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Lung biopsy results


Hi there,

It's me back from the war. The battles are going to be fought as of today.

I have a stage 1 lung tumour with a possible stomach and bowel tumour. A Pet scan appointment is being made for next week at Christie's in Manchester. They are also taking over my breast cancer treatment. Owing to the fact that the lung tumour is next to my spine Radiotherapy is not really an option. First we need to find all the other 'possible' tumours in my body, after the scan we shall know more. I had somehow accepted cancer in my lung and even stomach because I have not been able to eat lately and pressure on my diaphragm, one knows ones body🙂So, no good news yet, really. As I only have this one lung left, it will be extremely difficult whatever they do, perhaps I will have some luck tucked away somewhere👍🏽🤗

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts and good vibes I appreciate it all and I hope you all, my dodgy lung friends 😉will continue to think of me in the next coming weeks. All my love to you all and have ready breathing days full of incoming summer temperatures 🤗😁☀️☀️☀️⛱

Hugs to all🙂❤💐🙏🏽

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Ah bless you spicey fruit Bev,you are getting everything thrown at you at the moment and not the result you wanted to hear,however i am sure your team are on the ball and will do whatever is required rapidly to get on top of things.

You continue to amaze me with your sense of humour,empathy to others and never say die attitude and i am sure it will stand you in good stead in whatever they decide to do in the future.

Love and best wishes Ski's and Scruff's x

Hi Ski's and Scruff's

What a lovely message, you always bolster me with support, jokes and the very best classic cat racing events😁👍🏽

I shall remember your kind words when I am in the hospital's bowels and a little afraid from time to time.

Bless you both🤗👍🏽

You can and will win this battle dear Bev but yes, it’s going to be a real uphill struggle. I have lots of healing and positivity to send to you. I will always be thinking of you dear lady so hang on in there.

Love and hugs, Carole xxx😘💖💕👍🌈

Gingerapple in reply to sassy59

Hi Carole,

From you and Peter, too, such kind words and inspiration, I definitely need this encouragement🤗👍🏽💐

I hope you're both well and looking forward to the 'Friday of Summer' lol...apparently hours of sunshine.☀️☀️

Big hugs🤗🤗

sassy59 in reply to Gingerapple

I’m sending all the encouragement I can muster and so is Pete. 🙏🏻👍😀🌈

Not too crazy about really hot weather but we’ll make the best of it. Lol ☀️🌞☀️

Love and hugs.....🌹😘❤️


So sorry to hear this Gingerapple. Everything crossed for you for the outcome of the next batch of tests. Keep coming here to let us know how you are please.

Thank you Pentreath💐

I certainly could do with the help of all your 'crossed' things😁👍🏽I will keep you posted. Have a great evening, Bev 🤗🍀

Well that sucks. I will be thinking of you dear Spicy Other Bev and sending you so many good wishes. In fact the next time I’m in the middle of a sheepy woolly cuddle, when they all crowd around me and I’m enveloped in this fluffy embrace of happiness, I’ll try to distill that feeling of bliss and send all those good vibes your way. 🐑

Ha, out of the mouths of babes!! 😁😁It does suck, Hufflepuff, but the promise of receiving some of your sheepy, woolly cuddle sends me into bliss😁🤗I can't remember the last time I had a fluffy embrace🤗🤗I thank you and send love to you! (I like that little sheep at the end🤗)

I’m sending you positive vibes.

It’s good that all your treatment will be under the Christie,they will have the full i true and there will be no to ing and fro ing between consultants and different hospitals.

I know it sounds silly,but before it all starts next week,try to do something for you,even if it’s sitting in the garden,going for a drive ( short one) any thing you want.

I will be thinking of you.keep in touch

Gingerapple in reply to Oshgosh

Hi Oshgosh,

I need those positive vibes, thank you so much💐I have only been to Christie's once and I have googled it, but I don't know how good the hospital is and it's teams, but I am glad not to be running from Chester to Manchester. I will sit in the garden and watch the birds feed and sit with Bu 🐱the cat.

Thank you for your lovely support 💐🤗

Oshgosh in reply to Gingerapple

It’s got a good reputation, it will be good to have all your treatment in the same hospital.

Enjoy sitting in the garden with your cat.

