welcome, Mollie 💕

I’m glad you had a good day, despite the new ANNOYING!

Happened on my birthday too, my daughter n family, who I was longing to see after 5 months, suddenly locked down in G Manchester, with contact notes to observe Oh well, we’re getting good at this 😑 Enjoy your evening anyway, thank goodness for FaceTime! 🌸 Penny

I hope your birthday has been a lock down highlight for you with virtual visitors galore and distanced visitors to wave to. On my birthday in May, I had a lovely day despite the lock down so hope yours has been too.

xx Moy

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Mollie01 in reply to MoyB

Oh thank you Moy. I had a wonderful day. I had planned a pub lunch in the village sitting outside with my two daughters but the rules this week are one household per table. But everybody made the effort to call by, phone or facetime so it was so special. I'm glad you had a lovely day - all grateful for small surprises these days.

Take care Mollie xxx

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MoyB in reply to Mollie01

Absolutely! We take the pleasure where we can!! So glad you had a good day. xx Moy

Sorry I missed your birthday. Belated greetings to you 🍰🎁🎊

No worries. Thank you for your greetings. Mollie xxx

Happy belated birthday , sorry you are back in lockdown but it’s good to be safe 🙏🏻

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Mollie01 in reply to Titchykath

Oh thank you Kath Had a wonderful day anyway. Take care Mollie xx

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