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We ignore COVID-19 airborne indoor spread at our peril: 239 scientists.


A plea issued by 239 scientists from around the world to recognise and mitigate airborne transmission of COVID-19 addressed to international health authorities is to be published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The 239 signatories from 32 countries come from many different areas of science and engineering, including virology, aerosol physics, flow dynamics, exposure and epidemiology, medicine, and building engineering.

Led by internationally recognised air quality and health expert QUT Professor Lidia Morawska, the appeal is to address the overwhelming research finding that an infected person exhales airborne virus droplets when breathing and talking that can travel further than the current 1.5m social distance requirement.


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oh dear, that's me then a life in isolation, still safer outside hopefully with distancing while the weather permits.

Precisely why I wear a mask. It’s not a shock really and those that can wear masks should. I don’t mean people with breathing problems, though how they can be in an indoor environment is beyond me, yet so many who can just don’t. My sister works in Tesco yet wears no face covering at all.

We should stay 3 metres apart maybe or just not go anywhere. It’s a huge risk. Xxx

leo60 in reply to sassy59

I am expected to go back to work on a Tesco checkout 1.8.20. I can't wear a mask (COPD) . What to do? xx

sassy59 in reply to leo60

I believe they have screens at the checkouts and you could maybe wear one of the shield/visors. Take care and stay safe. Xxxx

leo60 in reply to sassy59

Thank you, good point! Haven't been there since early March, so really don't know what's what!! xx

I just read somewhere (BBC Proms website?) that the airborne virus can be propelled 3 metres. So any Proms concert this summer may not include wind instruments. Musicians seem to be aware of this risk, hopefully people in government etc will become aware of it too. 🎷🎺🎼

My biggest concern is what is going to happen in the colder wet weather, with everyone inside, the windows and doors will not be kept open then. I doubt that any ventilation will be fresh air because of heating costs, who are going to pay for filtered recirculated air and it's maintenance and additional UV lights to kill the virus. This is going to have to happen in every public building, workplace, shops, pubs, restaurant,s education facilities etc. to make them truly Covid safe. It does not bare thinking about.

leo60 in reply to 2greys

😔 yes, I am scared.

I am, more and more, thinking of getting a few of those face screener things, as they not only protect my nose and mouth, but also my eyes and the majority of face surface. When visitor has gone, do not have problem, that when removing mask, am aware of the need to wash my face. Also some of my friends will still be able to lip read my conversations.

Ergendl in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Great points there, Sorrelhippo. At least I wouldn't look like I'm planning to rob the bank!

I have just bought 2 as I will be able to breath better I shall also make a thin mask as a pecaution

Everyone will be required to wear a face mask when it becomes clear that this mode of transmission is a real risk for us all. I’ve read about the air in operating theatres being the best.....I can definitely say that when I worked in theatres with the full HEPA filtration system on, if one person had a cold, then we all got it. Considering that we constantly washed everything down between each patient and wore gloves, if you had no mask on then you got it. I always wore a mask to reduce any chances of infection and I was pretty successful in avoiding it.

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