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Most people seem to think it's over. 2nd wave on its way ????


I took my car to the petrol station earlier. First time out properly since Mid March. Loads of people there, none with masks. I spoke to my neighbours, they say " this is normal ". Am I being a wuss to be concerned ????. It didn't look no different to before all this malarkey started.

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No you certainly aren't being a wuss, I think the second phase is on its way. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

I agree. Won't be long.🙄

No! Not a wuss, it's scary out there.

Maulics in reply to peege

I've always been none as a tough old dog, but this scares me. Take care

The Covid pandemic is far from over. You need to stay safe and follow the guidelines. Wear a mask if you can. Take care XX

I think everyone who can wear a mask should do so, in shops etc. It’s a no-brainer. What’s to lose? I just don’t understand the objection. I know Michael Gove, Donald Trump etc are libertarians, but lives are at stake! This is much, MUCH more important than political principles. It makes me so angry.

peege in reply to Hanne62

Same here H. I've been out n about today meeting family and people just come so close. It makes my blood boil, I want to shout at them f... off and get away from me. 😘

Hanne62 in reply to peege

Esp as WHO etc now believe it stays in the air, and travels much further, than previously thought!

peege in reply to Hanne62

Eek! It's as though theh want to rid the country of the weakest. That's what it feels like to me anyway.

It's all up to us to do the best we can to stay safe. X

Bronchi1 in reply to peege

Capitalist societies have no use for the non productive!

2greys in reply to Hanne62

Hmm, Michael Gove, one of those who believe that it is perfectly okay to drive for 30 mins to test their eyesight. His opinion no longer counts with me, another madman in a position of power, who think the rules/law don't apply to him.

Peppy05 in reply to 2greys

I agree he is a madman.

Becky130777 in reply to Hanne62

I agree they should really make it mandatory, although I appreciate some people with respiratory conditions struggle to wear one. But certainly in small shops masks ought to be worn.

lungs in reply to Becky130777

Of course wearing a mask should be mandatory in all indoor public places. Those who find them uncomfortable can use a shield. The most important thing is that the rule should be enforced. Here in London nobody is checking and public transport is a joke. Bus drivers cannot be expected to reinforce it due to the very real possibility of assault.

I am in Southmead hospital in Bristol and the nurses certainly don’t think it’s over, and they have been in at the deep end.

Maulics in reply to Carnival567

I know a few people who work in hospitals. They say the same !!!!!.

Hope you’re doing ok, Carnival, and get well soon x

I still check the graphs on the government’s Covid dashboard. The numbers are going up. Whether this is due to more testing or not I can’t say, but personally I doubt it.

It is concerning that so many people are going back to normal and ignoring social distancing. Maybe, that is why there is more talk of wearing masks.

Where I live, I haven’t seen a single person wearing a mask, not even shop assistants.

I think that now the daily briefings have ended, people think it is all over. Either that or they think that the numbers are so low that they are insignificant.

Hanne62 in reply to Troilus

I do this too. In fact I screenshot it daily and compare with previous weeks (not that I'm obsessed teehee.) The number of new cases plateau'd but is now definitely increasing. Yet our PM is urging people to stop working from home and get back to the office. And many people are acting as if the crisis is over. I don't know where they think the virus has gone. Idiots.

peege in reply to Troilus

Or they're low on brain cells?

When a maybe 25 year old relative of theirs, gets in a car crash, and cannot get an ICU bed in their local hospital and has to wait to be transferred to another hospital, maybe just maybe, some people will realise, just why it is so important to keep the numbers down. People just do not seem to understand, that it is not just the old/ill/BAME who will suffer because of this. It may seem to be OK to let it build up again, because it is "only" certain groups that will suffer, but it will be anyone who needs the Health Service to be working up to speed, who will suffer if the ICU's are overflowing.

Hanne62 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

You're so right. The people who're at least risk of complications have parents, grandparents etc who they could pass it to, who ARE at serious risk. They should think of them, even if they don't care about the rest of society.

Not to mention, as you say, the drain on the health service for anyone needing non-covid care.

The government only wants people to stop working from home so they'll go to the office and spend money at Pret A Manger and Starbucks etc. Only a few weeks ago people were told to avoid public transport at all costs - now they want us back on the buses & trains. Yet nothing has changed - the virus is still out there, ready to infect the unwary and spread like wildfire as it did in March. Total, utter madness.

Nope, your not a wuss! It’s unbelievable the way people are going about as if the virus 🦠 has gone. Idiots! You stay safe 👏😀

I am just so annoyed with the powers that be ‘s attitude, and those who are encouraged to think it’s all over....which includes my OH, a pub regular.

I often wonder if I did contract Covid before testing was available, but no guarantee of immunity , so now my fear has escalated again.

A waste of months of being careful by many people thrown away .

All those people who have been affected by Covid , so sad.

