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Would the Covid 19 vaccine be a therapy or an enhancement?


We do not die of old age but of the diseases of old age, It has been argued that disease is nature's way of culling our species, by natural selection. But, what if science can replace natural selection with deliberate selection, Darwinian evolution with enhancement evolution? Could the Covid vaccine, if ultimately effective and permanent, be judged as a product of ape descended persons successfully striving for enhancement? Or are we humans as a species climbing Mount Improbable?

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I guess it could be argued that Darwin put forward the theory that those who survived were the ones that were best fitted to their current environment .

Not just those who were physically ' fit ' , but those who could adapt .

Humans have adapted by using scientific practices?

Many may not agree. ...just my thoughts.

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infection.

I wouldn't consider it to be therapy (an enhancement?!) Id say more of a medicine / treatment for a specific health issue, illness.

A chinese medical practitioner would likely write down on your health assessment, too much thinking or over thinking.

Wishing you good health and happy internal dialogue.

Cateran in reply to Bkin

The purpose of therapy is to prevent harm,Bkin, which is the normal definition of medical treatment and the application of medicine.. To seek cure and/or relief from illness. This process is aimed also to confer benefit to the body, which is also the aim of enhancement, Chinese medicine apart. Modern medicine trades in dietary modification, vaccination for the flu, and hopefully for Covid, stem cell therapy, as protection and immunity. Even dandelions may be helpful for a Chinese approach to some medicine, but we need to wait and see about that particular therapy.

I appreciate your comment about the internalisation dialogue, and thank you for your good health wishes.

Bkin in reply to Cateran

dandelions have been medicine and food since 900 BC. We have lots of wild medicines and foods in UK still used today in the processed form.

Have a great day.

cofdrop-UK in reply to Bkin

‘A chinese medical practitioner would likely write down on your health assessment, too much thinking or over thinking.’

Rude and personal.

Dont we already do that to a certain extent ? Think of all the life saving surgeries and medical therapies. Natural selection would kill off all the type 1 diabetics, for example.

Getting very close to talking about eugenics there.

Cateran in reply to Littlepom

Would you like to elaborate, Littlepom?

I hope not. This sounds dangerously close to eugenics! x

Ps I didn't read littlepoms reply before I wrote this.

The phrase, 'replacing natural selection with deliberate selection'.

That is exactly what eugenics aims to do.

I know that you like to pull people into what you consider to be controversial intellectual discussions but having expressed my discomfort with the basis of your argument and believing that vaccination is a barrier of protection, not a medicine or an enhancement of the human race as it does not alter the structure of the body, I shall not be continuing with it.

This could get everyone overthinking :D


Well, let’s face it, we can’t keep increasing the planets population the way we are doing.

Without a way of thinning the human race out a bit, we will just run out of food/space/air ....

The only thing wrong with the covid system of population control is that it disproportionately affects the poor.

Predictions are a decline in populations as birth control becomes available.

You have a point Cateran. However, we must remember that vaccines simply trigger in advance and in a safe way our own natural response to pathogenic invasion. We would also do well to remember that as a species we are guests on this planet home of ours whether we believe we evolved or were placed here by the Almighty. Whether the politically correct brigade like it or not, we will eventually over populate the planet (perhaps we have done so already) and the evolutionary process will cull our numbers or, alternatively, depending on one's own view, the good Lord may need review his creation. This virus pandemic has demonstrated that, beyond all else, the planet has become a global village.

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