Awe Bev I am so sorry you are going through all these struggles. I am glad though that you will be cared for by the Christie. I can’t stress enough how much I admire your courage and fortitude, although I imagine you don’t always feel that way and that’s ok too. Your upbeat attitude generally can only have a positive effect on your system.

Will be thinking of you sweetheart and know we are always here for you.

With love


Thank you so much for your lovely message. I am feeling strong but also because of all your messages and support and a bit thankful for what I know, yesterday my head was on the dark side🙈Today I know what I'm looking at. I hope Christie's is good.

You all make me feel cared for and I know you're there.🤗Much love, xxx❤🤗

thinking of you already Bev with mountains of love and healing power flying your way. I do hope you've got loved ones nearby to hold you up in the coming weeks, we'lldo out ,ittle bit too xxx. Hugs, Penelope

Gingerapple in reply to peege

Thank you so much Penelope,

I feel the love already and the healing power!❤🙏🏽That is the only saddest thing, my daughter and the grandchildren live in London and I haven't seen them since Christmas. But I have all of you and I see people on my laptop👍🏽Like most of us here I have been shielding and it's 6 months now, really hard times are in front if us still.

I am very happy I have all of you😁👍🏽 Hugs, Bev xxx 🤗🌹


You are an exceptional lady and know you will be through this. We are all here for you and are thinking of you. Have a wonderful day and stay safe love 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

Hi Bernadette,

Lovely you are, thank you for the compliments. I will be ok, I have so much support from you all.

Have a lovely evening and stay safe, big hugs, Bev🤗🌹

Thank you very much telling us all this. You seem to be amazingly cogent in your description and astonishingly stoical. What a lot you are having to face. I do hope you have a good network of support around from family and friends and that you have confidence in your medical team.

Sending you love, hugs, good vibes

Kate xxx

Hi Kate🌻

Thank you, I usually keep people posted when things change, all our dodgy lungs🙈😁🌹

I think at present my support circle is here, although I do speak to my daughter and grandchildren, who live in London, but all will be ok.

My medical team is new and I will try to have confidence in them😉I am always a little nervous around people who want to spear me and tell me it won't hurt a bit😉😁🤗

Have a great evening Kate, sorry for the long message,Hugs🤗🌹🍀

Ah Ginger, not what you wanted to hear. I'm so sorry. Can only send lots of love and hugs and know your dodgy lung buddies are here for you. Xxox

Hi Angela🌹

No, and I even heard too much 😁but it's ok . And I'm really glad my dodgy lung buddies are here. 😁Big hugs Angela🤗🧁and thank you for your love and hugs❤🌹

What all that lot said x 2. 🤡🧡😘xx Don, and Midge 🐶

Gingerapple in reply to Don-1931

Hi Don and Midge🐶💐

😁What all that lot said x2 ? 😳🥴I hope I can deal with all that much love and healing vibes!😁🙈

Thank you so much, you are both so much appreciated ♥️😘

OMG that is horrendous you are dealing with that all at once Bev, you must be one brave lady, I am sending you all my love and healing thoughts that everything will be done for the very best outcome for you. xox

Gingerapple in reply to Bkin

Hi Bkin,

Thank you so much for your love and healing thoughts. They say you don't know how strong you are until you have to use it🙂

I will keep you in my thoughts when I am scared 😘💐

Have a lovely evening, hugs Bev xxx 🤗🍀

Bkin in reply to Gingerapple

Do you do the Ho'oponopono Bev it may help x x

Gingerapple in reply to Bkin

????🤔....😁 What is that?

Oh Bev, so Awful for you, I am so saddened and I am stumped for words. Sending Healing Vibes and a Prayer for you my Love. Positivity does Help, Stay as Strong and Brave as you can. Love & Gentle Hugs. XXX C.

Gingerapple in reply to Hacienda

Hi C💐Thank you for your healing vibes and prayers. I will, I'll try strength and think of you all and then I will be brave because your support is so much appreciated!

Love and hugs C, love Bev xxx 🤗😘🌹💐

This is not the news I was expecting to hear at all. It puts my woes into perspective. Christies does have a great reputation. Hopefully all your cancers are related and the same treatment (Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy) will see them all off together at the same time. I feel for you, try and keep your spirits up, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings". Wishing you all the best wishes that I can muster.

