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It seems i was wrong to comment on a post about northerners etc, i just tried to help calm matters and make all whole, i think i will just read comments from now on and not reply to any as i like this forum and do not want to upset anyone which was not my intention, but stay safe everyone and good night,

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You were not wrong to comment. Your views are just as important on here as anyone else. You haven’t upset this thick skinned lot, so no problems. Please carry on not only reading but commenting also bobbyfloyd.

Stay safe

Love cx

Not going to comment anymore as you cant do right from wrong. but i will read posts as normal, thank you for your reply, stay safe

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Was absolutely not a problem.

The post is locked now, that will be why you cant reply. But I am sure there isn't a problem on any other post.


Don't stop commenting please, you have the right just like everyone on here to say what you are feeling

Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

Oy bobby keep talking as your comments are valuable to us all and if we have another opinion we can always voice that,free speech for all is what we stand for. :) x

There are in fact very few Southerners on here. The North, South divide can only be the Equator.🤣🤣🤣

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I’m a southerner!!

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I am a triple Southerner. 1/ A Kiwi. 2/ from South Island. 3/ I live in SOUTHampton in the UK.

Of course you weren't wrong to comment. You have as much right to voice your opinion as anyone else. I am sorry to hear you are leaving. Sometimes people just need a time out ?

Absolutely not wrong at all. Personally I feel uncomfortable with anyone feeling uncomfortable if that makes any sense. I tend to roll past posts that I can't contribute constructively to or I don't entirely agree with. I am sure many do the same with my rather annoying inane posts about my crafts or my dog. But at times there are some things I feel necessary to point out , just as you did. So, please don't stop commenting. You are a valued member of this community. xx 👋😊

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I find that if I dont have anything Positive to say I will say nothing

I dont like disagreeing but everyone has their views and a right to free speech. I like you Caspiana scroll past and font comment. Love to you and Chom. xxSheila 🐱🐱 💕💕

I have to agree with the others. Everyone has the right to an opinion as long as we all keep it respectful, as you did. I wish everyone had done on your post, but you always get the odd one who can't see anyone else's point of view and will take the opportunity to spill bile.

I may not agree with someone else's opinion but I will defend to the death your right to express it. x

Hi bobby, no worries....keep reading, keep posting .

It’s a fraught time for everyone.

I think/feel that You should continue as before, you did nothing wrong in anyones' eyes I'm sure.

You have every right to express your opinion bobbyfloyd and people that pull you down for doing so shouldnt be on the site. There are some on here who make things personal which is upsetting but please do not let them silence you. Keep posting as I for one want to read you posts x

Hi I agree with you sometimes things that some find funny are offensive to others. I thought this site was for helping each other without seeming to upset some. I must admit I don’t read all post only the ones that interest me. Good luck and stay safe sorry to see you go Barbs x

I am (as I said) a Northerner) and as such I am very thick.....................I mean thick skinned..............Honest.

I do not take the hump at geology I just love people...all people even nutters (Like me).

SO, I say to you keep on Rocking and a Talking cause in the greater scheme, we are all precious.

Now I got myself tongue tied and breathless.... I look forward to you doing the talking bobbyfloyd.

See Bobbyfloyd, you do have supporters on here as many of us beleive in the right to your own opinion and democratic freedom of speech . But we can be guilty of offending some on occassions I guess.

I am a southerner but have not been offended.

Absolutely don't worry about it bobbyfloyd. Some people will always pick holes - especially if it disagrees with their own personal view. It's a tetchy time at the moment, please ignore them xxx

Don’t stop bobbyfloyd there will always be someone who is upset about anything they don’t agree with. I think it comes down to lack of sense of Humour sometimes.

Just have to look at the state the country is in with all the demonstrations every weekend lol I mean you have to laugh.

I am not sure what this was all about BUT I have read all of these comments and the general concensus is that ....




Dont stop opinion contrary to that posted is an opinion to be considered...every one is entitled to their own opinions

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