It's very odd that Southend beach was packed a few weeks ago then Bournmouth beach a couple of weeks back, along with the demos in London and there has been no spikes anywhere as a result. Leicester is in lockdown which I don't think is related.

The virus is apparentley getting weaker but people shouldn't be complacent. Long way to go yet.

Wishing1969 in reply to James48

Can I ask where you saw information about the virus getting weaker please

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Wishing1969 in reply to Hidden


No . I feel the same way . It's as though nothing has happened out there , best to keep away if you can , and it's fine to tell idiots to f -------of . There's no way this virus has gone away , or got any weaker , but all we can do is take care of ourselves . 🤔

No,not a wuss. Ludicrous masks are not compulsory anywhere you are in close proximity or inside. I will be contacting Tesco head office to strongly suggest this. Supermarkets need to take the lead, Govt hasn’t!

Hi Maulics some people are treating the pandemic as serious and the rest are very nonchalant about it but it's scary all the same for the ones shielding not seen what's been going on outside in the world for months and now nearly time for our release and go food shopping again but a big leap into the unknown and very apprehensive about the 2nd wave.

Its not over by a long way

Things moving to quickly Boris is panicking he wants us to wear masks in shops this should have been done at the outset.

Don't forget the people who cant wear masks there are many out there

lungs in reply to Eastend555

They can wear a shield!

Eastend555 in reply to lungs

Very True

This is still the first wave. Sadly it is a long way from over.

I am so with you on this. Having been out for fuel, but am in a predicament with the return of a sweater bought from an upmarket shop, have to return in a few days as sale item, was delivered by Hermes, but shop ‘ rule’ is it has to be POSTED back!

Have not plucked up courage to go to my small crowded village post office yet.

I wrote to the customer service team who said that all Coronavirus measures have now ceased as shops are open. Phoned one of their shops, message stated not open on answerphone.

Today is crunch day, may have to wear rubber gloves, mask, glasses and break isolation, am desperately trying to think outside the box


Maulics in reply to Sops

Just the normal day to day things we all done are now a major concern. I'm due back to work August 3rd. I've booked 3 weeks off so now due back August 25th. Just delaying the inevitable.

Sorry meant to say have NOT been out for fuel... Sopsx

It is going to be interesting for us here in Scotland with the start of a new working week to see just how many people follow the mask wearing rules set out by the government. People must - by law - now wear a face covering in retail environments and on public transport and public transport premises, such as airports, train and bus stations. This applies to open air train stations, but not to bus stops. Those people with certain medical conditions or disabilities, and children under five, will be exempt.

We live remotely and only have to go out occasionally so do not see many people, last week we went to Aberdeen and it really was odd because they have changed some major streets to allow for social distancing but step to the left or right of these streets which are still main thoroughfares and everything remains the same...

How this is going to be controlled who knows. My elderly mother who lives in Gloucestershire was on a bus last week and had to ask a person to move from a seat clearly marked with a red do not sit here cross, the person refused to move and did not have a mask on, my mother was upset and wondered whether she should call stage coach... I have had to asked my mother no to risk herself and if that happens again to try and move herself but not get involved.

Maulics in reply to gillianTS

There are some selfish people about.

lungs in reply to gillianTS

Report it to Stagecoach, over and over again if need be.

I had to go out the other day in the car and the traffic was like normal. Fortunately a lot of people I saw were wearing face coverings though not everyone. I have decided to venture out more but staying cautious and avoiding getting too close to people. Wearing a face covering inside places and antibac at the ready . x Anita

I live in Southend on Sea and our cases did go up. We were in the newspapers list of the top areas with most Covid cases. The numbers are falling now although my daughter who came with some shopping on Saturday said the beaches were chocker again..

Not goox

You are not a wuss. According to WHO we haven't even reached the peak when looked at globally. I'm more worried now that I was a few weeks ago.

I'm in Glasgow, and since last Friday when it became compulsory to wear a face covering in shops, most people are complying.

At my local Aldi and Home Bargains a member of staff stands outside the store to ensure a mask of shield is worn before allowing folk to enter.

Maulics in reply to Titian8

Good idea.

Having been sheilding myself i ventured out to the shop and chemist the other day. Not one person was wearing a mask, young or older, people not restricted into entering shops, no hand sanitizer upon entry to the shop i went to! Im due back to work when my sheilding ends, 31st july. Saying that my work place is closed at present so i dont know how wages will be paid. Ive been on special paid leave while sheilding and recd full pay, but sheilding ends soon. Dont know whats going to happen. Its scary out there. Definitely going to be a second wave. People are just business as usual and it scares the life outa me. My little boy back to primary school at end of August too. Kids carry everything home to parents at best of times! X

Maulics in reply to Mickymoo

Worrying times. Not keen at all. Never felt this way in my life. It seems to be, if a person had full health before the lockdown, they have just reverted back to normal. Only people with risks are concerned. Obviously there is always the exception.

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