Gingerapple in reply to 2greys

Hello 2greys🙂

It sounds so terrible, doesn't it? You certainly can feel small when you get hit with three things at once🤔How do mean related, 2greys? A spread of one type of cancer? It would be good. All our woes are important and I have just been unlucky, but as you say "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" 😁I'm going to buy a cigar and keep it until I've won! 👍🏽😉

Thank you so much for your support, I truly, truly appreciate your wonderful heartfelt words and your support🌟❤Also always your great knowledge!

2greys in reply to Gingerapple

A spread of one type of cancer? Yes, it could also be a mutation and yet still respond to the same treatment.

Gingerapple in reply to 2greys

Ah, of course, I've never thought of it like that, I forget about mutation and the various kinds of tumours sometimes🙂That would be good.

2greys in reply to Gingerapple

Which is probably why:

"First we need to find all the other 'possible' tumours in my body, after the scan we shall know more."

Gingerapple in reply to 2greys

Ah yes, of course! I have senior moments sometimes 😁then again yesterday was a bit harrowing🤔Have a good day and I hope your wife is well and being careful and safe!🌹🎈

That news is the pits, I’m so sorry to hear it. Puts folk moaning about losing a week in Spain into perspective rather. I don’t know if it’s relevant but a pal of mine has had tumours in all the places you have for about ten years and she’s just had a new treatment to zap them all (technical term) at once, done once a month for six months. Not a cure but stops them in their tracks. I’ll phone and ask her what it’s called and let you know. Might not be relevant to you but no harm in asking.

Hey teenieleek,

Great message, thank you so very much! It would be great if you can find out what your friend was treated with, it could be relevant, it could help me.

I really appreciat your support and good wishes, everything helps me👍🏽🙂🤗

So very sorry you’ve got so much to face, Bev, try to keep soldiering on, taking just a day at a time. The Christie hospital has an excellent reputation for everything, I’d want to be there if I was you, to benefit from their well tried and trusted skills.

Love and a huge hug 🤗 we’re all with you, supporting you every step of the way ❤️🤍❤️

Penny 🌻 xx

Gingerapple in reply to Yatzy

Hi Penny,

How are you? Thank you so much for your message. I have heard about the Christie, I hope it's really good.

Thank you, too, Penny for your support, I hope we can chat soon again here, when I have some really good news🤗🎈❤🙏🏽I do appreciate your wonderful message. I don't scare that easy but I bet at some point there might be tears, who knows, it's all new right now and no idea what their therapies will be🤔

Have a warm, dry Wednesday today, it's supposed to be getting warmer☀️🌝Hugs🤗 Bev xxx

Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

Yes, I would love more chats ☺️ especially some of the good news we’re hoping for very soon. Little bits of good are great! Keep telling us all on the dodgy lung site how things are going. So many things turn out better than you think and worry about, I’m glad to say. I should know, I’m the world’s worst worrier! Especially about medical stuff. Just go for a walk in your mind somewhere you’ve really loved and let them get on with it 🥰 🤩 😎 🤗

Yes, I think Friday will be the best day ☀️⭐️☀️⭐️☀️ xx

I tried to get it bigger, but could not work out how, but is meant for you.

Hi bev, what a kettle of fish. I had my lung biopsy on Monday as you know I was so scared, had to be in for 8am didn't go down till 1.30 then trying to lie face down was a nightmare. After going through the tube four times the radiologist came to say he wasn't doing the biopsy. The lesions, they have been called many things, had shrunk considerably since 9th June. Home ..with the never ending worry of the bowel tumour it operable now or not and what is the diagnosis of my lungs, Really feel for you bev, not the news you wanted fight the good fight, etc and hopefully Christie will be on the ball, take good care of you jane🌹

Hi Jane

I hope you're not too worried. If they stopped your biopsy, it was because your nodules have shrunk, best news!!! That's what I was hoping for🤗If it was only the nodule in your lung and nothing else, then you're home safe! I think you should ring your GP and find out about the bowel. Did you have a PET scan? Let me know what's going on with you, but find out as soon possible. Thank you for your support Jane, I really appreciate it.

