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COPD and Wearing FFP3 mask


Hi, I have COPD and asthma and have been home shielding. I am returning to work in a dental practice and have been told I need to wear a FFP3 mask. Does anyone with a lung condition have any experience of wearing these? I am concerned that it will restrict my breathing even more. Any thoughts? Many thanks.


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I have both FFP2 and FFP3 masks, not being awkward, but I do not think it right to influence you one way or the other because I do not have Asthma, so no experience of it nor your stage of COPD or even what it is like to have both. I do however have very severe COPD (Emphysema).

I know enough about what both masks are like with my condition, enough to say I strongly advise you to ask for a mask to try it out for the same length of time as one of your shifts, doing roughly the same amount of exertion you would be doing in your work. Do this before going back to work and making any decision first.

I wish you luck the trial and really hope that they will suit you.

Lynnetp in reply to 2greys

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I have severe COPD & emphysema also with 27% lung capacity. Day to day activities can be gruelling anyway let alone the thought of having to wear one of those masks.

I’m going in to work next week to try on an FFP3 and arrange fit testing. I’m just really worried that it will restrict my breathing further.

How have you found it?

2greys in reply to Lynnetp

I have an FEV1 of 28% and lung cancer in remission , I found the FFP2 better than the FFP3, both are awful for any longer than 30 and 20 mins which is why I advised doing a trial first, without wanting to put you off. You owe it to yourself to give it a go, you never know you may get on with them great guns.

Lynnetp in reply to 2greys

That’s really helpful. I really appreciate your honesty. I’ll give it a whirl obviously but do have reservations. Thank you again.

Sending best wishes to you also with your remission status 😊🤞

Good luck with your return to work 🤞

Thank you 😊🤞

Could you explain your medical condition and ask if you could use a clear plastic shield instead, I believe these are more confortabke for people with lung problems x

Lynnetp in reply to Izb1

Hi Izb1,

Thank you for your reply 😊

My work are aware of my illnesses but unfortunately it is clinically necessary that I wear the masks And visors with all PPE, for some procedures in the Dental surgery. I will have to try but if I’m unable to tolerate them I’m hopeful they will offer me an amended job role 🤞

Here’s hoping!!

Lynne x

If it is only for some procedures you maybe able to tolerate wearing them for a short period, will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Lynnetp in reply to Izb1

I’d like to think I can 🤞 I guess it will be trial & error.

Well soon see! xx

Hi there Lynnetp,

I also have both of these, N95 masks I believe. 2greys has given you the best advice on these masks, and I don't have asthma, so no experience. But I hope you 'enjoy' going back to work.

Take care and be safe!!!❤

Hug, Bev xxx

Lynnetp in reply to Gingerapple

Thank you so much Bev! Just have to see what works I guess! Hopefully it will be good to get back to work! It feels like an age ago!

Hugs to you

Lynne xx

Gingerapple in reply to Lynnetp


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