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Doctors Visit Today


Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. John saw Doctor who examined his chest, gave him an injection, prescribed higher steroids, a new ventilator (ventalin didn’t really do much) and some anxiety pills, and asked to see him in a weeks time. So we shall see if they all work. What we really want is to see his consultant at the hospital. He had an appointment on March 17, and of course it was cancelled but have heard nothing more since. Thanks once again for your concern. Love Carole xx

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Let’s hope something works for John. Can you contact his consultant or his secretary? John should be seen by him really.

Wishing you both well Carole xxxx🌹🌈

I hope something in all that helps him to feel better. Thinking of you both 💐

I hope the meds work. That will be a huge relief for you until you can get in contact with John’s consultant.

With love


John got Checked & Treated with Meds, and to be seen in a weeks Time, A Positive Result Carole. Let the meds work now and both of you try and relax. See what the doctor can do to Refer John back to his Consultant. Keep us updated Hun. Love n Gentle Hugs. C. XXX

Hello Carole,

Really hoping the anti anxiety pills help. It could be he's stressed out with his breathing and that can be a vicious circle. Please do let us know how things go. Sending love and hugs. xx 😊👋

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Thank you Cas will do. Hope you and Chom are well. 😘😘

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I hope John is feeling a little better now and the meds are working for him Take care x Anita

Hope the pills help and the appointment happens soon Cx

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