Hugs until later, Bev xxx 🎈☀️🤗

Sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time st the moment. Sending you all the positive vibes I can muster. (I can't compete with a woolly cuddle though). X Lesley

Gingerapple in reply to Rayswife

Good morning ☀️🌹

Hi Lesley, thank you for that, I love positive vibes, shame about a woolly cuddle though I could do with one of those😁🤗🐑

Have a lively lovely day 🌹🎈🤗

Sorry you are going through this, I wish I had your humour and courage. Sending you lots of positive vibes, hugs, luck and resolve. Hope your treatment goes well🤞🙏🤗🍀

Gingerapple in reply to Patsy164

Thank you Patsy,

I need all the help I can get, vibes cuddles, positive energy and good messages👍🏽🤗

I send you love too and hope you are well, summer is back on Friday🎈☀️🤗

((((Hugs)))) and prayers for you. Hope your treatment brings the cures you need.

Gingerapple in reply to Ergendl

Thank you very much🌟🌹🎈🙏🏽

Sorry to hear this news, not what you want to hear but you seem to be a very strong willed lady and I’m sure will this will help. Sending you lots of healin vibes and good luck with everything.

Thank you very much for your message. One can't back down from a fight😉😁But I do need a good medical team and an awful lot of luck!!

Thank you for the lovely healing vibes!!🙏🏽🎈🌹💐

Oh my Bev- that stopped me in my tracks when I read it. You sound up beat and may your positivity continue throughout your treatment. Christies is a great hospital. Thinking of you and sending some positive vibes and virtual hugs xx Anita

Hi Anita,

Yes, that knocked my socks off too! 😳But I'm in aftershock mode now, so feeling positive, although I know it doesn't look good, I don't feel so well either, my breathing is terrible! Stomach is swollen. But I have to see this as part of my journey, a dangerous adventure that I have been obligated to take😉🙂I will be strong and much stronger for knowing everyone on here is with me and they are always caring. Thank you for the your inspirational message. Have a lovely week, summer is due back on Friday, albeit for just one day🤔😁☀️

True warrior spirit. Xx

Sending you gentle hugs (((💖))) and lots and lots of positive healing 💖💖💖. Stay strong, we are all thinking of you x💐💐💐💐💐💐💓💐💐💐💐💐💐

Gingerapple in reply to Shirleyj

Thank you Shirleyj

That's really lovely, hugs and lots of positive healing, I can do with all that🤗🌟I feel cared for from all our dodgy lung buddies and your support is great, thank you Shirley🤗❤💐

Sorry to hear its not good news . you sound quite optimistic. Do try to keep your spirits up it is going to be a long journey back to normality for you. These health issues seem to become a way of life over time unfortunately. A four leaf clover is what you need right now along with a good consultant & team. Every best wish for the scan results to be the best possible. xx

Good morning Katie,

Thank you for your kind message. It is very kind of you to send your best wishes, however, you seem to have given me hope and then dashed it with the 'long journey back to normality' which dashes the spirit as one knows how the journey will take it's time, it puts a damper on the spirit. I know no time limit, I go with the days, each procedure before ever making plans or looking further than a day,this is the way I work. I have had many operations, cancer and otherwise to have learned to take my time and just heal.

Thank you so much for your good wishes! I'm relaxed.

Have a great day and summer weekend!☀️☀️☀️🎈🤗

Hello again, I was thinking when I was typing my post that that part sounded a bit negative, but not intended that way just being realistic. It will take time as you know . You sound very positive which so every best wish. Just shows how life is much different for those of us who have health issues. Enjoy your weekend too. xx

Hang in there Gingerapple You sound like a strong person, so you can do this I’m sure. Hearing about you has stopped me feeling hard done and sorry for myself with my complaints.

Hello Ladyindistress,

Thank you for your message! I am strong but I will stumble on occasion, probably. We all have lung problems all at a different level so complain away👍🏽😁

Have a great day👍🏽🤗🌹

You are a 💪 lady. You can and will do this. Sending prayers too 🐞

Thank you Nicholatracy,

I will stay strong, hopefully, and I will know more next week after a new Pet scan. Thank you for your prayers.

Have a great summer, tomorrow 😉😁🎈🌹

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